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Title: January - Goddess of the Day
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(Date Posted:01/10/2009 21:14 PM)
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January starts the year with a plethra of fun, frolicsome festivity.  The new year in particular is celebrated by at least 170 nations.  The month gets its name for Jana, a moon goddess, which explains the abundance of water-related observances this month (in esoteric traditions, the moon represents water element). It's also named after Janus (Jana's husband), the gatekeeper of heaven, who sees the past and future.  This couple oversees the year's beginning by offering you refreshed prespective and hope for a better tomorrow.
In terms of energy, January focuses on beginnings.  It's a time for personal renewal, starting any beloved project, and sustaining those things already in progress.  Magick for health, protection, and prosperity is particularly augmented by working during this month.
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RE:January - Goddess of the Day
(Date Posted:01/10/2009 22:10 PM)

January 31
Festival of Saravati (India)
Themes:  Learning; Wisdom; Communication
Symbols:  White Flowers (especially Lotus); Marigolds; Swans
About Saravati:  A Hindu goddess of eloquence and intelligence, Sarasvati extends a refresing drink from her well of knowledge to complete the month with aptitude.  In Hindu tradition, Sarasvati invented all sciences, arts and writing.  In works of art she is depicted as white-skinned and graceful, riding on a swan or sitting on an open lotus blossom.
To Do Today:  Today is an excellent time to embark on any course of study or to reinforce your learning in a specific area.  In Hindu tradition, Sarasvati's festival is held on or around this date.  During the celebration, students gather in the Katmandu Valley (Nepal) bearing gifts for the goddess, who visits here today.  Traditional offerings at the temples include lotus and marigold blossoms and incense, while students often bring pens or books to invoke Sarasvati's aid with their studies.  Adapting this a bit, try dabbing your personal tools or educational books with a little lotus oil, and burn any sweet-scented incense to improve your awareness (rosemary is one good choice). 
To generate Sarasvati's assistance in matters of communication, find a white flower and remove its petals.  Place these in any moving water source, saying,
Sarasvati, let my words bear gentle beauty and truth,
falling lightly on others' ears, even as these petals to the water.
Let the water (which also represents this goddess) carry your wish.
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