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Title: The Truth About Dragons
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(Date Posted:02/20/2009 00:25 AM)
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The Truth About Dragons

Revealing the Truth About Dragons

Despite popular belief, Dragons are not mean, evil, damsel-eating monsters who's only purpose is to ravage villages and hoard gold. They are wise, ancient, and usually kind. Dragons do, however, avoid negetive Humans who might hurt or try to control them. If a Human does try to hurt or control a dragon, they will have wished they hadn't! If you try to hurt or control a dragon, there are great consequenses. The most drastic of these is death, although it is rare, for most Dragons do not wish to kill or harm other beings.

Dragon Magick is not for beginners, and most certainly isn't for dabblers. Only those who are most sincere in their work with Dragons will succeed. Dabblers and those who are not sincere will suffer the consequences listed above. If you are interested in meeting a Dragon, e-mail me, and I will send you my favorite method. I hope that your experience with Dragon Magick is enlightening and delightful!

Different Types of Dragons

Dragons come in many different forms. Small, large, furry, scaley, some winged, some not winged, some with horns, some with antenae, and the list goes on. Listed below is a sample of the different types of Dragons.

Air Dragons
Earth Dragons
Fire Dragons
Water Dragons
Dragons of Light
Dragons of Darkness (not evil)
Dragons of the Seas & Various Waters
Dragons of the Mountains & Forests
Dragons of Wind, Storm & Weather
Dragons of Desert & Arid Regions
Dragons of Fire & Volcanoes
Dragons of Chaos & Destruction
Guardian Dragons
Dragons of the Planets
Dragons of the Zodiac

For descriptions of the Dragons and more information, you must buy the book. It's called "Dancing with Dragons" by D.J. Conway

Dragon Wars

Dragons do not have wars. They do, however, fight occasionaly. This is very rare though. If they do fight, it is between two Dragons, and for a very good reason. Dragons are not like humans, they do not have petty reasons to fight amongst themselves.

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