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Title: Dream Symbols "E"
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(Date Posted:02/18/2009 00:46 AM)
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Dream Symbols "E"
All things in your dreams beginning with the letter "E" are interpeted here.


To see an eagle in your dream, symbolizes nobility, pride, fierceness, freedom, superiority, courage,  and powerful intellectual ability. It also represents self-renewal and your connection with your spirituality. You will struggle fiercely and courageously to realize your highest ambitions and greatest desires. Alternatively, if you live in the United States, then the national bird could represent your patriotism and devotion to country.

To see an eagle chained down in your dream, represents a desperate situation where you are feeling restricted and confined. You are unable to express yourself and be who you really want to be.  Consider also what the eagle is chained down to for additional clues as to what might be holding you back. 

To see a nest of young eagles in your dream, represents your achievements and your climb to the top of the social ladder. 

To dream that you kill an eagle, signifies your ruthlessness. You will let nothing stand in your way of ambitions and obtaining your goals, even if it means hurting those around you. If  someone else kills an eagle, then it indicates that your fame, fortune and power will be ruthlessly taken from you.

To dream that you eat the flesh of an eagle, shows that your strong and powerful character will lead you to great wealth and influence.


*Please see Headphones.


To see ears in your dreams, suggest that you need to be more responsive or receptive to guidance and assistance from others. You may be relying too much on your own judgment and intuition. You need to listen more closely to what you are being told.  Alternatively, it signifies your immaturity and lack of experience.

To dream that you are cleaning wax from your ears, suggests that you are not listening to those around you. There may be something that you are refusing to hear. Are you turning a deaf ear?

To dream of pain in your ear, indicates that you will be receive some bad or offensive news. 

To dream that someone is whispering in your ear, suggests that you need to pay closer attention to something or  listen to someone more carefully. Alternatively, it represents your insecurities and anxieties that people are talking about your behind your back.


To dream that you or someone is wearing earrings, suggests that you need to listen more carefully and pay attention.

To see broken earrings in your dreams, suggests that you are being talked about.

To dream that you are buying earrings, represents your desire for acceptance and affection.


To notice the earth in your dream, indicates that you need to be "grounded" and realistic. If the earth opens or separates, then it represents something that you are afraid of falling into. 

To see the planet Earth in your dream, signifies wholeness and global consciousness. You are interconnected with the world. 


To dream of an earthquake, suggests that you are experiencing a major "shake-up" that is threatening your stability and foundation.  The dream highlights your insecurity, fears and sense of helplessness. Is there something in your life that you feel at "fault" for?

If you find cover from the quake, you will overcome these challenges.  If you become trapped or injured during the quake, you will suffer some sort of loss in your life. According to the bible, earthquakes symbolize God's anger and power. 


To see an earthworm in your dream, indicates that you need to go deep into your unconscious in order to unearth your hidden feelings and desires. Alternatively, earthworms symbolize little things that can be beneficial for your growth and well-being. It also represents renewal. Perhaps you need to restore some aspect of yourself. 


To see an earwig in your dream, signifies unpleasant news that will affect you and your business and family relations.


To dream that you are headed east, represents inner wisdom and spiritual enlightenment.  You need to devote or dedicate yourself to your goals, family, career, etc. The direction east also symbolizes the sun. Since east is related to the direction right, it can suggest that you are headed in the right direction.


To dream about Easter, suggests that the worst of your problems are over. You will experience joy again after a period of darkness and sadness. You need to walk with your head held high and stop being ashamed.  Alternatively, the dream symbolizes resurrection and spiritual rebirth.

Easter Egg

To see Easter eggs in your dream, symbolizes potential, bewilderment and wonder. You need to recognize that potential and unleash it. The dream may also be symbolic with the passage of time.


To dream that you are eating alone, signifies loss, loneliness, and depression. You may feel rejected, excluded, and cut off from social/family ties. Eating may be a replacement for companionship and provide comfort for you. Alternatively, eating alone may reflect independent needs. Also consider the pun, "what's eating you up?" in reference to anxiety that you may be feeling.

To dream that you are eating with others, signifies harmony, intimacy, merriness, prosperous undertakings, personal gain, and/or  joyous spirits.

