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Title: Dragons of Wind, Storm, and Weather
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Dragons of Wind, Storm, and Weather
These dragons are a subspecies of Air dragons. They are long, slender, and some have great, gauzy wings or the Oriental "flying ;ump" on their foreheads. Down the spine of their backs flutter thin fringes of membrane tissue. They tend to be pale yellows and blues, but change to angry red-oranges, purple, or black when they call up storms. Long, feathery antennae rise above their eye ridges.

This type of dragon is excellant in helping with the weather; geting things moving in your life, especially in the area of creativity and the mental processes; protection; flexibility of the mind; openness to new ideas; sweeping away obstacles, most often in a dramatic fashion.

These dragons inhabit cloud banks or very high mountain peaks, though some oriental weather dragons live in pools or ponds. They are almost in constant motion, ridding the breezy air currents or roaring along with a whistling gale. Sometimes two or more of them join forces, either in play or a temporary dispute, thereby creating tornadoes and hurricanes. When they roll together, lightning and thunder occur.

The chinese have much to say about these dragons. They believe that one can tell the future from watching them, that a male's cry will raise winds, and a female's calm them. The reason for different weather systems in relatively close areas was because the dragons would divide up the earth into territories, thus giving them different weather.

These dragons are petitioned for weather changes, such as bringing rain, abating a storm, or calming wind. Obviously, the magician can not collect any substance from their dwelling, unlike with other dragons, but he can entice them by using a small drum and the gong or bell to draw their attention. Wind chimes and wind socks also attract them. The magician can easily work outside with this force. However, do not go outside if the weather is dangerous, because you can get stuck by lightning or zapped to Oz by a tornado, so please, use some common sense.

While beating the drum or gong, chant these words to help call them:
"The winds are howling through the tree.
  The clouds are racing 'cross the sky.
  The weather is changing once again.
  Great dragons are passing by.
  By thought I follow your airy dance
  Through mountains of clouds above so high.
  Bring us good weather for this land.
  Great Dragons, pass on by."
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