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Title: Magickal Protecton Of Your Familiar During Workings
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(Date Posted:02/06/2009 06:06 AM)
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Magickal Protecton Of Your Familiar During Workings

Depending upon your attitude towards magick and your familiar, you might want to consider how you can protect it magickally during rituals and at other times. If your familiar wears a collar, protective sigils or symbols can be drawn in ink or scratched into the collar with a sharp instrument or protective amulets and talismans may can be hung from the collar.
Of course, this is all very well in the case of cats, dogs, or even rats, lizards, or ferrets, which can wear collars. However, if your familiar is a bird, fish, spider, or snake, a collar is out of the question. A bird could have a small amulet clipped on to it's leg, but if your familiar is a snake or fish, protective amulets probably aren't an option, but if they are going to remain within a container of some sort during the working, protective items may be put on it.
Another method for the protectction of a familiar is petitioning a deity which is protective of the species of familiar you have. Bast can be petitioned to protect cats, Lamia to protect serpents. Research may be necessary, but most animals have a deity which can be called upon to protect them. A consideration when calling upon a deity to protect an animal is that it does not confilict with whatever other entities you wish to work with.
If you use circles or anything similar, it should be noted that your familar will not necessarily stay put. You really don't want your cat to idly wander through and break a circle when you've got something on the other side howling for your blood.

Physical Protecton Of Your Familiar During Workings


Make sure that your magickal tools cannot be easily knocked over, and you should be especially careful with candles, breakable objects and glasses of liquid. Many animals dislike smoke, so excessive use of incense near the familar might aggrevate it. Some animals might feel the desire to play with or eat your magickal tools, so this is something else that should be taken into account.
If you are undertaking a long ritual, you may want to make sure that animals such as cats and dogs have water to drink. Animals that can be kept in small tanks, aquaria, or cages, can be kept in a containiner within the ritual space with items that are necessary for their needs, and taken out (or not in the case of fish) at an appropriate point.

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