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Title: I Became The Goddess
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(Date Posted:01/10/2009 23:29 PM)
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I Became the Goddess

This morning I watched you salute the sun
Feet planted in beach sand,
Eyes present with horizon's tangerine blue.
I curved my steps so you would not be distracted
Your hands pressed together like our bodies have many times known
Your soul seemed to be lifting up the sky
And I remembered your peacfulness
The prayer of your body
The sacrament of your breath
I remembered my love for you is a symphony which moves thru all things
Which swims thru the air like a seagull
And flies thru the earth like the roots of trees
Which exists in the cosmic ignition of the sun
Atoms spinning and ruptured the way the human heart must be opened
Exploding love's brilliance

Did you see this then?
My love for you existing inside the sun
As you emptied your prana back into wind and recycled God's breath as your own?
Did you know you were saluting love's precious song of you
A note of starlight emanating from the heart of the Goddess
Examining us both,
My eyes upon you and your eyes upwards to Heaven
The eternal yogic pose of lovers in the Tarot?
How I could live a million lives in the fuel of that moment
How I knew my love for you was older than starlight
My love for you was the Big Bang
Was the birth sound OM of this universe
My love for you was creation itself
Which I thought into being just so I could see you
In salutation to the sun
On a beach in the Bahamas,
Believing myself a separate entity from the God and goddess

All this I have done
Have found rebirth after rebirth
To witness myself in your soft prayers, a breathing miracle
Hands in prayer position and all existance is a prayer to you now.

Breathe this knowledge into your now lover
And hold this pose which is eternitiy's blessing of you
My hands empty starlight as ink now
My mouth cuts the original OM into this prayer
Shaping it as my memory
In this proud holiness I know in seeing you and knowing your presence.
You are love, my lover
You are naked and nameless in the eyes of the God
Which He shared with me in that moment such that God and I were eternal twins

So powerful is my love for you that I created the Universe
So powerful is your love, that in seeing you, I became the Goddess.
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