To dream that you are overeating or not eating enough, signifies your need and lack of spirituality and fulfillment in your waking life. Food can represent love, friendship, ambition, sex or pleasure in your life. Thus, food is seen as a metaphor to fulfill and gratify our hunger of love and desires. If you are refusing to eat, then it indicates that you want to be more independent and not rely on others so much.

To dream that someone clears away the food before you finish eating, foretells that you will have problems and issues from those beneath your or dependant upon you.


To dream of ebony furniture or other articles of ebony, signifies distressing disputes, grievances and quarrels at home.

To dream of ebony nights, signifies despair and sadness.


To hear or make an echo in your dream, symbolizes your need to repeat yourself in order to be heard and for others to believe you. You should also pay attention to the power and impact of your own words. You are waiting and hoping for a reaction from those around you. It is also symbolic of the soul.


To dream of an eclipse of the sun, indicates self-doubt and fears of not achieving your goals. You feel you are being overshadowed and are underestimating your abilities. Your level of confidence is fading or lost. You may be undergoing some difficult times and unable to remain optimistic.  

To dream of an eclipse of the moon, signifies that some hidden aspect of yourself is coming to the surface.

To dream that the eclipse has passed, then it symbolizes new light and knowledge. You need to look at a problem from a different perspective.


To dream of feeling ecstasy, signifies happiness an much joy with friends and family.

To dream of feeling ecstasy in the wake a disturbing dream, signifies much sorrow and disappointments. You may be on the mend from a broken heart.


To dream you are are anxious to obtain an education, symbolizes your desire for knowledge will put you on a higher level than your associates. You will be distinguished amongst your peers.

*Please also see School.


To see an eel in your dream, indicates that you have issues with commitment. It also means that you have problems holding on to things. 


To see or eat eggs in your dream, symbolizes fertility, birth and your creative potential. It indicates that something new is about to happen.

To find a nest filled with eggs in your dream, signifies some financial gain; the more abundant and bigger the eggs, the more significant the gain. 

To see cracked or broken eggs in your dream, denotes that you will suffer from many disappointments and misfortunes. It is indicative of a fragile state in your life and feelings of vulnerability. Alternatively, you may be breaking out of your shell and being comfortable with who you are.

To see bright colored eggs in your dream, symbolizes celebration of a happy event.

To dream of rotten eggs, signifies loss. You may have allowed some situation to take a turn for the worse.

To see fish eggs in your dream, represents an idea that has emerged from your unconscious.


To dream of Egypt, indicates the roots and core of your own emotions and spirituality. It suggests of a time in life where things may have been simpler.


To dream that you are ejaculating, represents your need for release. You can no longer contain yourself, either emotionally or sexually. Alternatively, it signifies a loss of control and power. 


* Please See Rubber Band


To see your own elbows in your dream, indicates that you need to make a space for yourself. Your dream may express hesitance or fear in creating your own space for fear of being scrutinized.

To dream that your elbow is wounded, suggests your inability to function in some waking situation. It may also refer to some sexual anxiety. The right elbow relate to moral and ethical issues while the left elbow represents passiveness and your undeveloped characteristics.  


To see elderberries in your dream, symbolizes domestic bliss and comfort.


To see an elderly person in your dream, represents wisdom or spiritual power. Pay attention to the message or advise that they are conveying you. They help provide life answers and solutions to your problems and try to guide you toward the right direction.

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RE:Dream Symbols
(Date Posted:02/18/2009 00:47 AM)


To dream that you are at an election, represents a choice that you need to make which may affect others.

Electric Guitar

To see or play an electric guitar in your dream, signifies the power and strength of your passion. You clearly express your feelings to others. Alternatively, it is symbolic of youth and rebellion.


To dream of electricity, symbolizes vigor and life energy. You need to be revitalized.

To dream that the electricity is out, indicates your lack of insight and perspective on a situation.


To dream of an electrocution, signifies that the current course of your actions will lead to disaster, even death. You need to be more aware of your surroundings and those around you.


