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Title: Stories Chronicling the Outer and Inner Effects of These Earth Changes in 2008
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(Date Posted:02/23/2009 06:45 AM)
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Here Are Stories Chronicling the Outer and Inner Effects of These Earth Changes in 2008
May 2008: New Moon @ 15 Taurus builds the intensity of more quakes and volcanoes as Vulcan swings his hammer down in violent fashion.

Wtih Mars still in watery Cancer till May 9th - floods, rains and weird weather persist - even more cyclones and tornadoes.

May 11th to 12th with Leo Moon in Critical First Qtr. Phase and Sun-Moon-Nodes TSQ plus triggers from both Mercury and Mars meant massive multiple quakes in China

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Toll from China quake estimated at 3,000 to 5,000


BEIJING (AP) �?A massive earthquake struck central China on Monday and state media reported that as many as 5,000 people were killed in a single county while nearly 900 students were trapped under the rubble of their school.

The official Xinhua News Agency said 80 percent of the buildings had collapsed in Beichuan county in Sichuan province after the 7.8-magnitude quake.

Xinhua reported that 3,000 to 5,000 people had died in Beichuan, which has a population of 160,000, raising fears the overall death toll could increase sharply. Another 10,000 people were believed to be hurt.

The earthquake sent thousands of people rushing out of buildings and into the streets hundreds of miles away in Beijing and Shanghai. The temblor was felt as far away as Pakistan, Vietnam and Thailand.

Four of the dead were ninth-grade students killed when their high school collapsed, Xinhua said. Photos showed heavy cranes trying to remove rubble from the ruined school. Xinhua did not say how many of the students were feared dead.

It said its reporters in Juyuan township, about 60 miles from the epicenter, saw buried teenagers struggling to break loose from underneath the rubble of the three-story building "while others were crying out for help."

Two girls were quoted by Xinhua as saying they escaped because they had "run faster than others."

The earthquake comes less than three months before the start of the Beijing Summer Olympics, when China hopes to use to showcase its rise in the world.

Shanghai's main index inched up Monday, but the advance was capped by worries over inflation and potential damage from the earthquake. Analysts said that shares of companies located in the Sichuan region may fall in coming sessions due to the quake.

It struck in the middle of the afternoon when classes and office towers were full, about 60 miles northwest of Chengdu. There were several smaller aftershocks, the U.S. Geological Survey said on its Web site.

Calls into the city did not go through as panicked residents quickly overloaded the telephone system. The quake affected telephone and power networks, and even state media appeared to have few details of the disaster.

"In Chengdu, mobile telecommunication convertors have experienced jams and thousands of servers were out of service," said Sha Yuejia, deputy chief executive officer of China Mobile.

Although it was difficult to telephone Chengdu, an Israeli student, Ronen Medzini, sent a text message to The Associated Press saying there were power and water outages there.

"Traffic jams, no running water, power outs, everyone sitting in the streets, patients evacuated from hospitals sitting outside and waiting," he said.

Xinhua said an underground water pipe ruptured near the city's southern railway station, flooding a main thoroughfare. Reporters saw buildings with cracks in their walls but no collapses, Xinhua said.

The earthquake also rattled buildings in Beijing, some 930 miles to the north, less than three months before the Chinese capital was expected to be full of hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors for the Summer Olympics.

Many Beijing office towers were evacuated, including the building housing the media offices for the organizers of the Olympics, which start in August. None of the Olympic venues was damaged.

"I've lived in Taipei and California and I've been through quakes before. This is the most I've ever felt," said James McGregor, a business consultant who was inside the LG Towers in Beijing's business district. "The floor was moving underneath me."

In Fuyang, 660 miles to the east, chandeliers in the lobby of the Buckingham Palace Hotel swayed. "We've never felt anything like this our whole lives," said a hotel employee surnamed Zhu.

Patients at the Fuyang People's No. 1 Hospital were evacuated. An hour after the quake, a half-dozen patients in blue-striped pajamas stood outside the hospital. One was laying on a hospital bed in the parking lot.

Skyscrapers in Shanghai swayed and most office occupants went rushing into the streets.

In the Taiwanese capital of Taipei, 100 miles off the southeastern Chinese coast, buildings swayed when the quake hit. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

The quake was felt as far away as the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi, where some people hurried out of swaying office buildings and into the streets downtown. A building in the Thai capital of Bangkok also was evacuated after the quake was felt there.

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake is considered a major event, capable of causing widespread damage and injuries in populated areas.

The last serious earthquake in China was in 2003, when a 6.8-magnitude quake killed 268 people in Bachu county in the west of Xinjiang.

China's deadliest earthquake in modern history struck the northeastern city of Tangshan on July 28, 1976, killing 240,000 people.

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RE:Stories Chronicling the Outer and Inner Effects of These Earth Changes in 2008
(Date Posted:02/23/2009 06:46 AM)

May 13th with Mars Opposing Neptune and Sun-Taurus SQ Neptune (gases rising from the earth)

Chaiten Special Report


From the desk of Editor Michael Knight. May 10 2008

In the documentary “Contact Has Begun,�?we looked at volcanoes as one of a number of imminent �?“abrupt�?- earth changes.

Dr Brooks Agnew presented a map of all the world’s volcanoes �?noted that volcanic activity was on the increase �?and now there is no doubt about it.

Imagine a cloud of volcanic ash stretching 1800 miles from where you live.

That’s the extent of the “vog�?(volcanic fog) that has spread from coast to coast of South America from the eruption of the Chaiten volcano in Chile.

It has traveled from the Pacific to the Atlantic �?and overland from Chaiten to Buenos Aries in Argentina.

Buenos Aries and its surrounding urban areas houses 11 million people. Above their heads right now, 2000 meters aloft, that toxic cloud is gradually moving toward Uruguay. (NASA image right)

I have just got off the phone to ECR subscriber Kristen Neiling in Buenos Aries. She too publishes an earth changes newsletter �?the only one on the subject available in Spanish.

Kristen tells me the pharmacies there have completely run out of filter masks; American airlines have quite flying to that city; internal flights are disrupted because of the closure of various provincial airports; and in fact, Argentina and Argentineans are feeling the effects of this eruption far more than the people in Chile.

And it’s not over yet.

The Chaiten volcano started a new phase of heightened activity overnight, leading one scientist to suggest we may be facing a “new Pompeii.�?

(That was the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in Italy in 79AD that completely wiped out the city of Pompeii, burying its inhabitants in dust, gravel and ash).

