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Title: Pink Calamine, Unicorn Chaser
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(Date Posted:02/08/2009 23:11 PM)
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Pink Calamine, Unicorn Chaser

Buttercream lazily munched teacake flowers next to the Purple Gltter River. Gumdrop swam across from the opposite bank, her cotton-candy-colored flanks pumping powerfully through the river’s glistening, violet swells. Surrounded by toffee grasses, the two pink unicorns whinnied in friendship and shared a cake flower.

Over the nearest rolling hills of the toffee meadow came a sprinting figure. What could it be? Whatever it was, it had only two legs, and no horn! The simple, gem-encrusted countryside seemed radiant and magical next to this drab, speedy figure. Whatever it was, it had voluminous, white petticoats and some sort of… well, it looked like a confetti cannon or a blossom blaster, but more utilitarian. Buttercream got the idea this gun didn’t shoot sparkles or flowers.

“Let’s get out of here,” Gumdrop whispered, and the two unicorns loped anxiously away from the skirted figure and its huge weapon.

Buttercream and Gumdrop were very young unicorns, and the two-legged creature could almost keep pace with their galloping. Over the frosting fields they ran, all the way to Daisy-Chain Ridge, chased all the way by the creature. But here was a dead end!

Gumdrop and Buttercream faced their pursuer as bravely as they could, their tails trembling only a little.

“You have to help me,” the girl said, panting. “Please.”

“Who are you? Why are you chasing us?” Gumdrop demanded.

“Don’t you understand? There’s no time! There’s no time!”

“What’s your hurry, anyway?” Buttercream asked.

“Look. If I don’t get this rainbow blasted before dusk falls at peppermint point, no one will see it. You have to help me find the beach. Don’t you understand?”

You’re the rainbow blaster? Here, ride on my back.”

“Let me take the cannon!”

The trio trotted triumphantly to the tangerine tidepools. Gumdrop and Buttercream helped the sassy rainbow blaster shoulder her bazooka on the shiny, glittery sandbar.

Pink Calamine aimed her heavy rainbow cannon just over the licorice cliff face and spewed a glowing triple rainbow in the direction of Peppermint Point.

“Whew, just in time,” she said, sitting down to rest on the tangerine sand. “I’m Pink Calamine. Thanks for your

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