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Title: She Needs You to Listen, Her Children...
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(Date Posted:01/10/2009 23:20 PM)
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She Needs You to Listen, Her Children...

Author: Celeste

Listen to the voice of the forest, deep, low, and strong, pulsating through out your body.

Listen to the voice of the water, flowing and gentle, wrapping your body in its cool hands.

Listen to the voice of the wind, small and shy, loud and joyful, whispering sweet secrets in your ear.

Listen to the voice of the fire, crackling and laughing and warming your soul and protecting you from harm.

Listen to the earth, the air, the universe…she is speaking to you, her many children of this realm…

She is telling you to listen to her once more…stop talking so much, cease the loud canned music coming from your iPod…turn off the radio, shut down your many electronics, turn off the TV…take a walk in the forest, away from the so-called civilization…

Feel the earth beneath your feet, feel the fire in your heart, soak up the cold water, blow away with the breeze…

Listen to the many voices and songs of this world and hear them as they combine in to one beautiful melody and voice…She is speaking to you and She needs you to hear what She has to say. But She is afraid that you will not open your heart and ears to Her, She is afraid you will not heed Her words…She is in fear of your ignorance.

She is sending you messages every moment, pleading to you to understand. But you cannot hear Her, you are so wrapped up in the modern world, with the cars and the electronics and the negative energies of the everyday life here.

She begs you to listen to Her once more, to think of what She has to say.

Listen to Her voice, my friends, the people of the world…She is trying to speak to you, and you might find that what She has to say might save your life and Hers…

She speaks, She whispers in your ear…She needs you to listen to her.

She says, please cease what you are doing to me. You are filling me with such sadness, when at one time I was so happy. You all once heard my song, the song of the realms. You once loved me, you once danced with me among the elements. And then They came…They came and turned you against me, and now I am saddened…so much saddened…

You have killed my beautiful world which I gave to you…you have upset my creatures, you have cast aside the beauties of nature…you have polluted the air I gave you to breathe, you have dirtied the water I gave you in to drink, you have used the powers of my consort’s fire to destroy and kill my body, my life, the earth…

You have corrupted this world in which I gave you to live, you have given me pain beyond explanation…I ask you now please, in this new coming age…the Age of Aquarius, I give you a chance to save yourselves and me…I give you the chance to heal that which you have injured…I give you the chance to create what you have destroyed…I give you the chance to destroy the terrible machines you have used to kill…I give you the chance to become friends with your neighbors once more…

I give you the chance to live a happy life once more.

But it will be so hard; She says, so hard to heal this terrible wound on the earth. You have given the animals, your fellow humans, and nature as a whole so much pain that will be so hard to lessen…

But I will help you, She says, I will help you to love what you have once hated.

Turn to me, my Children, dance with me once more, love me once more…let my consort and I be happy once more…build this earth once again, where it now stands in ruins…

I give you the chance to love again. With this new age, I give you, unconditionally, my love and trust that you will build this earth in to something new…something that will be happy and filled with bliss once more…where violence does not reign, where people do not do such horrible things to others and themselves…

Listen to the Mother, for She speaks to you…she is whispering in your ear, pleading to you to hear.
Listen to her voice…her beautiful song…
The song of the earth, of this beautiful universe…

I ask you, as a fellow Wiccan and lover of this Earth; to come and dance with the Goddess and God once more…do what you can to heal this earth and make it in to a happier place. There is so much that can be done. There are mundane ways of healing the planet, such as recycling, picking up trash, writing to the government about an issue involving the welfare of the earth.

There are many organizations you can be a part of that will give you a chance to help the earth, such as Greenpeace or the Arbor Day Foundation. You can even form your own local group and spend a few hours a week—or even more than a few—doing something to heal the earth, like picking up litter. You can make every day

Not only are there tons of mundane ways to heal the earth, there are also many spiritual ways. You can do spells to heal the earth, or get together with other people for a large earth-restoring circle. You can work with the Faeries to restore the earth’s energy. You can give back energy to the Earth Mother to give her strength. You can even do something as simple as just going in to the forest and dancing and singing an earth chant.

The Goddess and God need our help to restore the Earth to its original state. Humans have corrupted this earth, and we need to do our part to give Her strength once more.

Join me, my fellow Wiccans/Witches/Pagans, in healing this gaping wound that our kind has left in the earth.

Join me in the joyful worship of the Goddess and Her Consort.

Join me in the Spiral Dance of Life, and in giving the Earth back Her strength…

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