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Title: Dream Symbols "I"
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(Date Posted:02/18/2009 00:30 AM)
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Dream Symbols "I"
All things in your dreams beginning with the letter "I" are interpeted here.


To  see an ibis in your dream, symbolizes perseverance and aspirations.


To see ice in your dream, suggests that you are lacking a flow of ideas and thoughts. You are not seeing in progress in your life. Alternatively, you may be feeling emotionally paralyzed or rigid. You need to let your feelings be known.

To dream that you are walking on ice, indicates  that you are standing on shaky or instable ground. You are taking risks that you shouldn't be taking. Fear and caution are also implied.

To dream that you fall through ice, suggests that your emotions are threatening to come crashing through.

Ice Cream

To see or eat ice cream in your dream, denotes pleasure and satisfaction with your life. It is also an indicative of good luck and success in love.

To dream that you are eating ice cream that is tasteless or sour, signifies sorrow, disillusionment, or betrayal.

To see ice cream melt in your dream, symbolizes failure to realize your hopes and desires.

Ice Pick 

To see an ice pick in your dream, symbolizes your cold feelings which have been suppressed.

Ice Skating

To dream that you or others are ice skating, suggests that you need to trust  in yourself and your actions. The dream may also indicate that you need to proceed carefully into some situation or relationship.


To see an iceberg in your dream, suggests that you are not utilizing your fullest potential and strengths. Alternatively, the dream means that you are not looking deep enough about some decision or problem. You need to look beyond the surface and the obvious.


To see icicles in your dream, indicate a problem or concern that has been lingering over you. If the icicles are melting in your dream, then it indicates that the tough times are almost over. You will overcome your problems.

To see icicles forming in your dream, symbolize difficulties in your life. You feel unsupported by those around you.


To dream that you meet the ideal person, signifies uninterrupted pleasure,  love and devotion with a chosen mate.

To dream of having ideals, symbolizes utmost honesty in any legal matters you are involved in.


To see your I.D. in your dream, signifies your own self-confidence. To dream that you lose your I.D., denotes confusion about your own self-identity.


To dream that you are an idiot or call somebody one, indicates that you are making a situation more difficult than it need by. Your train of thought is foggy and lack clarity.


To dream that you are idling, represents boredom and your lack of initiative to take action in what you really want to do.

To see idling people in your dream, signifies your tendency to not use your time and energy wisely in achieving your goals. 


To dream that you are worshipping an idol, signifies little progress in attaining your goals. You are worshipping false values and ideas.


To see or live in an igloo in your dream, symbolizes something that appears cold and frigid on the outside, but is really a warm and caring person on the inside.  Alternatively, the igloo represents the feminine and hard cold barrier that sometimes need to be broken down. 


To turn the ignition in your dream, suggests that you are set to move forward toward your goals. You are ready to grow.


To dream that you are ignoring someone or being ignored, represents some aspect of yourself which you are not paying enough attention to. Alternatively, it may reflect your real waking experiences of being ignored by that person.


To see an iguana in your dream, represents harshness, cold-heartedness, fierceness, and inhuman poise.  It is an indication of both hostility and unstoppable determination. The iguana may remind you of someone or some situation in your waking life that you find frightening yet awe inspiring.


To dream of an illness in your dream, denotes despair, unpleasant changes, and an emotional breakdown. The illness may be symbolic of your inability to cope with a situation and you see that being ill is an easy way out. On a more direct note, this dream may signal you to pay close attention to your health especially to the areas of body revealed in the dream.

*Please see also Sick.


To see a strange illumination in your dream, foretells experience of distress, failure and trouble.

To see an illuminated face, signifies unfinished business that must be tended to immediately.


To dream that you are being imitated, suggests that you are setting an example where others are looking up to you.  It is said that imitation is the best form of flattery.

To dream that you are imitating others, suggests that you are experiencing doubts in your own decisions. Alternatively, it means that you hold them in high regards and are trying to learn from their wisdom.


To dream that you are immobile, signifies feelings of being trapped or that you are rigid in your attitudes and decisions. 

*Please see also Paralyzed.


To dream that you are immortal, represents longevity, continuity, or fearlessness. You feel that you are better than others. Alternatively, it signifies reluctance in starting over or in taking a new direction. You fear change.


To see an imp in your dream, represents chaos and disorder. You are undergoing some difficulty in your waking life. Alternatively, the imp symbolizes the negative and repressed aspect as yourself


To dream that you are being impaled, suggests a forceful, violent or passionate release of your repressed emotions. You have been symbolically set free from the physical limitations of your own psyche. You are more aggressive and direct about your pent up emotions. Consider which part of the body is being impaled and what that part of the body symbolizes.


