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Title: Dream Symbols "V"
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(Date Posted:02/17/2009 22:40 PM)
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Dream Symbols "V"
All things in your dreams beginning with the letter "V" are interpeted here.


To dream that you are on vacation, indicates that you need a break to recharge your energies and revitalize yourself.
You need to break out of your daily routine and do something different. 
Alternatively, it represents your achievements.
You are giving yourself a pat on the back and feel deserving of a reward for your hard work. 


To dream that you are getting vaccinated, suggests that you need to overcome your vulnerabilities.
Things that may initially hurt you will be beneficial to you in the long run. 

To dream of seeing others get vaccinated, indicates that you are being influenced by the beliefs and wishes of others. 


To see a vacuum in your dream, suggests feelings of emptiness.
You may be experiencing a void in your life. 
Alternatively, you may need to clean up your act and your attitude.

To dream that you are vacuuming, signifies a loss of control.


To see your vagina in your dream, suggests issues with your femininity and you sexual needs/urges.


To dream that you are a vagrant, denotes that you are trying to escape from the confines of social expectations.
It may also indicate your current condition of poverty and misery.

To speak and give to the vagrant, symbolizes your generosity and are surrounded by valuable friends.


To dream that you are sending valentines, indicates your need to express more love and affection.

To dream that you are receiving a valentine, represents your likeability,  compassion and good-hearted nature.

To see a box of valentines, signifies that an old lover may come back into the picture.


To dream that you are in a valley, symbolizes your need to be sheltered and protected.
If you are entering a valley, then it is analogous to your issues of death and dying.
The death may also mean an end to something in your life. 


To see a vampire in your dream, symbolizes seduction and sensuality, as well as fear and death. The vampire represents contrasting images of civilized nobility and aggression/ferocity. It may depict someone in your waking life whose charm may ultimately prove harmful. Deep down inside you know that this person is bad for you, yet you are still drawn to it. Vampires also sometimes relate to decisions about sex and losing your virginity. Alternatively, to see a vampire suggests that you are feeling physically or emotionally drained. The vampire may also be symbolic for someone who is addicted to drugs or someone in an obsessive relationship.

To dream that you are a vampire, signifies that you are sucking in the life energy of others for your own selfish benefit.


To see or drive a van in your dream, symbolizes convenience and/or practicality.
Consider the load that you are carrying and what you can handle.
Don't stress yourself out.


To taste or smell vanilla in your dream, indicates a welcoming experience or inviting situation.


To dream that you are varnishing something, suggests that you are trying to cover up some imperfection or mistake.
It may also mean that you are putting up a front.
You are trying to be someone other then your true self. 


To see a vase in your dream, symbolizes the womb and all things feminine. 
You are open to criticism or suggestions.
The dream also represents creativity.



If you are a man and dream that you have a vasectomy, indicates that you are expressing some dissatisfaction about your sex life.
Alternatively it suggests some self-doubt or self-image issues.



To see a vat in your dream, denotes sorrow, grief, and unfaithfulness.



To see the Vatican in your dream, denotes unexpected gain due to the action of others.

To see the Vatican deserted and in ruins, signifies loss of friend and lack of support.


To see a vault in your dream, symbolizes the unconscious or personal resources and potential.
The dream may be telling you that you need to start using your inner reserves, hidden skills and underutilized energies and quit keeping them locked and stored away.


To see a VCR in your dream, suggests that something needs to be or has been carefully documented.
There may have been something that you have overlooked.
It refers to memories and lessons of the past and the insights you can gain from it.
The dream may also be calling attention to the impression you leave behind and what others may think of you.


To see vegetables in your dream, signifies your need for spiritual nourishment.
It may also foretell that you are lacking in that nutrient.

To see withered vegetables in your dream, denotes sadness.


To see vegetation in your dream, represents obstacles that you have to overcome in order to grow as a person and move forward. 



To dream that you are riding in a vehicle (car, boat, trains, etc.), denotes that you are in control of your life or that others are exerting power over you depending on who is in the driver's seat.

To dream that you are thrown from a vehicle, symbolizes hasty and unpleasant news.



To dream that you or someone is wearing a veil, represents something that you wish to hide or conceal.
Things may not be what it appears to be



To see your veins in your dream, represents a challenge that will serve to test you.
The dream also suggests that you should not take things for granted especially if they seem to come easily.

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RE:Dream Symbols
(Date Posted:02/17/2009 22:42 PM)


To dream that you are wearing velvet, signifies distinction and honor.
It also represents you sensuality and emotions.



To dream that you are veneering, signifies deception. 
You may be trying to be something you are not.

Venereal Disease

To dream that you have a venereal disease, indicates some sort of contamination, either physical or emotional.
You may feel vulnerable in a relationship.



To come in contact with venom in your dream, represents pent-up anger and hostility you may be expressing or experiencing from others.
Your feelings of hate are beginning to show through.
The dream is also indicative of a lack of self-esteem, lack of self-love, or insecurities you have.


To see a ventriloquist in your dream, symbolizes deception and some treasonable issue effecting you in a negative way.

To dream that you are a ventriloquist, signifies dishonorable conduct and deception towards people who trust you.
There is a part of yourself that you are not revealing.



To see Venus in your dream, symbolizes love, desire, fertility, beauty, and femininity.


To dream of being on a veranda, signifies success in a matter which is giving you anxiety.


To hear a verdict in your dream, indicates that you are afraid of the truth.
You may also fear being judged and criticized for your actions.