Because Chaiten sits alongside a fjord on Chile’s Pacific Coast �?and because it is a massive caldera type if volcano with a crater up to 3 1/2 kilometers (approx two miles) across, concern has also been expressed that there’s the possibility of a tsunami being triggered as well if the eruptions become more violent.

Tsunamis travel at hundreds if not thousands of miles an hour. A tsunami originating in Chile would have 5000 miles to cover before hitting New Zealand’s east coast.

Perhaps that’s far enough to minimize damage. But in between are many of the low-lying islands of Polynesia. Depending on the way in which a tsunami might fan out, it could strike from Easter Island through French Polynesia and Samoa then New Zealand and Fiji, then Vanuatu and on to the shores of Australia.

[Update 0118 May 12: Kristen advises me that past tsunamis which originated in that area have mostly traveled north-westerly across the Pacific, hitting Hawaii and as far as Japan. But it's also recorded in New Zealand Maori history that great tsunamis have devastated Easter Island and other regions of the Polynesian Pacific - MK].

Adding further uncertainty to what’s coming, Kristen says a second nearby volcano - Volcán Michimauida �?has also started erupting. (This one is not a caldera, and it’s possible that it will act as a pressure relief valve for Chaiten �?but that is speculation. Only time will tell which way things go in terms of increased volcanic activity �?or not, and a tsunami, or not �?MK).

Future possibilities aside, things in the air and on the ground are disastrous, and getting worse.

The mainstream media is helping government officials by underplaying the severity of the situation.

The focus is on the fact that 4000 people have been safely evacuated, and the Chilean government is taking action to help those who’ve been forced to move.

But right across the border in Argentina, the ash cloud has already crippled tourism in several provinces, laid down an increasing layer of toxic crud, and forced hundreds if not thousands of people to try and flee from the falling ash.

It has already blanketed who knows how many millions of acres. And who knows how many animals, domestic and native, are dying?
It may be years, if not decades, before the worst-affected areas recover. If ever.

Flora and fauna are dead or dying under the ash �?and it could get worse if the weather changes and acid rain starts to fall.

Says Kristen: “Government officials are saying ‘we have it all under control, people should remain calm�?those stupid sort of things instead of putting people into safe places.”___________________________________

Sidebar: That may be so �?but as you know, I take the position that it is our responsibility to heed advance warnings rather than put ourselves at the mercy of some predictable disaster then expect the government to help us out. What we saw in the United States after Hurricane Katrina, and what’s happening right now in Myanmar prove the point. In both cases, government response has been too little, too late. (In Myanmar, the government is refusing to allow foreign aid workers in to do relief work after Cyclone Nargis killed tens of thousands and left millions homeless). Governments are not to be relied on.


As Kristen says, despite the fact that some people believe disasters happen by chance or accident, the fact is that Nature does give advance warnings. So do scientists.

Fourteen years ago 75-year-old Professor Óscar González-Ferrer of the Universidad de Chile wrote “The Atlas of the Chilean Volcanoes,�?in which he said as a caldera, Chaitien had no ice and the dome could explode at any time.

Asked by the media this week if his warnings were taken into account he said “of course not.�?/P>

That’s to be expected. It happens all over the world. Politicians hate to let the facts spoil a good campaign for votes�?votes they want from people who have the same syndrome…ignoring the facts is a universal human ailment.

Leaving that fact aside �?Nature itself gives her own warnings, well in advance of such events.

Kristen wrote a newsletter in June last year in which she reported that one of the many lakes around Chaiten volcano literally disappeared overnight. The same thing happened in February this year.

“I was writing newsletters and saying this is not something to take lightly �?two lakes vanished in half a year.�?/P>

And during the last 12 months, in the city of Ayssen in Chile (in the Chaiten region), a volcano began to form in the middle of the city.

“There is no chance in what happens,�?says Kristen. “It’s not that Nature catches you without warning. Always there’s a warning, even when a marriage breaks. Warnings come months or years before. Do we take it into account?�?/P>

Taken together, these three warnings should have been enough for both politicians and citizens alike to wake up to the fact that some sort of major eruption was imminent. But what did the politicians do? They sent psychiatrists �?that’s right, shrinks - to Ayssen to calm the people down. (“Stay calm, There’s a volcano growing in the middle of your city. Nothing to worry about at all. Stay put. It’ll be fine. We’ve got it under control�?�?.

How far can this eruption of Chaiten and Michimauida go?

“No-one knows,�?says Kristen. “We only know it is non stop throwing out gas ash stones and pyroclasts. Water is already at ph9 so it’s impossible to drink. The countryside is covered in ash.�?/P>

And she says up to 15 million people from Chile to Buenos Aries are under that ash cloud, a smog of poisonous fumes that can increase blood fluorine levels very rapidly �?and death results.

She likens the situation to something that happened in the Pennsylvania town of Donora in 1948. A temperature inversion, coupled with toxic fumes such as sulfur dioxide, soluble sulphants, and fluorides from local factories generated a toxic smog that killed 19 people and “left hundreds more sick and dying. The whole thing was covered up, but had it lasted one more night, many more people would have died. What happened in Donora is happening here as well�?/P>

(It took the best part of another 30 years for Pennsylvania to enact remedial legislation. But you can’t legislate against volcanic activity).

At present, much of the poisonous gas from Chaiten remains in the atmosphere, but a weather change could bring it down and without gas masks those who breathe it in could be in mortal danger.

“And when the ash gets thick and hard what are all these people going to do? Where are they going to live?

“I think Patagonia will be a place were no one will be able to live anymore for some time.�?/P>


May 10th to 11th with Fiery Leo Moon and Mars SQ Venus-Sun and Opposing Neptune-North Node

Mt.Etna has started erupting watch the video

May 9th to 10th as Leo Moon and Mars continue to trigger lots of action with extreme weather

At least 11 dead in Central US in new round of tornadoes

May 8t to 9th as Cancer Moon triggers with Jupiter station in Capricorn and bad ole Mars changing signs into Leo

Deep Quake at 54.4 Miles hits Northern Mariana Islands with Magnitude 6.7 - GUAM REGION

May 4th to 5th as Taurus Moon starts and Mercury is applying to SQ Uranus and Neptune conjunct North Node in Fixed, Air Aquarian

Cyclone kills at least 351 in Myanmar, state-run TV reports

May 3 to 4th as Aries Moon triggers sudden events both weather and volcanoes-quakes

Chile volcano erupts, villages evacuated-SANTIAGO, Chile - Authorities evacuated hundreds of people from villages in southern Chile Friday after a snowcapped volcano considered dormant for thousands of years erupted. The blast sent minor earthquakes rippling through the region.

