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Title: The Feri Goddesses of the Directions
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The Feri Goddesses of the Directions

Part of Feri practice is getting to know the Goddesses of the Directions. They are rather like the Guardians, only their energy is a bit more immediate, more earthly.


East: Air: Dawn

Visualize The Goddess of the Eastern Dawn

In the east is an enormous gate of silver, shimmering with light. Through it you see from horizon to horizon, your vision unimpeded, in the distance is a tall, strong mountain peak, above you the sky is filled with swiftly flying clouds.

Arida comes, a feathered serpent, rising in the early morning from behind the mountains like the morning sun, in the colors of dawn, riding the currents of air. A feathered serpent with a woman's body and face, wearing a golden headdress like the rising sun. Around her fly eagles, doves, ravens, and various birds of the air.

Or you can use Starhawk's meditation on Her in The Spiral Dance, Exercise 23: Air Meditation, in Chapter 4: Creating Sacred Space:

Face East. Ground and Center. Breathe deep, and be conscious of the air as it flows in and out of your lungs. Feel it as the breath of the Goddess, and take in the life force, the inspiration, of the universe. Let your own breath merge with the winds, the clouds, the great currents that sweep over land and ocean with the turning of the Earth. Say, "Hail, Arida, Bright Lady of the Air!"

Tana or SeTana, Scarlet Lust

South: Fire: Noon

Visualize The Goddess of the Southern Noon

In the south is an massive gate of gold, shimmering with heat. Through it you see the lip of a bubbling volcanic lake of molten fire, above suns and stars revolve in a dance overhead.

SeTana comes, during the heat of the day, a being from the heart of a star. Her hot skin is the color of opalescent white heat, her hair is red, and she is clothed in a sensual flowing red garment, dancing in a red desert. Around her are swarm creatures of fire, salamanders,

Or you can use Starhawk's meditation on Her in The Spiral Dance, Exercise 25: Fire Meditation, in Chapter 4: Creating Sacred Space:

Face South. Ground and Center. Be conscious of the electric spark within each nerve as pulses jump from synapse to synapse. Be aware of the combustion within each cell, as food burns to release energy. Let your own fire become one with candle flame, bonfire, hearth fire, lightning, starlight, and sunlight, one with the bright spirit of the Goddess. Say, "Hail, Tana, Goddess of Fire!"

Tiamat or Atargatis, the toothed vagina

West: Water: Dusk

Visualize The Goddess of the Western Twilight

In the west is a gate of algae-green metal, dimly illuminated by the setting sun. Through it you see a floating island, with boulders along the ocean shore. In the waters cavort the ocean's creatures.

Tiamat comes, rising from the parting froth and foam covered waves. Her blue hair floating on the surface like seaweed, she rises, woman-bodied and fish-tailed, with blue-green skinned. Swimming, leaping around her are the creatures of the seas, dolphins, and sea-mammals.

Or you can use Starhawk's meditation on Her in The Spiral Dance, Exercise 27: Water Meditation, in Chapter 4: Creating Sacred Space:

Face West. Ground and Center. Feel the blood flowing through the rivers of your veins, the liquid tides within each cell of your body. You are fluid, one big drop congealed out of the primal ocean which is the womb of the Great Mother. Find the calm pools of tranquility within you, the rivers of feeling, the tides of power. Sink into the well of the inner mind, below consciousness. Say, "Hail, Tiamat, Serpent of the Watery Abyss!"

Belili or VerAvna, universal truth

North: Earth: Midnight

Visualize The Goddess of the Northern Midnight

In the north is a gate entwined with ivy and night-blooming jasmine, barely visible in the dark of the night, illuminated only by the cool moon's rays. Through it you see a vast forest, great boulders covered with lichen. You smell the rich loamy earth.

VerAvna comes, rising from out of a dark cavern from womb of the earth as out of the deep well of space. She has dark brown skin and sparkling jet eyes. On her head is a horn. She is robed in living foliage, vines and branches wreathing her head among which twinkle tiny gem-like stars. At her feet walk the creatures of Earth, deer, bison, horses, etc.

Or you can use Starhawk's meditation on Her in The Spiral Dance, Exercise 29: Earth Meditation, in Chapter 4: Creating Sacred Space:

Face North. Ground and Center. Feel your bones, your skeleton, the solidity of your body. Be aware of your flesh, of all that can be touched and felt. Feel the pull of gravity, your own weight, your attraction to the earth that is the body of the Goddess. You are a natural feature, a moving mountain. Merge with all that comes from the earth: grass, trees, grains, fruits, flowers, beasts, metals and precious stones. Return to dust, to compost, to mud. Say, "Hail, Belili, Mother of Mountains!"

The Star Goddess

The Goddess of the Center

The Center encompasses All

After you have meditated on them and visualized them, you need to develope a personal relationship with them. Make your meditations more active: visualize one of the goddesses, feel her coming to see you, then dance with her or move in some way with her. When you are done with your visit, thank her.

You can also practice devotions to them daily, at the appropriate times.

Daily Goddess Devotional

Daily Litany to the Lady

by Aidan Kelly

from the NROOGD Tradition


Light a candle and face the East.

Close your eyes. As you take 3 deep breaths, fill your body with a brilliant golden light like a shining mist.

Repeat aloud:

Lady of the Lightening Sky,
Lady of the Newborn Sun,
flood your light into our lands
and let this day be well begun.

Noon, or just before you eat lunch:

Light a candle and face the South.

Close your eyes. As you take 3 deep breaths, fill your body with blood red fire.

Repeat aloud:

Lady of the Fertile Lands,
Lady of the Fivefold Earth,
fill us with your living gifts
and let this day be filled with mirth.


Hold some lit incense in your hand and face the West.

Close your eyes. As you take 3 deep breaths, fill your body with soft violet mist.

Repeat aloud:

Lady of the Flowering Islands,
Lady of the Fiery Seas,
dance upon your knowing waters,
fill us with your mysteries.

Midnight, or night just before sleep:

Light a candle and place it on the floor before you and face the North.

Close your eyes. As you take 3 deep breaths, feel power rise up from the Earth into your body.

Repeat aloud:

Lady of the Shining Castle,
Lady of the Silver Wheel,
guard our sleep and send us dreams,
turn our lives and make us real.

Center of the Day, whenever you feel it:

Close your eyes and face inward.

Repeat internally:

Fivefold Lady who whirls without motion,
burning untouched in the flower flames,
ebb and flood of the inward ocean,
remind us that you are what each word names.

Open your eyes and wait for anything, expect only what comes.

Goddess Litany

by Francesca deGrandis

From Her Winged Silence: A Shaman's Notebook
Copyright 1989 by Francesca Dubie

Chant at these times, facing these directions:

Morning to the East

The rose is wet.
Fragrance of innocence and beginnings.
No ripeness.

Noon to the South

The rose is on fire.
She is being consumed,
She rises
again and

Dusk to the West

She is fragrant,
Her children
are called
home, and nestle
in her

Night to the North

Her thorns
and teach.
Her colors
Drink it.

Center, whenever and to wherever that is


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