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Title: March - Goddess of the Day
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(Date Posted:01/10/2009 19:41 PM)
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Britons call March a "loud and strong" month because of its blustery nature.  Before the calendar changed to the persent system, the new year took place during March, likely due to the official beginning of spring, which is ushered in by March's winds.
In terms of magickal energy, think growth and prosperity!  Everything that dwells on the planet is showing signs of life and fruitfulness.  Let the Goddess inspire your spirit similarly.  Other characteristics for March include cultivating the spirit of adventure and fertility, and focusing on personal maturity in any area of your life.
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RE:March - Goddess of the Day
(Date Posted:01/10/2009 20:42 PM)

Feast of the Moon (Rome)
Themes:  All Lunar attributes - Instinct; Creativity; Luck; Femininity; Water Element; Miracles (On Blue Moon) - also Safety in Travel
Symbols:  Silver or White Items; Water; Moon Images; The Number Thirteen
About Luna:  The Roman goddess personifying the moon, Luna, had the additional unique quality of being a protectress of charioteers, which in modern times could make her a patroness of autombiles!
While March came in like a lion, Luna escorts it out lambishly, with her soft, shimmering light.  She is the full moon, which symbolizes the growing awareness developed this month, the fullness of loving emotions, and charms and enchantments empowered by the silvery light of the moon.
To Do Today:  Go moon gazing (okay, if it's a dark moon, meaning the moon can't be seen, you'll have to wait for another day).  To encourage any of Luna's attributes, recite this invocation to the moon:
Moon, Moon, Lady moon, shine your light on me.
Moon, moon, Lady moon, bring _____ to me.
Fill in the blank with your heart's desire.  If possible, gear your request to match the energy in today's moon phase.  A waxing moon augments spells for any type of growth or development.  A full moon emphasizes maturity, fertility, abundance, and "Full" -fillment.  Waning moons help banish unwanted characteristics or shrink problems, and dark moons emphasize rest and introspection.
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