To dream that you or someone has been impeached, indicates your desire to challenge authority. You are not afraid in letting others know about your position, even though it is not a popular one.


To dream of implements, signifies unsatisfactory or underhanded means of accomplishing some work.

To see broken implements in your dream, denotes failure in business or serious illness of a friend or relative.


To dream that you are impotent, signifies a fear of losing power. Maybe you are afraid that you won't measure up to a particular person or task in your life. A more direct interpretation suggest that you may be having problems with sex in your waking life.


To dream that you are imprisoned, suggests that you are feeling trapped or unable to move beyond a certain point. Perhaps your outdated beliefs or old ways of thinking is preventing you from going forward.


To dream of inauguration, signifies personal growth or a rise in your current status. You are being recognized for your achievements. 


To dream that you are burning incense, indicates spiritual learning. It represents a high level of awareness.


If this dream relates to real-life experiences with incest, then you need to seek professional advice or counseling.

To dream of incestuous practices, signifies erotic desires. It may also be representative of the union between masculine and feminine aspects of yourself. You are in a phase in your life where you are not quite a child and not quite an adult, and thus this dream may be symbolic of the merging of the child and adult within yourself. Alternatively, if you have been arguing with this family member and are expressing your desire to make up, then the dream may be trying to depict forgiveness in an extreme way. 


To dream that you are incoherent, symbolizes extreme nervousness and excitement. Alternatively, you may feel a lack of power or authority especially when confronted by others. Such feelings may stem from a lack of self esteem or self confidence.

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RE:Dream Symbols
(Date Posted:02/18/2009 00:31 AM)


To dream about your income, indicates financial concerns and worries.  Money issues is one of the top concerns in our lives so no doubt the topic will manifest itself in your dreams. 


To see an incubator in your dream, suggests that you need some stability and calmness in your life. Alternatively, it is symbolic of fresh and new ideas, growth, and development of the Self.

To dream that you are in an incubator, indicates that you have been acting prematurely. It may also indicate that you are trying to escape from the burdens and responsibility of your waking life. 


To dream that you are independent, signifies a rival who may do you wrong.


To see an Indian in your dream, represents the primitive and instinctual aspect of yourself.  You need to be in more control of your waking-life situations and surroundings.  You also need to be more self-reliant and exercise your personal power. Alternatively, this dream symbolizes honesty, dedication, and wisdom. 


To see indigo in your dream, signifies deceit of your friends for your own gain.


To dream of indigestion, symbolizes unhealthy and gloomy surroundings. Maybe you have made a decision or there is a situation that you are involved in that is not sitting well with you.


To see a newborn infant, symbolizes pleasant surprises.

To see a swimming infant, signifies a lucky escape from some entanglement.


To dream that you have an infection, indicates negative thoughts and ideas that you have internalized.  Consider also where in the body is this infection for more significance.


To dream of infidelity (either by you or someone else), forewarns of your actions with the opposite sex or you will suffer dire consequences. You are harboring guilt over a sexual relationship. Alternatively, you may feel unsatisfied with your current relationship and want to seek a more exotic sex life.

*Please see also Adultery.


To dream that you are infertile, represents a lack of creativity. Something in your waking life is not working out in the way that you want. The dream may also reflect your own state of infertility and the struggles to have a baby.


To dream that you are inflating something, represents intellect, knowledge and a higher power.  Alternatively, it may symbolize your inflated ego or inflated sense of self.


To dream that you are inhaling, represents wish fulfillment. 


To dream that you receive an inheritance, signifies success and ease of obtaining your desires. You have been given many opportunities in your life.


To dream of an initiation, indicates that you are pursuing a new path or goal. You may be making a career change or getting a promotion. 


To dream that you are being injected for health reasons, suggests your need for healing behavior/ideas/attitudes. You need to develop yourself on a mental and spiritual level. 

To dream that someone is forcibly injecting you, represents your negative attitudes about a particular situation/person. It also indicates the influence of peer pressure working against you. You are recognizing that someone is forcing their negative and unwelcome views/values on you.

*Please see also Syringe.


To dream that you are injured, suggests that you need to work on healing old wounds and hurts. You need to stop and slow down.


To see ink in your dream, represents creativity and a new way of looking at things.  If ink is spilled in your dream, then it symbolizes a blemish or minor problem.

To see bottles of ink in your dream, suggests that a solution to your problem will soon become apparent.


To see your in-law in your dream, represents a working relationship which can take many different turns.  The dream may also be a pun on being more careful and playing by the rules. 


