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Title: Soul Guides
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(Date Posted:02/06/2009 06:13 AM)
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Soul Guides, although serving a similar purpose as Spirit Guides are really different. Spirit Guides are souls that are more or less dedicated to you for this one lifetime. They are souls whose "age" is approximately the same as your own. Age is not really a good term to use here, perhaps degree of soul evolution would be a much better term. Regardless of how you wish to define it, they are friends of yours in the Spirit Realm.

Now why have you come to Earth in a physical lifetime in the first place? Let us assume that you are a young soul (you are not, else you would not be reading this), you would have come here to learn certain lessons, and to grow. You would have a desire for your soul or spirit to evolve to a higher level. So you would want some plan to follow in order to learn the lessons that you needed to learn at this time. The main problem that you would be faced with is that you would not really know what those lessons were, or how to go about learning them. This is where the Soul Guide comes in. This is an "older" more evolved soul that has been through many more lifetimes than you and your spirit guides have been through. And as result has learned very much more.

Your soul guide will be working with a group of souls, one of which you are. Some of your guides may also be his/her students. And your soul guide will work with you over a great many lives whereas your spirit guides will likely only be working with you for the one lifetime.

Let us assume that you have been feeling the urge to come into the physical and that your soul guide agrees with you that it is time. You and your soul guide will get together and make a general plan of what you need to learn during the coming lifetime. You will plan the general circumstances of your birth and the family that you will be brought up in, even so far as choosing your parents. And if you are an older soul, you may be assigned a job or task to perform while you are here.

After you have lived your life, and have made your transition back into the Spirit Realm, and have moved back into the light, you may be given a period of rest, but in time you will have to examine the life that you have just finished. Until you as a spirit reach the level of maturity or evolution that you are able to do this without help, your Soul Guide will help with that task. You will look to see which lessons that you successfully learned, and which ones that you failed to learn. If you had a task or job to perform, you will also examine your efforts on that to see how successful that you were in that.

So your Soul Guide is there basically to help you to grow, from lifetime to lifetime. Now, are you ready for this? Just as you belong to a group of souls that is working together, so does your Soul Guide belong to a group of souls, older and more evolved than yours. And just as you have a Soul Guide to help you evolve and grow, your Soul Guide has an even older more evolved Soul Guide to help him/her.
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