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Title: Gorden Michael Scallion answers Question
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(Date Posted:02/23/2009 06:43 AM)
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DEAR GMS: I am a follower of your predictions, have read your book as well as recommended to many people. I have also written to you on several occasions with my visions of California.

With the fires now happening in California, it reminds me of the time you spoke with Art Bell. Art had taken a commercial break and when he returned you stated you had a vision of fires happening in California and people in enormous amounts being evacuated as well as fleeing areas due to devastating fires. The vision went on to say, people were living in tents and shelters. And there were streams of vehicles leaving the state of California. Do you feel at this time your vision is fulfilled? An answer would be greatly appreciated.

- Shirley Belluomini

GMS: Unfortunately this does appear to fulfill that prediction. I am watching this unfold and while I do not have anything additonal to add at this time, I do sense it is not over.

DEAR GMS: I am not especially intuitive, yet I am working on it and I definitely sense that times are different and changes are occurring.  What especially nags at me daily is how there seems to be no time anymore.  I retired a few years ago, yet I seem to have less time to do things now than I did when I ran a large company.  I have read that time is speeding up�?is this true?  My intuition tells me it is.  I feel like we are missing 2 or 3 hours a day and I find it somewhat distressing.   I don’t know, maybe it  is part of getting older, but it seems like I am just getting started everyday and the next thing I know the day is over.  Do you have any thoughts on the subject?

- Mark H.

DEAR MARK: You are not alone in your intuitive insights. I covered this subject in detail in the previous Intuitive Flash article, “Is Time Speeding Up?�?/FONT>

The short answer is no, at least not from the three dimensional perspective. If we check the Atomic Clock which we base time on, we find time remains 60 seconds to a minute. However, having said that, as I stated in “Is Time Speeding Up�? our perception of time has changed, meaning that our intuitive self is now able to process more and more information within the same physical time, giving us a sense that somehow time has speeded up. We are in essence becoming an intuitive society. Remember, time is a physical reality it does not exist in other dimensions.  If you keep a journal of an average days physical activties along with time spent in thought, you will see how your new intuitive self is multi-tasking physical and intuitive activities.


Merry Meet L.M.;
    I also feel that times are speeding up it could be due to our own perspectives , or we need to slow down and look at life, but I feel my life is so crammed that one minute it's morning and the next it's noon! but I also feel that (like when you drive) you'll be at one point and suddenly you'd be at another and I feel that we didnt need that 'boring' time and our mind bleeped it out or we actually 'jumped' that section of time/space...(a more radical thought) one I like to believe...because the mind bleeping is more disturbing and has to do with old age....
                    Blessings L.S.M.
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