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Title: Dragons of India
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(Date Posted:02/20/2009 00:49 AM)
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Dragons of India

(From the accounts of a Greek traveler)

The whole of India is filled with dragons of enormous size; for they dwell in the mountains, marshes, and not a single mountain is without one. Now the marsh dragons are sluggish in their habits and are thirty feet long, and have no crest standing up on their heads, but in this respect resemble the she-dragons. Their backs however are very black, with fewer scales on them than the other kinds.

Dragons along the foothills and the mountain peaks make their way to the plains after their quarry, and prey upon all the creatures in the marshes; for they can move faster than the wind, so that nothing escapes them. These actually have a crest, smaller when they are young; but as they reach their full size, it grows with them and extends to a great height, at which time the dragon?s crest turns red and they grow spines on their backs. This kind also have beards, a long graceful neck, silver scales, and the pupils of their eyes consist of a fiery stone. They say that the dragon?s eye has an uncanny power for many secret purposes. The plains specimen falls the prize of the hunters if they are clever enough to capture the beast and those who capture the dragons are rewarded by getting the eyes and skin and teeth. In most respects they resemble the large lizards, but they are slighter in build and 'flexible, and they have teeth as sharp and indestructible as those of the largest fishes.

Now the dragons of the mountains have scales of a golden color, are larger than the plains dragons, and they have golden bushy beards. Their eyebrows are more prominent than those of the plain with their eyes sunk deeper under the brow which emits a terrible and ruthless glance. Their crests are all fiery red and flashes a fire brighter than a torch. Hunters prize the golden skin more, so they catch them in the following manner: They embroider golden runes on a scarlet cloak, which they lay in front of the animal's burrow. The runes will charm the creature to sleep. These runes induce the dragon to stretch his neck out of his burrow and fall asleep over them. Then the lndians fall upon him as he lies there, and dispatch him with blows of their axes. They then cut off the head and despoil it of its gems. And they say that in the heads of the mountain dragons are mystical stones that if set in a ring give the wearer great powers. Most often the Indian, in spite of his ax and his cunning, is caught by the dragon, who carries him off into his lair for a meal. It is nearly impossible however to ascertain the number of years that these creatures live.

"The Buried Classic" from Ancient Greece, and the roots of the Western World ....From The Life of Apollonius of Tyana, Philostratus {220 AD} On the Existence of Dragons ...

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