To see an elephant in your dream, indicates that you need to be more patient or more understanding of others. Or perhaps there is a memory that you are holding on to for too long. You need to let go of the past. The elephant is also a symbol of power, strength, faithfulness and intellect. Alternatively, the elephant's introverted personality may be a reflection of your own personality.

To dream that you are riding an elephant, indicates that you are in control of your unconscious and aspects that you once were afraid of.


To dream that you are ascending in an elevator, suggests that you will quickly rise to status and wealth. You may have risen to a higher level of consciousness and are looking at the world from an elevated viewpoint. Descending in an elevator, denotes that misfortunes will crush and discourage you. 

The up and down action of the elevator represents the ups and downs of your life. It also symbolizes emotions and thoughts that are emerging out of and submerging into your subconscious.

To dream that the elevator is out of order or that it is not letting you off, symbolizes that your emotions have gotten out of control. It may be a reflection of your life or your career. You are feeling stuck in some aspect of your life, whether it is your career, relationship, etc.

Eleventh Hour

To dream of the eleventh hour, signifies that time is running out for you.  This may be an approaching deadline for a project or a decision that needs to be made by you.


To see an elf in your dream, refers to some imbalance and disharmony in your life. The elf often serves as a guide of the soul. Alternatively, it suggests that you need to be more carefree, worry-free, and light-hearted.


To see an elk in your dream, symbolizes strength and endurance. It is an indication that you need to spend more time with friends and eat healthier. 


To dream that you are eloping, suggests that you are trying to escape from the problems of your daily life. You are trying to maintain some sort of balance in aspects of your spiritual, emotional and daily life.


To dream that you are giving an eloquent speech, signifies pleasant news.


To dream about email, indicates that you need to reach out to people who may not necessarily always physically be around. It could also very well mean that you have been spending too much time in front of the computer and this has carried over into your dreams.


To dream that you are driving along an embankment, signifies the threat of trouble and unhappiness.

To dream that you are riding a horse along an embankment, denotes that you will fearlessly meet and overcome all obstacles in your road to wealth and happiness.

To dream that you are walking along an embankment, signifies your weary struggle for elevation and higher status.


To dream that you are embarrassed, signifies hidden weaknesses, fears and lack of self-confidence. This dream also suggests of insecurities about your sexuality.


To see an emblem in your dream, represents your cultural ties and ancestral links. The dream provides you with a sense of confidence and inner strength.


To dream that you are embracing your lover, foretells of quarrels, disagreements, and accusations arising from infidelity.

To dream that you embrace a stranger, signifies of an unwelcome guest.

To dream that you are embracing relatives, signifies their sickness and unhappiness.


To dream that you are embroidering, symbolizes your ability to make the best of everything that comes your way.


To dream of an embryo, symbolizes the emergence of a fresh idea. Also, your unconscious feelings may be surfacing. Alternatively, it may refer to your feelings of vulnerability and your need to be protected. However if you are pregnant, it is quite common to see the embryo in your dream.


To see an emerald in your dream, represents strength, longevity, immortality, faithfulness, durability, and fertility. You may be entering the healing stages of some situation.


To dream that you are emotionless, suggests that you are closing yourself off from those around you. You may be neglecting your own feelings and should start paying more attention to them.


Emotions expressed in dreams is a way for people to act out their feelings which they would not normally express if they were awake. This provides a "safe" outlet for these emotions instead of letting them be pent up.


To see an emperor in your dream, represents completion and creativity.


To dream of your employment, suggests that your talents are being utilized. It may also mean that you need to put more focus on your professional life. The dream may be analogous to your own self worth.


To see an empress in your dream, signifies that you will be honored highly, but your pride will make you very unpopular.


To dream of emptiness, signifies fruitless labor or that something is missing in your life. There is nothing to show for all  the effort that you have dedicated to a project or development.


To dream that you are under the spell of enchantment, indicates that you are being manipulated or influenced to your demise. 


To see an enchantress in your dream, symbolizes feminine power and the ability to influence and persuade.


To dream that you are in an enclosure, indicates that you are in defensive mode. Some situation in your waking life has put you on guard and arouses the need to protect/defend yourself. 