May 2nd to 3rd as Aries Moon triggers Grand Trine in Earth with Pluto-Venus-Virgo and Mars is pushed to the limits in Cancer

7 Are Killed as Storms and Tornadoes Sweep Across Arkansas-CENTER RIDGE, Ark. �?At least seven people were killed and 13 were injured in storms that swept across Arkansas early Friday

May 1st to 2nd with Pisces Moon in Last Qtr. moving into Aries @ 3:51 AM on 5-2-08: Major Chances for Quakes and Volcanoes.

Alaska is Shaking big time including multiple quakes and a Magnitude 6.6 - ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA

May 1st with Moon in Pisces adding to Mars in watery Cancer opposing Jupiter in earthy Capricorn means that floods continue till Mars changes signs May 9th

People evacuate Maine, New Brunswick homes as river floods

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RE:Stories Chronicling the Outer and Inner Effects of These Earth Changes in 2008
(Date Posted:02/23/2009 06:47 AM)

April 2008: Full Moon in Scorpio on April 20th kicks things onto higher level.
Plus Mars moves toward exact Opposition with Jupiter on April 24th

Swarm of earthquakes detected off Oregon-GRANTS PASS, Ore. - Scientists listening to underwater microphones have detected an unusual swarm of earthquakes off central Oregon, something that often happens before a volcanic eruption �?except there are no volcanoes in the area.

April 2008: Super Active Period for Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Fires, Floods, High Winds and more related weather eventsApril 5th with Aries New Moon applying to SQ with Jupiter as Mars in Cancer completes the volatile TSQ then on April 19th Libra Moon adds the missing 4th element in cardinal signs.
April 28 as crazy, unexpected weather reflects Applying Mercury Square Neptune in Aquarius and Applying Moon-Aquarius Square Mercury
April 27 to 29th: Aquarius Moon is major trigger for quakes with occultation with Neptune and SQ to Mercury as Jupiter and Saturn station
April 25 to 27th: Capricorn Moon adds to the Cardinal Climax joing Jupiter in TSQ to Mars-Venus
April 24 to 25th: With Waning Capricorn Moon ingress @ 2:47 AM to trigger Major Shaking in Reno ARea
April 23 to 24th: Cardinal TSQ (with exact Opp between Mars and Jupiter in Solstic Signs) kicks off major quakes
April 20 to 21st with climax of Cardinal TSQ of Venus-Aris to Mars Opp. Jupiter
More aftershocks near New Madrid Fault 
April 20 to 21st with Scorpio Moon in Full Moon Phase SQ Chiron-Neptune
April 17th to 18th - Cardinal trigger Libra Moon and Mercury into fixed,earth Taurus right before Full Moon in Scorpio
New Madrid Fault is waking up! Another 4.6 Magnitude Quake adds to the list
April 17th to 18th - As Libra Moon ingress and Mercury into Taurus trigger more earth changes in unexpected locations:
April 16th to 17th - Super Quake Alert with Huge Swarms Continuing in North America Especially ANDREANOF
March 2008: Super Active Period for Avalanches, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, High Winds, Cooling Trend and Fierce Spring Storms in the 3rd month of 2008
New Moon in Pisces on March 7th brought unusual weather via the Sun-Moon-Uranus transit

Approaching the Spring Equinox on 3-19-08 @ 10:49 PM PDT we have great liklihood of CASCADIA SUBDUCTION EVENT or Southern California Event precipated via Cardinal SQ's with Aries Sun-Mercury-Venus TSQ Mars-Jupiter also in Cardinal Signs Watch Out! Window continues thru April 2008

April 1, 2008: with Moon-Neptune Occultation in Aquarius plus Mars-Cancer applying to Opposition to Jupiter Capricorn

US: HEAVY SNOW / EXTREME COLD - U.S. - Northern New England’s weather-weary residents saw new benchmarks for seasonal snowfall as an early spring storm Friday brought yet more snow to the region. The storm pushed Concord, N.H., into second place for all-time snowfall at 115.2 inches - THE MOST SNOW IN 135 YEARS - while Portland, Maine, nudged past the 100-inch mark. Another 7 inches of snow would put Concord in record-breaking territory. That breaks the previous record of 181 inches set during the 1954-1955 season. This season’s snowfall already has BROKEN SEVERAL RECORDS, including the snowiest December, January and February, in both Concord and Montpelier, Vermont.

March 25-26 with Moon SQ Neptune (dissolution) and Pluto-Saturn in alignment in earth signs disintegration is happenng

Huge Antarctic ice chunk collapses-A chunk of Antarctic ice about seven times the size of Manhattan suddenly collapsed, putting an even greater portion of glacial ice at risk, scientists said Tuesday.

March 25 as Cardinal Signs continue alignment we are finding places like Yellowstone waking up


March 24 more evidence of rumblings as Cardinal Signs especially Sun-Aries and Mars-Cancer make their footprint known

Magic Valley in Idaho is shaking - no earthquakes recorded?

March 24 with Applying Sun-Aries Square Mars-Cancer

Sharp Magnitude 6.1 - hits TARAPACA, CHILE with a depth of 119.6 km (74.3 miles)

March 22nd with Applying Sun-Aries Square Mars-Cancer and Moon in Libra opposing Jupiter more quakes

Magnitude 6.2 - ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA with a depth of 132.4 km (82.3 miles) on Saturday, March 22, 2008 at 12:24:12 PM at epicenter

March 22nd with separating Cardinal Cross catalyzed by watery Mars in Cancer means more floods-rains for Midwest

Flooding, Heavy Snow Have Crippled US Midwest-Heavy rain has created flooding across the US Midwest, as rivers came out of their banks in Missouri, Arkansas and Ohio. Areas around small rivers have been hit worst, while the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio rivers saw only minor flooding. More than 70 Missouri counties have reported flooding this week.

March 21st with Cardinal Cross on this Libra Full Moon forming Moon-Sun-Pluto-Mars will mean more larger quakes besides Western China

Recent quake activity Obsidian Butte, CA near Salton Sea

March 20th with Vernal Equinox as Sun ingress into Aries TSQ both Mars-Pluto in Cardinal Signs

Large Quake with Magnitude 7.2 - XINJIANG-XIZANG BORDER REGION

March 19 wih Virgo Moon moving near Saturn and Pluto opposing Mars large scale breakups

Earth from Space: Splitting iceberg-Envisat captures the break up of the massive A53A iceberg located just east of the South Georgia Island (visible at image bottom) in the southern Atlantic Ocean.

