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Title: Dragons of the Zodiac
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(Date Posted:02/20/2009 00:33 AM)
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Dragons of the Zodiac

Zodiac Dragons

Energetic, impatient, short tempered, sarcastic, witty, lucky, demanding, cutting, egocentric, adventuresome, & feisty.
Color = Red
Ruling Planet = Mars
Stone = Diamond
Flower = Geranium

Dragon of Aries
I summon thee,
Your fiery existence,
And strength of will,
Come before me,
I summon thee.

Patient, loyal, emotionally stable, stubborn, practical, dependable, organized, materialistic, possessive, plodding, sweet, calm , determined, & secure.
Color = Pink & Blue(Tyl-green & turquoise)
Ruling Planet = Venus
Stone = Emerald
Flower = Violet

Dragon of Taurus
I summon thee,
From your secure home,
Bountiful and cozy,
And stubborn of will,
Come before me,
I summon thee.

Versatile, fickle, curious, high strung, flirty, changeable, anxious, petty, superficial, & communicative.
Color = Multicolor
Ruling Planet = Mercury
Stone = Agate
Flower = Lily Of The Valley

Dragon of Gemini,
I summon thee,
From your thoughtful slumber,
And communication from afar
Come-before me,
I summon thee.

Caring, nuturing, moody, clinging, dependent, lazy, retenitive memory, receptive, changeable, sensitive, pack rat, emotional, over protective money oriented, & messy.
Color = Silver, Pastels(Tyl-silver, white, dark blue)
Ruling Planet = Moon
Stone = Pearl
Flower = Larkspur

Dragon of Cancer,
I summon thee,
From your peaceful abode,
Your emotional wisdom I seek,
Come before me,
I summon thee.

Positive, optimistic, warm, dogmatic, organizational, hardworking, persistent, dramatic, colorful, generous, arrogant, inspiring, & a performer.
Color = Gold & Scarlet(Tyl-Orange, Yellow)
Ruling Planet = Sun
Stone = Ruby
Flower = Marigold

Dragon of Leo,
I summon thee,
From your stately home,
And powerful will,
Come before me,
I summon thee.

Neat, fussy, conservative, efficient, studious, retiring, worrier, practical, logical, dependable, analytical, & workaholic.
Color = Gray & Navy Blue(Tyl-Browns, rust, orange, dark blue)
Ruling Planet = Mercury
Stone = Sapphire
Flower = Pansy

Dragon of Virgo,
I summon thee,
From your intellectual talk,
And organized thoughts,
Come before me,
I summon thee.

Refined, diplomatic, vacillating, vain, social, just, artistic, gentle, tactful, gracious, & peace loving.
Color = Light blues, pink, soft rose(Tyl-Blue-green)
Ruling Planet = Venus
Stone = Opal
Flower = Rose

Dragon of Libra,
I summon thee,
From your lovely home,And sweet nature,
To your justice abiding laws,
Come before me,
I summon thee!

Secretive, intelligent, psychic, manipulative, passionate, stubborn, well organized, deceitful, resourceful, vindictive, tenacious, & methodical.
Color = Deep reds, such as maroon(Tyl-red & black)
Ruling Planet = Pluto
Stone = Topaz
Flower = Chrysanthemum

Dragon of Scorpio,
I summon thee,
From your dark home,
And the spirits of the dead,
To the mighty places you may live,
Come before me,
I summon thee.

Outspoken, freedom loving, independent, warm, outgoing, spiritually oriented, opportunist, and inspiring.
Color = Purple & Deep blue(Tyl-dark blue)
Ruling Planet = Jupiter
Stone = Turquoise
Flower = Narcissus

Dragon of Sagittarius,
I summon thee,
From your travels of afar,
And luck so near,
Come before me,
I summon thee.

Rigid, practical, loner, managerial, persistant, opinionated, sarcastic sense of humour, prudent, efficient, miserly, cold, pessimistic, patient, ambitious, & ruthless.
Color = Dark shades(Tyl-Black)
Ruling Planet = Saturn
Stone = Garnet
Flower = Carnation

Dragon of Capricorn,
I summon thee,
From your wisdom most beloved,
And age so wise,
To your strength withstanding,
All bane that may appear,
Come before me,
I summon thee.

Perceptive, temperamental, organized, erratic, cool, detached, ingenious, goal oriented, insightful, outgoing, unconventional, and self expressive.
Color = Iridescent blues(Tyl-Rust, dark orange)
Ruling Planet = Uranus
Stone = Amethyst
Flower = Orchid

Dragon of Aquarius,
I summon thee,
From your unusual thoughts,
Your foresight uncanny,
Come before me,
I summon thee.

Refined, shrewd, impractical, nagging, unstable, conartist, impressionable, compassionate, escapist or drifter, paranoiac, dreamer, intuitive.
Color = Sea Greens(Tyl-Dark blue)
Ruling Planet = Neptune
Stone = Aquamarine
Flower = Water Lily

Dragon of Pisces
I summon thee,
From your inner mind,
To see all things unseen,
And your psychic sight,
Come before me,
I summon thee.

Chants by, ArianStar

Extra info from D.J. Conway, Dancing with Dragons

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