To dream that you are in an enclosure that is shrinking, indicates that you feel restrained and confined in some circumstance. It represents actual or perceived limitations. You need to start testing out your boundaries in order to grow.

To dream that you are in an enclosure made of glass, suggests that you are too critical about a person or situation. 


To dream of seeing or searching through encyclopedias, symbolizes your pursuit for literary knowledge and the fine arts. Although these pursuits may not be financially beneficial, you are enriching you mind. 


To dream of an end to something, indicates a goal that has been reached or an achievement. It may also mean that your problems are ending. The dream may also be asking you to make a choice. The end of something also signals the beginning of something new. 


To see your enemy in your dream, represents opposing ideas and contradictory attitudes. It also indicates something that you are in denial about or someone whom you are rejecting. Enemies may also represent the enemies within and your inner conflict with yourself.

To dream that you are dealing with the enemies, represents a resolution to some inner conflict or waking life problem.


To dream that you are engaged to be married, represents sexual or relationship needs. You may be trying to resolve your feelings of loneliness.

To dream that you break an engagement, denotes a hasty and unwise decision in some important matter.

To dream of a business engagement, signifies concern and worries in an area  of your work.


To see an engine in your dream, represents your heart and its power.

To dream that you engine is blown or disabled, indicates that you have been betrayed.


To see an engineer in your dream, suggests that you are taking charge of your life. It also indicates that you are evaluating a situation and how various pieces fit together.


To dream of engineering, represents your ability to create and to manipulate the external world. You are feeling empowered.


To dream of an entertainment filled with music and dancing, denotes health, prosperity, and pleasant tidings of the absent.


To dream of human entrails (your own or another's), signifies horrible misery and despair and little hope for happiness.

To dream of the entrails of a wild animal or beast, denotes the defeat of your enemy.

To dream that you tear the entrails of another, signifies your own cruel intents to further your own interest and gain.

*Please see also Intestines.
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RE:Dream Symbols
(Date Posted:02/18/2009 00:47 AM)


*Please See Door.


To see  envelopes in your dream, signifies anticipation or opportunity. To see unopened envelopes, indicates sorrow news and missed opportunities.


To dream that you are envious of others, signifies that you will make warm friends by your unselfish deference to the wishes of others.

To dream that you are being envied by others, denotes inconveniences from friends who are overanxious to please you.


To dream that you meet a person wearing epaulets, signifies unwise attachments that may result in scandal.

To dream that you are wearing epaulets, signifies temporary disfavor, but will eventually be acknowledged for your honors.


To dream that you are an epicure, signifies that you will cultivate your taste to the finest and highest potential.

To dream that you are sitting at the table at epicure, signifies that you will enjoy some fine distinction, but will be surrounded by people of selfish means.

To dream that you are trying to satisfy an epicure, signifies that you will have a distinguished but tyrannical lover.


To dream of an epidemic, signifies worries of bothersome tasks.


To dream that you have epilepsy, suggests that you are suppressing your feelings. You need to acknowledge and express these emotions.


To dream about the equator, indicates the search for Self.  You are exploring aspect of yourself  in order to become more whole.


To see or use an eraser in your dream, suggests that you need to clear up some mistakes that you have made.


To dream that you have an erection, symbolizes your creative power and energy. You want to take action.


To dream that you are wearing an ermine, signifies your quest for wealth and wants will lead to misery.

To see others wearing ermine, denotes that you will be associated with wealthy people who have a distinct taste for art and literature.


To dream that you are running errands, signifies harmony and mutual understanding in your domestic sphere.

To dream that you are sending someone on an errand, signifies that you will lose your lover through your indifference.


To see an eruption in your dream, signifies a forceful and jolting outpour of repressed thoughts or urges. You may also be experiencing an upheaval in your life.


To see an escalator in your dream, indicates movement between various levels of consciousness.  If you are moving up in the escalator, then it suggests that you are addressing and confronting emotional issues. You are moving through your spiritual journey with great progress and ease.  If you are going down the escalator, then it implies repression and descent back into your unconscious.  It may be indication of a setback. 


To dream that you escape from jail or some place of confinement, signifies your need to escape from a restrictive situation or attitude. On the other hand, it may mean that you are taking an escapist attitude and are refusing to face up to problems that are not going away. You are avoiding the situation instead of confronting them.