March 19 as Sun ingress into Cardinal Aries approaches we may see fires worsen especially with ruler Mars opposing Pluto!

Massive wildfire in South Texas forces hundreds to evacuate-A wildfire in the Rio Grande Valley spread to about 25,000 acres early Wednesday, forcing hundreds from their homes

March 19 with Watery Pisces in it's most mutable glory: Mercury-Venus-Uranus-Sun all whipping up Severe Weather and today's Virgo Moon opposing

Huge storms in Midwest claim 9 dead, 4 missing in US - PIEDMONT, Mo. - Flooding forced hundreds of people to flee their homes and closed scores of roads Wednesday across the nation's midsection as a storm system linked to nine deaths poured as much as a foot of rain on the region.

March 18 with Dramatic Leo Moon and Mars opposing Jupiter applying in Cardinal Signs

Magnitude 6.2 - KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION with depth of 28.4 km (17.6 miles)

March 14 to 16, 2008: Moon in Cardinal, Cancer by challenging Pluto and Jupiter along with conjunction to Mars sets off major, mulitple earthquakes

Strong Quake off the Coast of Oregon lowered ot 5.9 Magnitude on Saturday, March 15, 2008 at 06:44:38 AM at epicenter


March 12, 2008: With taurus moon as the trigger SQ to Neptune and the Nodes quakes prevail in Australian Region

Strong Magnitude 6.5 hits VANUATU Area @ 10:23:34 PM at epicenter

March 11, 2008: fallout from wild weather as Sun-Uranus in Pisces and Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius

Mozambique cyclone toll rises to 16

March 10, 2008: with Sun-Uranus conjunction in Pisces unexpected weather aided by Mercury-Neptune together in Aquarius - intense storms in the UK

Massive Storms Battering the UK-Rain and fierce winds are hitting parts of the UK, as what could be winter's worst storm moves in from the Atlantic. Winds of almost 80 mph (130km/h) had brought down trees and power lines in south-west England

March 8, 2008: With grouping of collective planets in Aquarius and Pisces plus Sun-Uranus conjunction in Pisces signalling quakes and other natural disasters- memory of ancient events is restimulated ala Catastrophia

Tsunami that devastated the ancient world could return PARIS (AFP) �?"The sea was driven back, and its waters flowed away to such an extent that the deep sea bed was laid bare and many kinds of sea creatures could be seen," wrote Roman historian Ammianus Marcellus, awed at a tsunami that struck the then-thriving port of Alexandria in 365 AD.

March 3, 2008: As Saturn ruled Capricorn Moon again pushes the Mars-Pluto oppositon multiple large quakes proceeed

Multiple quakes including 6.9 Magnitude in Phillipines Region and 6.4 near Kuril Islands

March 2, 2008: Combo of volatile transits triggered by Moon in Capricorn

Strong Tremor Magnitude 6.0 - hits KEPULAUAN MENTAWAI REGION, INDONESIA again Sunday, March 02, 2008 at 06:37:27 PM (PST)

March 1, 2008: Mysterious Piscean aspects continue and the Moon opposes Pluto before entering Capricorn triggering the current Mars Opposition to Pluto in the sign of the earthy Goat

Two Highly Unusual Quakes Strike Northern Italy just 0 km (30 miles) N of Firenze (Florence), Italy

February 2008: Super Active Period for Avalanches, Earthquakes,Volcanoes,High Winds, Cooling Trend and Fierce Winter Storms in the first three months of 2008

Feb. 29, 2008: As Sun applies to conjunction with Uranus (one of the precursors to earthquakes)

Unusual quakes over 5.0 in Pacific Ocean Regions including NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN, SOUTHERN EAST PACIFIC RISE and OFFSHORE LOS LAGOS, CHILE - View List

Feb. 26, 2008: Combination of Mars opposing Pluto TSQ Pallas along with Moon SQ Neptune trigger means unusual quakes and other events

Earthquake hits much of England registers 5.3 Magnitude per BGS but USGS downgrade to 4.7-The biggest earthquake in the UK for nearly 25 years has shaken homes across large parts of England.

Feb. 25, 2008: Libra-Scorpio Moon triggers Pluto - Mars Oppositon for strong multiple quakes including Magnitude 7.0 - KEPULAUAN MENTAWAI REGION, INDONESIA

Feb. 20, 2008: Wow this Eclipse is really shaking and awakening the earth!

Another strong, sharp quake with Magnitude 6.2 - hits SOUTHERN GREECE at 08:27:11 PM at epicenter

Feb. 20, 2008: Full Moon Eclipse Quakes Begin with a Bang

Three killed by Magnitude 7.5 Indonesian quake near the island of Simeulue, 319km (198 miles) off the coast of Sumatra

Feb. 19, 2008: Moon in Leo opposing Neptune augmented by Mars moving closer to opposition with Pluto

Baja Stays Active after 10 days of quakes Magnitude 5.0 tops off quakes today in this area NW of Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico

Feb. 19, 2008: As Pluto and Jupiter move forward in cold Capricorn along with Mercury and Neptune in Aquarius (colder temps. also)

 Spectacular scene as plunging temperatures in UK freeze North East river waterfall

Feb. 17, 2008: Update on Damaging Weather in Southern US:

Heavy Rains, Winds Blow Through Atlanta-A line of heavy rain and severe thunderstorms moved through the metro Atlanta area Sunday afternoon, causing the National Weather Service to issued Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Warnings.

Feb. 17, 2008: Uranian energies build with advent of Venus into Aquarius plus Mars-Gemini still applying to opposition to pluto

Damaging Tornadoes Reported in South-PRATTVILLE, Ala. (AP) �?Severe weather howled through much of the nation Sunday, producing damaging tornadoes in the South that injured nearly 30 people and treating winter-weary parts of the Midwest to freezing rain, snow and flooding.