To see vermin crawling in your dream, signifies sickness and trouble.
You may also be faced with many disappointments and obstacles.



To dream of a vertical line or something that is vertical, symbolizes the spiritual realm and the supernatural.


To dream that you have vertigo, indicate your lack of confidence in some situation.
You may be experiencing feelings of anxiety and discomfort. 



To see vessels in your dream, symbolizes labor and activity. 


To dream that you are wearing a vest, represents compassion for others.


To see a veterinarian in your dream, indicates that you need to tame your instinctive behavior and unconscious self such that it will be more acceptable in your waking life.


To see a vicar in your dream, suggests that you need to recognize your spiritual needs.


To dream that you are a victim, forewarns that you will be oppressed and overpowered by your enemies.
Such dreams suggest that you feeling powerless and helpless in a situation in your waking life.

To dream that you victimize others, foretells wealth via dishonorable means.

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RE:Dream Symbols
(Date Posted:02/17/2009 22:42 PM)

Video Camera

To dream that you are using a video camera, suggests that you need to be more objective in your decisions.
Focus on the task at hand and try not to let your emotions cloud your judgment.

To dream that someone is using a video camera, indicates that you are reflecting back on your past and old memories.
You may be trying to learn from previous mistakes or relive the good and bad times.

Video Game

To dream that you are playing a video game, represents your ability to manipulate others into doing what you want them to do. Alternatively, it suggests that you are trying to escape and not confront the stress and problems in your real life. Consider the type of video game for additional insights.

To see or dream that you are a character in a video game, suggests that you are feeling controlled and manipulated by others. You feel that you have no control over your actions or are not taking responsibility for them.



To dream that you are in a village, represents restrictions.
It may also indicate that you are unsophisticated, but well-balanced.
Alternatively, it signifies community, simplicity, and tradition.


To see vines in your dream, represents your ambitious thoughts or ideas.
It may also indicate your clinginess to others.

To see grape vines in your dream, symbolizes rewards, prosperity, and spirituality.



To see or drink vinegar in your dream, suggests that you are feeling sour about some situation.
It may denote a relationship that has gone sour.
You are worried about something. 



To see a vineyard in your dream, represents the fruits of your labor and your life experiences. 


To feel or dream that you have been violated, represents feelings of being oppressed by others or by situations in your life.
You feel that you cannot change the path that your life is taking on.
Try not to blame yourself for circumstances that are beyond your control.


To see violence in your dream, indicates unexpressed anger or rage.
You need more discipline in your life.
The dream may also reflect repressed memories of child abuse. 



To see violets in your dream, signifies joy and possible marital bliss.


To see a viper in your dream, foretells that your tranquility is being threatened.


To dream that you are a virgin, symbolizes purity and potential.
In particular, for a married woman to dream that she is a virgin, signifies past regrets and remorse and a bleak future.

To dream that someone is a virgin, indicates integrity and honesty. 
You may have an ideal that you are tying to attain.


Virgin Mary

To see the Virgin Mary in your dream, signifies spiritual harmony and/or ideal motherhood.
Alternatively, the Virgin Mary represents a repressed fear of sexuality or difficulties in relationships. 



To see or use a vise in your dream, suggests that you are feeling confined and restricted.
You feel that you cannot fully express yourself.



To dream that your vision is obstructed, signifies that you are having difficulties and errors in judgment.

To see visions in your dream, indicates that your mind is free from any restraint and free to wander without any inhibitions.
Such dreams are said to have a different feel.
Some of these vision dreams may be epic dreams.



To see or take a vitamin in your dream, indicates that you need to strengthen your willpower.
You may also need to stand up for yourself.
Alternatively, it may point to you waking eating habits and the need for you to add certain nutrients to your diet.


To dream that you are voiceless, represents a lost of identity and a lack of personal power.
You are unable to speak up and stand up for yourself.



To hear voices in your dream, signifies a message from the unconscious or spiritual realm.




To see a volcano in your dream, indicates that you are unable to control emotions, particularly if the volcano is erupting. 
The end result may be damaging and hurtful.



To dream that you are playing volleyball, represents your indecisiveness and your inability to make commitments.
Alternatively, it indicates the importance of cooperation and teamwork. 
You need to learn to rely on others instead of doing everything yourself


To dream that you volunteer for something or are a volunteer, represents the value of helping others in need. 
It also implies charity and your willingness to offer your assistance.


To dream that you are vomiting, indicates that you need to reject or discard an aspect of your life that is revolting.
There are some emotions or concepts that you need to confront and then let go.

To see others vomiting in your dream, signifies false pretenses of people who try to take advantage of you.



To dream that you are practicing voodoo, suggests that you are unconsciously trying ward off surrounding negative energy.

To see a voodoo doll in your dream, represents a primitive and shadowy aspect of yourself.



To dream that you are casting a vote, signifies your desire to belong to a larger group.
It also means that you are speaking your mind and letting your voice be heard.



To dream that you are making a vow, represents a promise that affects others. The dream may be trying to reaffirm such promises and the fear of letting others down.  In particular, to dream that you are listening or making marriage vows, signifies a commitment to your life partner.




To dream that you are making a voyage in your dream, foretells of an inheritance.

To dream of a disastrous voyage, symbolizes incompetence and false loves.



To dream that you are a voyeur, suggests that you are afraid of your own desires and fantasies.
Your are afraid of getting close to some relationship or situation.


To see vultures in your dream, suggests that your past experiences is providing you invaluable insight into a current situation or problem.

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