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Title: Finding Your Guiding Goddess
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(Date Posted:01/10/2009 23:14 PM)
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.....Ann-Marie Gallagher

When starting out on the path of spiritual discovery, whether alone or with friends, it is good to have a personal companion on the journey to guide and direct you on
the way. The object of this exercise is to introduce you to your guiding Goddess. This is a Goddess who will remain with you throughout your early days on the
path, and to whom you can turn for advice and guidance. She is a Goddess who is also the Goddess, and thus is also a part of you. Try to keep an open mind about who
will come to you - the more fiery among you who expect a Boudicca-like figure may well be attended by a water deity, whilst gentle souls expecting a quieter
aspect of the Goddess may well get a thundery storm-Goddess! Be prepared to accept whoever, and whatever comes to you. She is also part of you, so trust
your own inner wisdom.

For this exercise you will need a safe space where you will not be disturbed for about 30 minutes, your notebook and a pen.

1.) Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Relax and slow your breathing. When you are
relaxed and ready to begin, close your eyes.

2.) Concentrate on your breathing, and with each breath in, draw in strength and energy. With each breath out, breathe our stress, fatigue and anxiety. Keep
exchanging wholesome energy for harmful feelings until you feel recharged.

3.) Keeping your breathing regular, listen now to your heartbeat. It should be slow and regular after your relaxation exercise. Listen to the pulse that pumps
life-giving blood around your body. It is telling you to 'Listen, listen, listen, listen..."

4.) Imagine you are deep beneath the ground, under a great tree, whose roots spread around to form the rafters that hold up the roof of the hollow where you
are sitting. The heartbeat you are hearing comes from around, and below, as well as within you. This is the pulse of nature. Touch the ground to feel its beat, and the
roots that tap into the water and minerals in the earth to nourish the living tree above you. With each beat, your heartbeat will slow to math this much larger,
deeper pulse.

5.) Above you, the earth begins to crack and daylight appears. The roots are breaking through the surface soil as they grow and the pulse running through
them grows stronger. The earth below you heaves upwards, and you are delivered through the crack in the earth, to the world of daylight above.

6.) You are standing in a green forest clearing. The clearing is in the shape of a circle, and around it are oaks, hathorns and ash tree. These are a particularly
magical combination of trees, so you know that you are standing somewhere special - somewhere between the everyday world and the Otherworld. This is the
threshold of the realm of Goddess Consciousness - a place that you will one day visit. Go to the centre of the space, and seat yourself on the floor.

7.) On the groud, and to the side of yo, you find a thick stick or club. Take it in both hands and bang it on the earth in front of you three timex to summon your
guiding Goddess.

8.)Before you, in the clearing, a figure of a woman will appear. Take careful note of Her appearance, any symbols, totems or animals that accompany Her; and if
anything happens to the clearing or the surroundings, for example, a sudden nightfall, or the appearance of particular flowers or fruit. This is your
guiding Goddess.

9.) You ay ask the Goddess Her name. Do not be disheartened if She does not offer it at first - She may offer you clues instead. Make careful note of these
- try not to forget in your excitement at finding your personal guardian.

10.) Tell the Goddess that you accept Her as your guide and teacher, and wait to see if She wishes to offer you any advice.

11.) The figure will quickly fade once She has spoken, but may leave a trace of her identity, or purpose in your life, behind Her.

12.) When you are ready, return to the space in which you are sitting or lying. Before yo eat and drink something to 'ground' yourself, quickly write down some
notes on Her appearance, any symbols and any first impressions you may like to record.

13.) If the Goddess offered Her name, and it is one that you either recognize, or find in a reference book, you can research Her history, what She represents, and
learn about Her totems and symbols. Otherwise, you may need to research Her identity in a more roundabout way, that brings yu a different element of
understanding of Her purpose and function. Meditate often to recall the figure, and try to build a working relationship with Her. You may find it helpful to have
images or representations of Her, or Her symbols around you. If these are not readily available, consider creating and working on some of these for yourself.
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