Feb. 16, 2008: Expect more strong quakes as Moon ingress into Cancer opposes Pluto-Jupiter-Venus in Capricorn

Magnitude 6.0 - POTOSI, BOLIVIA on February 16, 2008 at 10:45:11 AM at epicenter with a depth of 134.3 km (83.5 miles) set by location program

Feb. 15, 2008:TORNADO ADVISORY: High winds (with Mars Gemini and Mercury-Aquarius retrograde) along with moisture with Moon ingress Cancer on 2-16

USA Tornado Forecast Center Labs Updated on Friday, February 15, 2008 1:00 AM

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From: USA

RE:Stories Chronicling the Outer and Inner Effects of These Earth Changes in 2008
(Date Posted:02/23/2009 06:48 AM)

Feb. 15, 2008: Update on Earthquake in Israel as Pluto continues in Capricorn

Magnitude 5.3 earthquake (usgs places it at 5.0) hits Israel-Strongest earthquake to rock country in a decade felt from Nahariya in the north down to Beersheba; epicenter near Tyre, Lebanon. It is impossible to predict when strong earthquake will take place, says expert Strongest earthquake to rock country in a decade felt from Nahariya in the north down to Beersheba; epicenter near Tyre, Lebanon. It is impossible to predict when strong earthquake will take place, says expert

Feb. 15, 2008: Current Mars opposition to Pluto can mean eruptions and this is happening worldwide

Philippines' Kanlaon Volcano Under Alert Level 1 0 Bacolod City, Philippines (AHN)- Philippine volcanologists placed Kanlaon volcano in the island of Negros, central Philippines under alert level 1 after seven low frequency volcanic earthquakes were recorded for the past 24 hours.

Feb. 15, 2008: Moon SQ Uranus for the unusual

Strange Quakes hit one with Magnitude 5.0 - LEBANON - SYRIA REGION

Feb. 14, 2008: With Jupiter-Capricorn sextile Uranus in Pisces more floods this time in Bolivia

Bolivia floods misery continues-The Bolivian authorities estimate that some 60,000 families across the country have been affected by severe flooding, which has followed weeks of heavy rain.

Feb. 14, 2008: Mercury ruled Gemini Moon trining the Aquarius Stellium speaks of massive wind patterns

Wind Patterns Could Mask Effects Of Global Warming In Ocean

Feb. 14, 2008: With moon ingress into Gemini as trigger

Greece is hit by two strong quakes Magnitude 6.1 and 6.7 - SOUTHERN GREECE-The epicenter was under the sea, west of the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece, Gerassimos Houliaras, a seismologist at the Athens Observatory, said today

Feb. 13, 2008:Ice and snow snarl traffic, close schools as Capricorn trio (Pluto-Jupiter-Venus) move ahead

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) -- A powerful winter storm spread more than a half-foot of snow across parts of the Northeast on Wednesday

Feb. 13, 2008: From Taurus Moon aspects to Capricorn Venus

Sharp Quake with Magnitude 6.2 - TIMOR SEA at 04:58:44 AM at epicenter

Feb. 13, 2008: Volcano Alert with Mars applying to opposition with Pluto

Cerro Prieto Volcano as quakes contine NW of Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico and Baja California

Feb. 11-12th, 2008:  Major Earthquake Alert for Baja California Area and Mexico

Update: 2-12-08 as Taurus Moon Ingress to trigger larger, deeper quakes

Mexico Hit by 6.4-Magnitude Earthquake in Oaxaca-The earthquake hit today at 6:50 a.m. local time, 23 miles (36 kilometers) northwest of the Mexican town of Arriaga, the USGS said. The temblor was 72 miles deep.

Update: 2-12-08 Magnitude 5.0 - BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO at at 04:32:39 UTC

Comparisons to the MegaQuake of Fort Tejon in 1857: The fundamental harmonic energy went deep for the past 24 hours, and is just beginning to re-emerge again in the form of shear stress. The fundamental stress is the kind which holds a fault together with compression. The shear stress is the kind which reduces the friction that prevents slipping. The conversion between them is rather remarkable at times, and may take only hours to develop. The Seismic Alert should remain in effect until the threat of Shear Stress decreases. Keep a watch on the micro quakes, especially swarms which seem to pop up out of no where, for a particular region. Channel 3 is what's used for detecting Shear Stress in near-real time.

Feb. 11, 2008: Another sharp quake with 5.1 Magnitude hits Baja California with Aries Moon in challenging aspects to Jupiter-Venus and Mars applying to opposition to Pluto.
Looking at Saturday's Quake - Feb. 9th. A moderate earthquake rocked Baja California in Mexico, shutting down factories near the U.S. border and leaving about 400,000 people without power, authorities said Saturday

Feb. 11, 2008: Fiery Aries Moon SQ Jupiter-Venus and active Crescent Moon Phase leads to eruptions

Alaska's Cleveland Volcano Alert Level Upgraded-The 5,676-foot volcano on Chuginadak Island in the Aleutians spouted ash about 20,000 feet high Friday evening. Satellites spotted a diffuse ash cloud stretching northwest of the volcano.

Feb. 10, 2008: Aries SQ Jupiter and Crescent Moon Phase start off with large Magnitude 6.5 Quake in the SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION at 12:22:03 UTC

Feb. 9, 2008: with SQ to Mars adding to the triggers Moon in Pisces catalyzes more quakes in Baja Area

Largest tremor a Magnitude 5.1 - BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO near Mexicali

Feb. 8, 2008: With Moon now in Pisces opposing Saturn-Virgo right after Partial Solar Eclipse, the tecotonic plates are moving

Large Quake with Magnitude 6.9 - NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
Update on Today's Quake: Magnitude 6.9 - NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE - this quake took place Earth's deep interior lies exposed without any crust covering
The lesion is located mid-way between the Cape Verdes Islands and the Caribbean in the Atlantic Ocean. It lies nearly 2 miles beneath the ocean surface and extends over thousands of square kilometers.

Feb. 6, 2008: As Mars applies to opposition with Pluto in Capricorn and more volcanoes erupt around the world

New Moon coincides with: Ecuador's erupting Tungurahua volcano prompts evacuation order for 3,000 or more

Feb. 6, 2008: Preponderance of Saturn-Uranus ruled planets on this Annualar Eclipse, more earthquake activity

Focus Alert on both Dominican and Canary Islands region in the Atlantic Two Quakes in Both Regions with 5.0 Magnitude promising larger quake 7+ by Lunar Eclipse on Feb. 20th.

Feb. 6, 2008: Ferocious Winds bring in the New Moon Solar Eclipse

Tornadoes Rip Through South, Killing 47

Feb. 5, 2008: As Mercury applies toward conjunction with the Sun in Aquarius - announcements of wild weather are frequent this time Severe Thunderstorms-Tornadoes

Schools in West Tennessee released in anticipation of "significant" Tornados!

Feb. 5, 2008: Pluto in Capricorn sets the tone for coolest year on record in 100 years in China

China battles "coldest winter in 100 years" - CHENZHOU, China (Reuters) - Millions remained stranded in China on Monday ahead of the biggest holiday of the year as parts of the country suffered their coldest winter in a century.

