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Title: Earth Changes and Numbers
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(Date Posted:02/23/2009 07:13 AM)
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Earth Changes and Numbers
Once we have a context for understanding these perfectly natural changes and signs, we begin to relax into them and rejoice in the transformation that’s happening within us. There are many things we can do to nurture ourselves through the process. The most obvious is to relax, breathe and let go.
Getting bodywork helps release toxins from the body. Massage therapy, chiropractic and cranio-sacral therapy are especially helpful. Drinking at least a gallon of purified water a day flushes out the cells. Adjusting our schedule so we can sleep when needed is crucial. Regular aerobic exercise helps distribute all that energy we’re feeling. Yoga, t’ai chi, stretching and breathing exercises regulate energy flow through the body. Daily meditation is also recommended. So is dancing!
We can assist in our body’s purification process by bathing in hot springs or sea salts, participating in sweat lodge ceremony, enjoying a steam and/or sauna, and possibly doing a supported cleanse.
Getting in physical touch with nature is highly therapeutic. Walk, hike or jog in the park. Sit or lie on the Earth. Go camping. Swim in a creek (if it’s clean). Hug a tree. (Not kidding. It’s awesome.)
Eating lighter foods �?lots of raw fruits and vegetables �?helps lighten the body. Eating organic and whole foods provides higher nutrition and reduces intake of toxic chemicals. For healing and support, try herbal supplements and tinctures, gemstone and flower essences. Food-grade essential oils can be taken internally and applied to the body. All of these connect us more fully with the Earth Mother, who loves to support us.
It’s also helpful during this process to avoid or limit intake of mainstream media such as network news and commercial programming, mainstream radio news and talk shows, mainstream newspapers and magazines. These media foster the old-paradigm programming we’re trying to release. They also distract us from our purpose. Limiting our availability to the outside world for an hour a day provides a dedicated time to tend to our evolutionary process.
There are two important guidelines that will help each one make the changes in grace:
1) Listen to the body and inner spirit for cues about what they most need �?and don’t need. Body and soul awareness are key. We need to get in touch with our inner guidance and find out what works for us as individuals because everyone’s path is different.
2) Practice non-judgment. As we continue to change from the inside out, the old patterns in our cells may try to tell us that we’re wrong, that we’ve done something bad, that we shouldn’t be feeling or experiencing this. These are old tapes, part of the programming we’re releasing. No matter what we do, no matter how surprised we are at what is released and how, no matter how disappointed we are that we haven’t finished clearing “that one�?yet, we need to let go of all judgment of self. Judgment of others for their behavior is also non-productive.
We may make requests of our “team�?�?the non-physical guides and teachers who are assisting in our evolutionary process. We may ask them to work on us directly to assist with the changes. We might ask for gentleness, acceleration or whatever we most want. If the request serves the highest good, it will be honored.
We’re not saying the Shift is the only cause for the symptoms mentioned in this article. Some of the symptoms could be serious. Anyone who needs medical attention should get it.
From the Mayan prophecy teachings, we know that we are experiencing an acceleration that will continue to speed up as we approach the year 2012. The Shift we’re experiencing individually and collectively will happen with or without our conscious participation. Our commitment in this lifetime, as planetary servers, is to help facilitate the changes.
As we heal our inner being, we may be called to serve in expanded ways �?perhaps by helping others with their transformation process, perhaps by working with the Earth directly, perhaps both.
The more we clear ourselves and align with our soul through meditation, the more ready we become to fulfill our spiritual destiny, our life purpose. If you’ve been convinced all your life that you came to do “something important�?in this lifetime but still don’t know what it is, you may be about to find out.
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