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Title: The Corn Maiden
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(Date Posted:01/10/2009 23:26 PM)
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The Corn Maiden

The Corn Maiden is the youthful female deity parallel to the Blue God, and is something of a trickster. But do not mistake her child-like form for a lack of power. She is an aspect of the Star Goddess and partakes of everything that She is. Her behavior embodies the Black Heart of Innocence, one of the essential tenets of Feri.

Note that "corn" is used here in its British sense, meaning any grain, especially the most commonly eaten grain of a particular region or culture. The Corn Maiden is the Spirit of New Growth, both of plants and of animals.

Feri Child by Brian Froud

  • Nimuë (Welsh)
  • White One
  • Laughing Maiden
  • Lady of the Well
  • Spring Queen
  • La Niña de los Flores
  • The Black Virgin of the Outer Dark
  • For the purposes of visualization, she has two forms:

    First, she is 12 years old, her body is shining, pearlescent white. She holds in her hand a silver bow, while on her head is a 6-day-old crescent moon, horns up.

    Second, she is 6 to 8 years old, glowing pink with curly pale golden hair.

    In either form, because of her youth, she is somewhat androgynous. Nonetheless, she still embodies the energy which brings all into being, which in humans is sexual energy, a great Passion. Imagine all the power of the Cosmos in the hands of a six-year-old...

    Her symbol is the new crescent moon.

    Corn Maiden Visualization

    Starhawk has a useful meditation on Her in The Spiral Dance, Chapter 5: The Goddess, Exercise 39: Waxing Moon Meditation.

    Visualize a silver crescent moon, curving to the right. She is the beginning of power, of growth, of generation. She is wild and untamed, like ideas and plans before they are tempered with reality. She is the blank page, the unplowed field.

    Feel your own hidden possibilities and lantent potentials, your power to begin and grow. See her as a silver haired girl running freely through the forest under the slim moon. She is Virgin, eternally unpenetrated, belonging to no one but herself. Call her name, "Nimuë!" and feel her power within you.

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