Feb. 4, 2008: Capricorn and Aquarian Planets reflect cooling trend:

So it appears that Arctic ice isn't vanishing after all-There was some coverage of the chaos caused in central and southern China by their heaviest snowfalls for decades - but little attention was paid to the snow that last week carpeted Jerusalem, Damascus and Amman, none of them exactly used to Dickensian Christmas card weather.

Feb. 4, 2008: Sharp Quake in Chile with Moon-Capricorn sextile Uranus

Magnitude 6.3 hits TARAPACA, CHILE Monday, February 04, 2008 at 02:01:30 PM at epicenter

Feb. 3-4, 2008: Neptune-Mercury and Uranus in mutual reception for massive rainfall

Rain inundates Hilo-As much as 18 inches of rain fell in the Waiakea Uka area in 24 hours.

Feb. 3, 2008: Update on African Quakes with Capricorn Moon

Rwanda hit by deadly earthquakes Countries in Great Lakes region jolted by three quakes.

Feb. 3, 2008: Multiple Quakes with Moon entering Capricorn as the trigger

Unusual earthquakes in Congo, Rwanda and Mozambique with a Magnitude 6.0 - LAC KIVU REGION, DEM. REP. OF THE CONGO

Feb. 2, 2008: With Moon applying to Opposition to Mars and Aquarian conjunctions

Unusual Quake with Magnitude 4.6 - on NORTHERN EAST PACIFIC RISE - perhaps a precursor to something larger in the Pacific near Central America?

Feb. 1, 2008: Sagittarius Moon SQ Saturn and applying to SQ with Uranus and oppositon with Mars

Magnitude 6.0 - FIJI REGION and very deep- 627.6 km (390.0 miles)

Feb. 1, 2008: triggered by the Scorpio Moon and crazy Mercury-Neptune

Hurricane-force winds buffet Toronto area

Feb. 1, 2008:With Venus-Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn,looking at previous quake destruction

Experts visit quake-hit nuclear plant-UN experts entered a reactor for the first time since the world's largest nuclear plant was shut down last year by an earthquake.

January 2008: Super Active Period for Avalanches, Earthquakes,Volcanoes and Fierce Winter Storms in the first months of 2008

Cold, Stormy Weather Changes for January 2008: (1) New Moon in Cardinal Earth Oriented Capricorn on Jan. 8th (2) Full Moon in Leo on Jan. 22nd Aquarius Stellium

New revelations with Venus-Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius and the ingress into Capricorn

More info. about: Buried Volcano Discovered in Antarctica-Under the frozen continent's western-most ice sheet, the volcano erupted about 2,300 years ago yet remains active, according to a study published Sunday in an online issue of the journal Nature Geosciences.

Jan. 30, 2008: Same story combo of Mercury (weather planet) near Neptune in Aquarius plus Venus-Jupiter-Pluto all in Cold Capricorn

Severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and fierce winds sliced through the Midwest and took aim at the Northeast early Wednesday,

Jan. 30, 2008: Mars stations direct and Moon triggers Aquarian planets

Strong Earthquake rattles East Timor, triggers brief tsunami alert - Magnitude 6.2

Jan. 29, 2008: With Scorpio Moon (ruled by Mars) as Mars is Void of Course - Moon is trigger to Aquarian Planets for larger quakes

Unusual Quake with Magnitude 5.0 - on CARLSBERG RIDGE at ednesday, January 30, 2008 at 01:13:14 UTC
Is this a precursor to others like this monster: Magnitude 7.6 CARLSBERG RIDGE 2003 July 15 20:27:50 UTC

Jan. 29, 2008: With Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius near Neptune plus PL-VE-JU all in Capricorn - stormy, crazy weather worldwide

Update on China's Weather Havoc: Wild China weather kills 25, besieges heartland

Jan. 29, 2008: With Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius near Neptune - stormy, crazy weather worldwide

Chinese snow storms strand 200,000 at station in new year exodus

Jan. 28, 2008: Colder weather with Capricorn and Aquarian Stellium of Planets

China issues red alert for snowstorms-The China Meteorological Administration (CMA) early Monday issued a red alert for severe snowstorms forecast for central and eastern China.

Jan. 28, 2008: Coninued Cold Weather with Jupiter-Venus-Pluto in Capricorn

Freak snowstorm hits B.C.'s Fraser Valley-Some parts of British Columbia were hit with extreme weather conditions Sunday, while others basked in sunshine.

Jan. 28, 2008: with primary Capricorn-Cancer axis activated along with N-South poles along with Mercury-Aquarius for Scientific Truths to Resound

New Antarctic ice core to provide clearest climate record yet-After enduring months on the coldest, driest, and windiest continent on Earth, researchers today closed out the inaugural season on an unprecedented, multi-year effort to retrieve the most detailed record of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere over the last 100,000 years.

Jan. 27, 2008: Wind grows more fierce with Mercury Void of Course leading the airy stellium of Aquarian Planets

Wind storm causes outages across Europe- Tens of thousands lose power; toppled trees cut traffic, kill driver

Jan. 27, 2008: Aquarian stellium led by Mercury Station Tomorrow and Capricorn Power Growing with Pluto's newly owned prescence -

Weather mix evokes reaction from Mount St. Helens-The mix of cold, clear air in recent days after a period of rain resulted in a small plume of steam and gas last week at Mount St. Helens, said Carolyn Driedger of the Cascade Volcano Observatory.

Jan. 27, 2008: Libra Moon SQ Venus-Jupiter in Capricorn

Lava flow within 1.4 miles of Royal Gardens-Lava flows from Kilauea Volcano headed for the Royal Gardens subdivision on the Big Island yesterday

Jan. 26, 2008: Pluto's Ingress Into Capricorn means more avalanches -

Snow Slides claim second victim, state braces for more heavy weather-The skiers were killed and two others were missing after three avalanches swept backcountry slopes in the San Gabriel Mountains outside Los Angeles on Friday, authorities said.

Jan. 25, 2008:With Mercury-Neptune oppose S Node and trine Mars Rx in Gemini

Tornado rips off roof of building in Southern California-CASTAIC, Calif. (AP) - A rare tornado has touched down in Southern California. It started as a waterspout last night in the Pacific and came ashore at the Point Mugu (muh-GOO') Naval Air Station up the coast from Malibu, ripping a roof off a hangar. It scattered debris on a tarmac but nobody was hurt and flight operations were not affected

Jan. 25, 2008: Inclement Cold Weather Continues with Mercury-Neptune-N Node together in unexpected Aquarius plus Venus Capricorn newly in colder Capricorn

Storm expected to keep pounding Southland-Snowfall prompts I-5 closure in the Grapevine area, while ski resorts bask in a 'winter wonderland.' Heavier showers are forecast later tonight.