To see a welcoming, well-furnished inn in your dream, signifies prosperity and pleasures.

To see a run-down inn, denotes unhappy journeys and poor success.


To dream that you or someone is insane, represents your retreat from reality. You have difficulties in telling what is right and wrong.


To see an inscription in your dream, indicates a message from your unconscious.  Consider what or where the inscription is written on.


To see insects in your dream, signifies minor obstacles  that you must overcome. There are small problems and annoyances that need to be dealt with. Something or someone may be "bugging" or "pestering" you. Alternatively, insects are also said to be symbolic of precision, alertness, and sensitivity. You may need to organize your thoughts and sort out your values. Sometimes they are seen as divine messengers.


To dream that you are buying insurance, refers to a lack of trust. You are afraid of losing something that means a lot to you. Alternatively, it represents your need for security.


To see or use an intercom in your dream, suggests that you are always readily available to those who need your help. It also symbolizes your acute awareness to your surroundings and to those around you. 

To hear a voice over an intercom, represents messages from your unconscious. Your unconscious is trying to make you aware of a solution to a problem. 


*Please See Sex. 


To dream that you intermarry, signifies quarrels and manifestations of trouble and loss.


To dream of the internet, signifies your need to communicate with a larger network of people.


To dream that you are being interrupted, suggests that things in your waking life are not going as smoothly as you would like. You may feel that you are continually being sidetracked or that you are unable to get your point across.


To dream that you are at an intersection, represents a decision or choice that you need to make in order to progress forward. 


*Please See Highway.


To dream that you are at an interview, denotes your anxiety over being judged by others. You may be experiencing some dissatisfaction with some aspect of yourself.


To see intestines in your dream, signifies evil, disaster, and extreme misfortune. The dream may also be a metaphor for courage and your gutsiness.


To dream that you are intoxicated, indicates that you are losing control of some situation. The dream may also suggest that you have attained a new level of awareness. 

*Please See also Drunk.


To see an intruder in your dream, represents your feelings of guilt. Consider also what unfamiliar feelings or thoughts may be breaking into your peace of mind.  Alternatively, an intruder symbolizes self-indulgent behavior or unwanted sexual attention.


To see an invalid in your dream, suggests that you are feeling weak and vulnerable. The dream could mean that you are too dependent on others. The dream may also be a pun on an argument or problem  that is "not valid".


To dream of an invasion, represents your need to be more assertive. Stand up for yourself and let your voice be known.


To see an inventor in your dream, signifies unique and honorable achievements. You may be trying to identify a higher level of consciousness.

To dream that you are an inventor, symbolizes your aspirations for fortune and success. It also highlights your creative side. 


*Please See Detective.


To dream that you are invisible, signifies feelings of not being noticed or recognized for what is important to you. You feel overlooked. Alternatively, you may be trying to withdraw from the realities of life.


To see or respond to an invitation in your dream, suggests that you need to join or incorporate certain characteristics into yourself


To see an iris in your dream, symbolizes wisdom, faith, valor, peace and purity. The dream may also be a metaphor for the iris in your eye. The dream may be drawing your attention to something you need to see. 


To see iron in your dream, symbolizes harshness,  ruthlessness, and conflict. On a positive note, it may signify strength and willpower.

To see red, hot iron in your dream, denotes failure resulting from displaced energy.

To see old, rusty iron in your dream, signifies poverty and disappointment.


To dream that you are ironing, signifies domestic comfort and orderliness. You may be trying to "iron the wrinkles" out of your life.

To dream that you burn your hands while ironing, signifies loss of tranquility, illness, or jealousy.


To dream that you are irrigating crops or plants, represents a process of healing.  It signals spiritual and emotional growth.


To see an island or dream that you are one, signifies ease, relaxation and comfort. The dream is telling you that you need to take a vacation and escape the stresses in your life. You want some solitude. 

To dream that you are stranded on an island, suggests that you need to get away from the demands of your daily life. Or perhaps you are running away from a situation instead of trying to confront it.  Alternatively, you may feel cut off from society. You are in a rut and do not quite know what to do with your life.  


To dream that you have an itch, refers to sexual urges. Alternatively, you may have been anticipating to do something for a long time.

*Please see also Scratch.


To see ivory in your dream, symbolizes purity, strength, and endurance.


To see ivy in your dream, symbolizes longevity and immortality. Alternatively, the ivy represents your close-knit relationships and the security and comfort they provide. However, it can also lead to clingyness and dependency issues.

To see withered ivy in your dream, denotes broken engagements and sadness.

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