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Title: Dragons of Mountains and Forest
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Dragons of Mountains and Forest
Dragons of the mountains and forests are of the element Earth. They generally have the look of western dragons, with a heavy body, four legs, huge wings, long neck, and tail. Mountain dragons are much heavier in the body then forest dragons. These dragons help to build long-lasting foundations in life; long-range goals; stability, physical and mental endurance; responsibility, and oftentimes the strength to stand up under existing responsibilities; enduring prosperity and success that come through personal effort and planning.
Forest dragon inhabit streaches of deep forests, groves, and sometimes solitary clusters of trees. They enjoy the changing pattern of sunlight through the trees, and tend to get upset if someone damages their forest without a really good explanation. Mountain dragons can be found in the high, rocky peaks or rugged outcroppings of mountains. Some of the older ones are at the very top where there are great winds and snow. Both mountain and forest dragons have been known to inhabit areas close to towns and farms. Sometimes this created a conflict, sometimes not, depending on the behavior of the humans. Some of these dragons are the ones who used to live around burial mounds, especially if there was treasure there.
Dragons of both mountain and forest are shades of green and brown, and often have upright rows of scales on their backs. When working with these dragons, select herbs and oils of the element Earth. Stones should be green or brown. you can take soil or stones from a mountain dragons home, but always ask permission first and leave a gift. You can use this chant for removing the stones or soil::

"I ask your blesing to remove this (stone, soil, etc.),
  O dragon of the mountain.
  I leave this gift and promise respect for this piece
  of your dwelling place."

When using it in the circle, say:
"Dragon of the mountains whose roots run dark and deep,
  grant this spell purpose, strength. Eternal keep
  power deep as mountains, never-ending source. Dragon
  of the mountains, amplify this force."

The chant for forest dragons, if you want to collect some herb or such from there forest is as follows:
"I ask your blessing to remove this (herb, stone, etc.),
  O dragon of this forest.
  I leave this gift and promise respect for this piece
  of your dwelling place."

When you want to use the herbs, stones, etc you took from the dragons home, say:
  "Forest dragon, slithering, gliding,
  silent among the forest trees,
  ancient strength will you provide me,
  self-assurance, rest and peace."
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