Jan. 24, 2008: Unstable weather with Venus ingress into Capricorn near Pluto and Mercury ruler of the Moon and weather conjunct Neptune and N Node in the Unexpected Sign of Aquarius


Jan. 23, 2008: on the eve of Venus ingress into Capricorn and less then 24 hours away from the Mighty Pluto Ingress into Earthy Capricorn

Quake Frequency and Magnitude begin to increase in Weastern Hemisphere: a Magnitude 6.1 - SOUTH OF PANAMA in tandem with a 4.8 in same location

Jan. 22, 2008: with Neptune-Mercury prominent and in mutual reception with Uranus-Pises, waters are rising around the globe

Rising Seas Threaten China's Sinking Coastal Cities-Sea levels off Shanghai and other Chinese coastal cities are rising at an alarming rate, leading to contamination of drinking water supplies and other threats

Jan. 22, 2008: Volatile Full Moon with Saturn ruled stellium of Capricorn-Aquarius Planets

Tongan Area is highly unstable with Multiple Earthquakes and largest so far - Magnitude 6.1 at depth of 21.7 miles

Jan. 21, 2008: Sun ingress into Aquarius and Cancer Moon opposing Jupiter then Sun

Three strong quakes on the SOUTHERN EAST PACIFIC RISE within 24 hours time
The rise is a constructive tectonic plate margin or divergent boundary lying along the eastern margin of the Pacific Ocean basin. The spreading zone separates the Pacific Plate to the west from (south to north) the Antarctic Plate, the Nazca Plate, Cocos Plate, and the North American Plate.

Jan. 20, 2008: with combo of Sun ingress into Aquarius and Moon-Cancer opposing Jupiter-Capricorn

Eastern Indonesia struck by earthquake with Magnitude 5.9 - MOLUCCA SEA and with a depth of 33.1 miles

Jan. 19, 2008: again combo of Moon-Mars opposing Venus-Pluto and Sun-Jupiter Capricorn leading to tremors-high incidence of quakes could indicate future volcanic activity

Multiple quakes in Mt. Lassen area near Red Bluff including a sharp 4.7 Magnitude quake

More on Mt. Lassen (Lassen Peak: 10457 ft (3187 m)) and the history: Lassen Peak is the southernmost active volcano in the Cascade Range, located in northern California halfway between Lake Tahoe and the Oregon border. Prior to Mount Saint Helens in 1980, Lassen was the last volcano in the continental U.S. to erupt, with a major series of eruptions starting in 1914 and continuing sporadically until 1921. Lassen is one of the largest plug domes in the world, a massive block of dacite lava extruded up from the shattered remains of the collapsed Mount Tehama stratovolcano.

Jan. 18, 2008 with Sun-Jupiter in Capricorn and Pluto to follow on Jan. 25th along with a cold Aquarian stellium - weather is cooling

Russians Brace For The Big Chill-Moscow, Russia (AHN) - Russians are bracing for temperatures of as low as minus 55 degrees Celsius (minus 67 degrees Fahrenheit) in Siberia as Russia's emergencies ministry warns on Wednesday of its impending dangers in the coming weeks

Jan. 18, 2008 as Venus near Pluto moves toward an exact opposition with Mars on Jan. 19th more possibilities of eruptions

 Thousands flee Colombian volcano Galeras-Thousands of people have been evacuated after a volcano erupted in southern Colombia, throwing out clouds of ash several kilometres high.

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RE:Stories Chronicling the Outer and Inner Effects of These Earth Changes in 2008
(Date Posted:02/23/2009 06:52 AM)

Jan. 18, 2008 with combo of Saturn contraparell Neptune (floods) and Venus(moisture)-Mars in oppositon.

Southern Africa Floods Kill 45, Aid Sought-MAPUTO - Floods in southern Africa have killed about 45 people in a growing humanitarian crisis that has engulfed the region and brought renewed appeals for Western financial help.

Jan. 16, 2008 as Venus near Pluto applies to exact opposition with Mars on Jan. 19th more possibilities of eruptions

Mount St. Helens growls mysteriously-As John Pallister circled above Mount St. Helens on Sunday afternoon, a sharply defined line of steam caught his attention.

Jan. 15, 2008 with Cardinal SQ from Aries Moon to Sun-Capricorn

Powerful Quake with Magnitude 6.5 - FIJI REGION

Jan. 15, 2008 with combos of Venus (Moisture) moving into conjunction with Pluto and opposition with Mars more flash floods in UK

Experts' fear of further flooding with severe weather struck much of England and Wales.

Jan. 15, 2008 with pioneering Aries sextile Mercury-Neptune

Geoscientist Finds Surprise Hidden in the Pacific- Ancient, Extinct Volcano Rivals Oregon's Crater Lake in Size

Jan. 14, 2008 with new Solar Cycles plus Venus-Pluto near Galactic Center and Mars Retrograde weather in NE has gone haywire

Study: Northeast winters warming fast-ALBANY, N.Y. - Earlier blooms. Less snow to shovel. Unseasonable warm spells. Signs that winters in the Northeast are losing their bite have been abundant in recent years and now researchers have nailed down numbers to show just how big the changes have been.

Jan. 14, 2008 combo of Mars Rx along with Venus applying to Conjunction with Pluto

Rare Winter Tornadoes Rake Midwest-WHEATLAND, Wis. (AP) �?A freak cluster of tornadoes raked across an unseasonably warm Midwest, demolishing houses, knocking railroad cars off their tracks and even temporarily halting justice in one courthouse.

Jan. 11, 2008 with the Capricorn Cold Moon on 1-8-08 along with Mercury ingress into Aquarius applying to conjunction with Neptune (1-22) means colder weather

A first! Snow falls in Baghdad-For the first time in memory, snow fell across Baghdad.

Jan. 10, 2008 with Venus (moisture in the air) applying to SQ with Uranus in wet Pisces means more flooding in certain parts of the world

Floods displace more than 30,000 in east Sri Lanka

Jan. 10, 2008 with Mercury ruler of Gemini Mars in shocking Aquarius known for the unexpected

Rare Tornado touches down in Vancouver, Washington

Jan. 10, 2008 with Venus applying to conjunction with Pluto near Galactic Center in Sagittarius

Villagers Flee As Major Eruption Begins-Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano has begun erupting and is poised for a major explosion, a volcanologist has said.

