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Title: Connecting with the Faery
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 08:07 AM)
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"The wings of flying faeries are symbolic of air, and their human or animal legs of earth. A shimmering, luminous quality is their fire aspect; the fluid shape-shifting represents water. Thus they make balanced connections among the four earthly elements and the four directions of the mystical winds. To all these, however, they add the magic of moonlight, the fifth faery element." ~Brian
Connecting with Faery can very beneficial to everyone. It helps us to open up that sacred center within us, our instinctual awareness and openness, allowing us access to Faery. And it is especially important if we wish to read the Faery Oracle, and come out of it without losing our footing.
First of all, it is very important to center ourselves, and ground. We can't have our energy flying all over the place, with our heads up in the clouds, otherwise we might just fall, and have to start all over again... well that might happen anyway.. but that's the World of Faery, and you might as well get used to the idea right away. It is also important to know that the Faeries have a very different culture from our own, and some things that might be appropriate to us, is definately not with the Fae. Manners and a polite attitude will go a long way, as well as a sense of humour. Faeries love to play jokes and make merry, and if you can't laugh about it, especially at yourself (which is usually the center of the joke), than you will have a tough time tuning in to the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle language of Faery.
It is also very important to learn how to Listen to the Faeries. Not only with your ears, but with your heart as well. They LOVE to talk, and patience is very much rewarded. A faery can tell if you are listening with your heart or not.. everything about you is different. Sometimes you will hear something only your heart can understand. Faeries like us to listen with our hearts so that we can see past our physical boundaries, with our physical eyes, and see into the waters of empathy and emotion. It also helps to realize that the Faery world overlays our physical world. Magick is everywhere.. inside of you, around, and your bedroom could very well be a faery dancing circle! If you can open yourself, and listen with your heart, you will learn that you need not go to a special place to meet the Fae.. they are all around, you just can't see them yet.
Now, down to business. Connection...
Singing with the Faeries. Yes.. singing. An instantaneous 'I can't sing!' pops up in many minds when they read that line, including mine. Now, Faery singing, Faery song, is very different from that which we know of music in our mundane world. They don't record their music, it brings different energy, and restricts them from being spontaneous, and singing appropriately for the moment. That certain song can uplift us, bring our energy levels up, make us feel amazing and wonderful, and that song is usually perfect for the now. It brings us into Harmony with the world around us, the Faery world, and the moment of Now. It is helpful to pull a few cards out for this exercise, or even the whole deck... or just ask aloud for the faeries to join in with you as you sing. If you want to try singing with the faeries, start with breathing. Just listen to your normal breath, then open your mouth and let your breath make noise. Any noise, it doesn't matter, even if it sounds silly that's okay! Let yourself giggle, and keep going. Laughter is important in learning, and it helps you to overcome your insecurities. After you let the sounds create themselves for awhile, you will notice that they will do interesting things.. create a beat or maybe a melody. They may sound familiar to you at first, but the more you do it, the more it becomes different, strange, and Free. Don't do anything with this song but enjoy it. Faery songs bring harmony and growth to the world. You'l see that the longer you do it, the better you will feel.
Dancing with the Faeries. You don't have to physically dance with them, you can dance with your heart, with the nod of your head, with only a foot tapping on the floor. It is the energy about you, how you feel that matters most. There are no steps to it, there is no preset way of doing things. Faeries dance to their own beat, their own rythm, and that is how you can connect with them. It comes from your heart, your creative center. This exercise can help you to connect, and raise energy levels around you, tune you in with Faery. Start by standing up straight, comfortable, and just start breathing, the same as the singing exercise. Nothing special or different, just breathe. Feel it travel through your body, down your arms and into your stomach, through each chakra. Feel it move deep in your abdomen, your 'gut'.. that is where you will feel the rythm of your own energy. Standing quietly, focus on your breath, and feel it enter your whole body, every inch of it. Then let your body move in response to this breathing. 'Let yourself BE the movement.' (Quoting Jessica MAcbeth here) Start slow, practice, and have patience with yourself. It's okay to start out just breathing, and moving up as you feel ready. If you would like, you can try focusing on your pelvis, the sacral center. Just breathe, and without doing anything intentially, let your pelvis move.. let it do whatever it wants to do. With some, it might be easier to start with the heart, but eventually you will be able to dance with both centers open and simultaneously moving. A Note:.. if you are stumbling at all, or losing your balance, you are not fully tuned in to Faery. You must let go of the mundane analytical thinking of our everyday world. It is freedom, and a spiritual action for us, and it rejuvenates us, rather than straining or tiring us.
With both singing and dancing, it might be good to begin alone, without anyone, even the faeries watching, so that we can let go of our insecurities. It gives us freedom to practice and learn, so that we are confident when around others.
I hope that these little exercises will help you to connect with Faery. They can be very fun, or very frustrating. Remember, it is important to open our hearts as well as our minds before we take on these activities.Negativity or hostility will drive the faeries away, and that's the opposite of what we want when we're trying to communicate with them. So have fun, and do what makes you feel good. These are the first steps to becoming a Faery Oracle, and I'm right there beside you, learning and trying out new things so that I can better connect with Faery. Much Love and Light to you, and I wish you luck in your adventures ( I know I'll need it, hehe).
{I would like to give credit where credit is due, and say that I pulled these exercises from The Faeries' Oracle, written by Jesa Macbeth.}
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