To dream that you escape from injury, from an animal, or from any situation, signifies your good health and prosperity. You will experience a favorable turn of events.


To dream that you become an owner of an estate, signifies that your inheritance will be disappointing and not as you expected.


To see a eucalyptus in your dream, represents protection and the need to feel protected. It may also signify some sticky situation.


To dream of traveling to Europe, signifies a long journey which will give you some financial gain. Alternatively, it indicates original thought or old ways of thinking.


To dream of an evacuation, suggests that you are isolating yourself and holding back your emotions.

To dream that you are in a town that has been evacuated, indicates that you are feeling rejected by those around you. You are feeling unaccepted.


To dream that water is evaporating, indicates that you are able to deal with and understand your emotions. You are undergoing a positive transformation or elevating yourself to a new level.


To see Eve in your dream, symbolizes your hesitance in accepting this biblical story as authentic and you will encounter opposition in your social and business circles.

To dream that you impersonate Eve, forewarns you to be careful when it comes to the persuasions of the opposites sex.


To dream that evening has arrived, denotes the end of a cycle, aging or death.  It may also be symbolic  of unrealized hopes.

Evening Gown

To see or wear an evening gown in your dream, represents enjoyment, social pleasures, grace and culture. Alternatively, it suggests that you are seeking or trying to attain some sense of happiness. Consider the color of the gown for additional significance.


To see evergreen trees in your dream, signifies wealth, happiness, immortality, high aspirations, and knowledge. The dream represents the cycle of life and may be trying to offer you hope in the midst of despair. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor to be "ever green" as in to be more environmentally conscious.


To dream that you are being evicted, suggests that a present situation or relationship is making you feel helpless and powerless. You feel that you cannot fend for yourself and have a sense of not belonging. Alternatively, you believe that you are being unfairly treated.


To dream that someone or something is evil, denotes a repressed and/or forbidden aspect of yourself. This part of yourself may be seeking recognition and acknowledgment.  Alternatively,  evil may also be a reflection of your strong, negative emotions like hate, anger, etc.


To dream about your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or ex-husband/wife or that you and your ex got back together again, suggests that something or someone in your current life that is bringing out similar feelings you felt during the relationship with your ex. The dream may be a way of alerting you to the same or similar behavior in a current relationship. What you learn from that previous relationship, may need to be applied to the present one so that you do no repeat the same mistake. Alternatively, past lovers often highlight the positive experiences you had with that person. 

In particular, to see your ex-husband/wife in your dream, indicates that you are finding yourself in a situation that you do not want to be in.  It suggests that you are experiencing a similar relationship or situation which makes you feel unhappy and uncomfortable.

To see your mate's ex in your dream, suggests that you may be comparing yourself to the ex. The dream is trying to tell you not to make the same relationship mistakes that ended that relationship. 

Alternatively, seeing your ex in your dream also signifies aspects of yourself that you have x'd out or neglected. 


To see an old ex-boyfriend from childhood in your dream, refers to a freer, less encumbered relationship. The dream servers to bring you back to a time where the responsibilities of adulthood (or marriage) didn't interfere with the spontaneity of romance. You need to recapture the excitement, freedom, and vitality of youth that is lacking in your present relationship.

To dream that your ex-boyfriend is giving you advice about your current relationship, suggests that you unconscious is telling you not to repeat the same mistakes that you had made with this ex-boyfriend. 

To dream that you are being massaged by your ex-boyfriend, suggests that you need to let go of some of that defensiveness that you have been putting forth. You may have been putting up a wall or armor around you. You need to learn to trust people again.

To dream that you ex-boyfriend gives you a stuffed animal, suggests that you are seeking for reassuring and nurturing aspects of a relationship. This is not to imply that you want you ex-boyfriend back. Alternatively, the dream could represent some immature relationship which may (or may not) describe the relationship you had with your ex.

To dream that you see your ex-boyfriend dressed in a suit at a hospital, suggests that you have come to terms with that relationship and have completed the healing process.


To dream that you are taking an exam, signifies insecurities, fear of not meeting others' expectations, and fear of failure.

