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Title: Familiar Spirit To Call
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(Date Posted:02/06/2009 06:11 AM)
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Familiar Spirit To Call

Author: Luna Faye
Familiar is defined as:

Having fair knowledge; acquainted
Of established friendship; intimate
Natural and unstudied; informal
Domesticated; tame. Used of animals
A close friend or associate
An attendant spirit, often taking animal form
One who performs domestic service in the household of a high official
A spirit (usually in animal form) that acts as an assistant to a Witch or wizard
A spirit supposed to attend at call

Sorcerers or necromancers, who professed to call up the dead to answer questions, were said to have a "familiar spirit" (Deut. 18:11; 2 Kings 21:6; 2 Chr. 33:6; Lev. 19:31; 20:6; Isa. 8:19; 29:4) . Such a person was called by the Hebrews an _'ob_, which properly means a leathern bottle; for sorcerers were regarded as vessels containing the inspiring demon. This Hebrew word was equivalent to the pytho of the Greeks, and was used to denote both the person and the spirit which possessed him (Lev. 20:27; 1 Sam. 28:8; comp. Acts 16:16) . The word "familiar" is from the Latin familiaris, meaning a "household servant, " and was intended to express the idea that sorcerers had spirits as their servants ready to obey their commands.

No one can adequately describe in mere words what a familiar is and does. No one can tell you that you must have or not have a familiar. If you choose to accept a familiar, no one can tell you what your familiar should do for you and how you should feel about having a spirit to call. These are things that are individual and one way is no better or worse than any other way. What I can describe to you is the means by which I came to accept my current familiar and how it has affected me and my familiar. (Please note, I will be typing on behalf of my familiar, as cats can’t type.)

I have been very fortunate to have access to animals, cats primarily, who were both willing and able to accept the role of Familiar Spirit. Currently I have two cats. One is my Familiar. The other is not. Dot will likely not be able in this lifetime to accept the role of Familiar. It is not that I love her any less. I care for both of my cats greatly. I rescued Dot from an abusive household. Despite having lived with me for several years, she still has, and likely always will have, trust issues. I am happy to have saved her from that type of environment and will care for her for the rest of her life, no matter what. Perhaps if I had gotten her when she was a kitten, she may have been better suited to be a Familiar, perhaps not. This information may all seem irrelevant and erroneous, but it is not. The point is that not all animals are able to be a familiar. Sometimes they have other things they need to focus on in this lifetime; sometimes circumstances prevent them from accepting the role. Having a familiar signifies a great commitment and bond for both the person and animal. You both must be willing to care for the other for the entirety of your lifetime, and to give energy, love, caring, and friendship to each other.

Let me begin the tale of Mokachu, my current familiar. Many years ago I had two familiars: Koosa and Mouse. Koosa lived to be 16½ years old. She died at home of natural causes. Despite having known she was going to die, it is always very difficult to lose someone you have spent most of your life with, and shared such a wonderful bond with. I still do and always will miss her very much, but I do feel that our paths will cross again and perhaps in my current lifetime. Several months after Koosa died I took in Dot from her previous owners. (Just background information, not really relevant.) This left me with Mouse as my familiar. His loss strikes me much harder. Not because I cared for him any more than my other pets, but because I do not think I shall see him again. His wonderful spirit has other things to do, and other people to touch. For me he embodied the ultimate unconditional giving. He would love everyone, no matter what. He gave all of himself and never asked for anything in return. His kindness is needed elsewhere. I am very happy to have what time I had with him, and hope that everywhere he is encountered, people see the true beauty that is his spirit. He lived 14½ years.

Shortly after Mouse’s death, I felt extremely empty. I missed the special bond he and I shared, and I felt incomplete without it. One night a few months after Mouse died I had a dream. I dreamt that Mouse was in my kitchen running and playing with another cat. This cat was the same breed as Mouse, but a different color. (Mouse was a ruddy Abyssinian, Mokachu is a blue Abyssinian.) In this dream not only did I see the visual cat that would be Mokachu, but I saw her spirit. I saw her liveliness, playfulness, and her stubbornness. Having seen her in this way helped prepare me to find her when she finally was born.

I remember when I went to see her for the first time. Because I knew what breed of cat I was looking for, I went to several cat shows to talk to some breeders. I ran into a breeder who had just had a litter of blue Abyssinians. We decided to meet with them. I remember when I first arrived at the breeder's house, I was disappointed. The kitten she brought out for me to see was definitely not my cat. It was not what I was looking for. I had a sinking feeling, but wanted to see the rest of the litter. As soon as I saw the rest of the litter, I just reached my hand into their box and pulled out a kitten. It was completely instinctual, and I knew right away, this was my kitten. (She was only two weeks old.) She looked at me and squeaked. I knew I would be able to differentiate her from the rest of her littermates, because she had a gray stripe on her belly.

When she was six weeks old I went to visit her again. She was doing well, and now I was surer than ever that this was the cat I wanted to take home. Some of her other littermates had colds. The poor kittens had goopy runny eyes and were sneezing. It would be another four weeks before I could come to take her home.

When I the day finally arrived that I could take her home, I was disturbed to find out that two of her littermates had died from the cold they had last time I saw them. Again I double checked the gray stripe on her belly to make sure this was the cat I wanted, but it was not really necessary. I could tell just by looking at her and holding her.

From the very first time I saw her in my dream, to the moment I picked her up out of the litter, I knew she was special to me. She and I have a bond. It runs deeper than just that of cat and owner. Just by her presence, I feel stronger, and more certain. To touch her, to pet her, to pick her up and hold her I feel we both gain energy through each other. As if touch resonates with our bond and reinforces our expression.

This is only my own view of my current Familiar. It may or may not be the "right" way, and is most certainly not the only way to feel about a Familiar. A Familiar does not need to be an animal you dreamt about before finding. A Familiar does not have to be a purebred anything. A Familiar does not need to be a cat. A Familiar does, however, have to be a being you feel a strong connection with and one that you are willing to dedicate much time and energy to. A Familiar is your companion for life. It is not a bond that can be broken by giving away or selling your pet
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