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Title: Full Moon Meditation
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(Date Posted:01/12/2009 20:32 PM)
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Full Moon Meditation

In the energies of the full moon,
Find a place that is peaceful and quiet,
Either indoors…perhaps where you can view the full moon,
Or outdoors when the moon is high in the heavens.
Make yourself comfortable,
Sit down or lie down.
Adjust your clothing…footwear…eyeglasses.
Quiet your mind…still your thoughts…
Relax your body…
Your face…your jaw…
Your shoulders…your neck…
Your arms…your hands…
Feel at peace…
Your torso…your hips…
letting go…
Your legs…your feet…
Totally relaxed…
Focus your breathing…
Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose…
Retain the breath as long as is comfortable…
Exhale through the mouth slowly and completely…
Repeat this two more times…or as is comfortable.
As you watch, or envision, the full moon,
Close your eyes…
See yourself slowly floating toward the moon.
It’s energies become magnetic as you get closer.
Alas the moon is before you.
You enter the full moon,
Only to discover that it is not the full moon at all,
But a creational source of light,
Whose energies surround you.
Slowly you watch as this electromagnetic display of energy
Moves around you, until you become one with it.
It is here that all knowledge is stored and created.
You have entered the consciousness that creates our reality.
Now is your time to connect with creation, and your part in it.
Please stay as long as seems comfortable.
Open your mind and go beyond your thoughts.
You may see and hear things beyond your imagination,
Some beyond your ability to manifest into thought-forms
Which make no sense to your 3D mind, yet are connecting
With your genetic encoding, to awaken and activate.
You may see a door. If you do, see if you can move past the illusion and into the truth.
If you are truly connected to this energy source,
You may experience a change in your energy fields after this experience.
You may feel light headed or dizzy. The energies affect each of us differently.
Enjoy your journey.
When you are ready, slowly pull away until you see the moon before you once again.
Slowly pull back to yourself.
Pull back until you are aware of your body once more and the moon above you in the sky.
Welcome back.
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