*For an in depth analysis, click on  Common Dreams: Exam.


To dream of an exchange of any sorts, signifies a profitable gain and is seen as favorable.


*See Feces.


To see an execution in your dream, denotes that you will suffer some misfortune from the carelessness of others.

To dream that you miraculously escape your own execution, signifies that you will overcome your enemies and succeed in gaining wealth.


To dream that you are exercising, signifies your worries about your health. You may be concerned about fitting into society's ideals of beauty. Alternatively, the dream may also indicate that you need to exercise your rights and  power in some situation.


*Please See Tired.


To dream that you are exiled, signifies that your journey will interfere with some engagement and pleasure.

*See Also Banishment.


To see an exit in your dream, indicates that you are looking for a way out of a waking situation.


To dream that you or others are being exorcised, symbolizes your initiative to regain control and take steps toward the direction of your goals. Alternatively, you may not be taking responsibility for your actions and are looking for a scapegoat.


To dream that you are working on an experiment, suggests that you need to be more daring and try something new and different. Take a chance. 


To dream that you are an expert at something, represents your self confidence and high self esteem. You are confident in your ability. 


To see explosions in your dream, symbolizes your repressed anger.  The rage that you have been holding in has come to the surface in a forceful and violent manner. Your unconscious is trying to get your attention.

To dream that your face becomes blackened or mutilated by the explosion, signifies that will be confronted with unjust accusations and may suffer the consequences.

To dream that you are enveloped in flames or blown up into the air by an explosion, forewarns that unworthy friends will violate your rights and abuse your confidence.

To hear the sound of a loud explosion, but you did not see it, signifies that your troubles will soon be replaced with tranquility after you have overcome some small obstacle.

Extension Cord

To see an extension cord in your dream, suggests that you need to associate yourself with energetic people. Acknowledge those aspect of yourself which has been dormant. 


To see or call an exterminator in your dream, indicates that you need to cut off ties from those who try  to pull you down. 

To dream that you are an exterminator, suggests that you need to confront your weakness and stand up to the challenges ahead.


To notice eyebrows in your dream, represents expressions of amazement, disbelief, surprise, or doubt.  It may also indicate concern or disapproval.


To dream that you are wearing eyeglasses and you do not normally wear them, suggests that you need a clearer view on a situation.  There may have been a misunderstanding or a situation was misperceived and needs to be seen more clearly. 

To see broken eyeglasses in your dream, indicates that your vision and perception is impaired. You are not seeing the facts correctly.


To notice your eyelashes or dream that they are growing, indicates that you are trying to express yourself in some subtle or covert way. It also signifies good luck.

To dream that all your eyelashes fall off,  suggests that you are having difficulties expressing yourself. It may also mean a loss in your feminine power.  If only one eyelash falls off, then it also signifies good luck. 

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RE:Dream Symbols
(Date Posted:02/18/2009 00:48 AM)


To see your own eyes in your dream, represents enlightenment, knowledge, comprehension, understanding, and intellectual awareness. Unconscious thoughts may be coming onto the surface. The left eye is symbolic of the moon, while the right eye represents the sun. It may also be a pun on "I" or the self. If you dream that your eyes have turned inside your head and you can now see the inside of your head, then it symbolizes insight and something that you need to be aware of.  This dream may be literally telling you that you need to look within yourself. Trust your intuition and instincts.

To dream that you have something in your eye, represents obstacles in your path. Alternatively, it may represent your critical view and how you tend to see faults in others.

To dream that you have one eye, indicates your refusal to accept another viewpoint. It suggests that you are one-sided in your ways of thinking.

To dream that you have a third eye, symbolizes inner vision, insight, instinct or some psychic ability you have yet untapped. You are able to see what others cannot. Or you need to start looking within yourself and trust your instincts.

To dream that your eyes are injured or closed, suggests your refusal to see the truth about something or the avoidance of intimacy. You may be expressing feelings of hurt, pain or sympathy.

To dream that you have crossed eyes, denotes that you are not seeing straight with regards to some situation. You may be getting your facts mixed up.

**See The Meaning In Action: "Red Eyes"

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