Jan. 9, 2008 with Venus applying to conjunction with Pluto near Galactic Center in Sagittarius

Ecuador's Tungurahua Volcano May Erupt Big Time! Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano is poised for a major eruption, a volcanologist said Wednesday

Jan. 9, 2008 with Mercury-Moon in Aquarius right after Cardinal Capricorn New Moon

Quake Off the Oregon Coast with 6.4 Magnitude hits Wednesday Evening

Jan. 9, 2008 with Venus applying to SQ with Uranus-Pisces means more floods

Rising waters keep residents on alert in Quebec town

Jan. 9, 2008 with Moon ingress into Aquarius to join Mercury more earth changes off Pacific North West

Early AM Quake hits with Magnitude 6.2 - QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS REGION

Jan. 9, 2008 with Capricorn New Moon and Aquarius Moon-Mercury

Strong Quake Magnitude 6.4 - WESTERN XIZANG in Asian Region near Nepal

Jan. 8, 2008 with Capricorn New Moon and Venus-Sagittarius SQ Uranus for sudden eruption

Volcano erupts in western Burma - January 8, 2008 - A volcano erupted in Sai Chung Island east of Kyawk Phyu town in Burma's western Arakan state last Saturday. Villagers have fled their village local villagers said.

Jan. 8, 2008 with Mercury ingress into Aquarius and Venus SQ Uranus for the unexpected weather events

Rare winter tornado reported in Arkansas

Jan. 8, 2008 with Mercury ingress into Aquarius last night

Unusual Winter Twisters roar through southeast-Rare January tornadoes ripped through southeastern Wisconsin on Monday, smashing houses, downing trees and power lines and leaving about a dozen people injured, authorities said

Jan. 7, 2008 with Applying Venus SQ Uranus and Capricorn Moon ingress Reality About Climate Change is Revealed

Changes in the Sun’s Surface to Bring Next Climate Change-oday, the Space and Science Research Center, (SSRC) in Orlando, Florida announces that it has confirmed the recent web announcement of NASA solar physicists that there are substantial changes occurring in the sun’s surface. The SSRC has further researched these changes and has concluded they will bring about the next climate change to one of a long lasting cold era.

Jan. 6, 2008 with Applying Venus SQ Uranus and Capricorn Moon ingress


Jan. 5, 2008 with Applying Moon Opposite Mars tension released

Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano puts on spectacular show-PUEBLA, Mexico (AFP) �?Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano put on a spectacular show Saturday, spewing out a huge, billowing cloud of ash and steam eight kilometers (five miles) high

Jan. 5, 2008 with Venus SQ Saturn and Capricorn alignment coming with New Moon 1-8-08

Strong Quake with Magnitude 6.1 hits SOUTHERN GREECE with depth of 50.9 km (31.6 miles)

Jan. 5, 2008 with Venus SQ Saturn and Capricorn alignment

400K Without Power Amid Calif. Storm-SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) �?A levee break flooded hundreds of homes Saturday as the storm that has pummeled the West Coast with high wind and heavy rain dropped a thick blanket of snow on the Sierra Nevada on Saturday.

Jan. 5, 2008 as Capricorn New Moon (Snow Moon approaches) begins early Jan. 8, 2008 @ 3:37AM

A cold spell soon to replace global warming - warm spells. It started in the 17th century when there was no industrial influence on the climate to speak of and no such thing as the hothouse effect. The current warming is evidently a natural process and utterly independent of hothouse gases.

Jan. 5, 2008 with Moon-Sagittarius SQ Moon in watery Pisces

Nevada levee breaks, 3,500 trapped in homes-FERNLEY, Nev. (AP) �?A canal broke early Saturday, pouring 3 feet of water into about 800 homes and trapping about 3,500 people, authorities said.

Jan. 5, 2008 with Moon-Sagittarius SQ Moon in oceanic Pisces plus Cardinal-Capricorn alignmnets

Multip;le Strong Tremors with two Magnitude 6.5 Quakes Hit Near B.C. Coast

Jan. 4, 2008 with Venus SQ Saturn for more erratic weather this time on the West Coast

Storm, winds sweep Sierra and National Weather Service says:DO NOT DRIVE ACROSS THE SIERRA PASSES!!

Jan. 3, 2008 with Venus SQ Saturn plus Capricorn planets means COLD, wild weather in Europe

Cold Spell, Snow Grip Parts of Europe-SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) �?A bitterly cold winter storm pummeled parts of Europe on Thursday, killing at least three sailors when a ship sank in rough seas, and piling up snow that stranded thousands at airports, on mountain roads and in remote villages.

Jan. 3, 2008 with Venus SQ Saturn and wild weather

Wild weather wreaks havoc across Australia - watch the video

January 2008 starts with a powerful Mars-Gemini Rx Opposition to Pluto Void of Course in Sagittarius on 1-2-2008

Jan. 2, 2008: with Mercury sextile Uranus (Video reports on the web)

Incredible footage of the first volcano of 2008 - Chile's Llaima volcano erupts Jan 01/08 and other eruptions in 2007

Jan. 2, 2008: with Mercury Void of Course in Capricorn (Changes or unusual conditions in the weather occur. ) and sextile the Unexpected Trickster Uranus

Arctic Air Grips Eastern Half of Nation

Jan. 1, 2008: Volcano erupts in Chile, 150 evacuated - Santiago, Jan. 1, 2008. The Llaima volcano in southern Chile erupted on Tuesday, sending a huge plume of smoke into the air, but there were no reports of damages or injuries, emergency officials said.

Free Search Engine Submission

New studies of the giant earthquake Quake lifted the surface of the globe one inch

Mars Square Uranus was a trigger so now View the aftermath of Tsunami on USA at Cancer Full Moon
When the disaster occured Saturn was opposed by Chiron which indicated: severe extremes of weather, famine and disasters.

Tsunami Reverts Beaches to Natural State By washing away rampant development, it returned the beaches to nature. Pluto Lord of the Underworld both destroys and renews!

Toba Caldera in Sumatra, Indonesia

Disaster waiting to happen - a super volcano
Detailed Geophysical analysis of the: Toba Caldera Complex

Realtime Earthquake Monitor to see Multitude of Quakes on Ring of Fire

Latest in Volcano News Current volcanic activity
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