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Title: Dragon Colors & Types
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Dragon Colors & Types

Dragon Colors

Green Dragons - Green Dragons are the smallest so many people think that makes them the weakest. While they are not physically powerful, they are the dragons of the earth element and are in a way very material beings. Green is the color of life, and these small but important dragons are full of it.

Gold Dragons - Golds are the chivalrous knights of the dragon world. They honorable, brave, kind, wise, and very good in the field of Magick. They enjoy taking on other shapes such as humans and animals and mingling with that species. However, they are often too trusting and quick to make promisses that they can't always keep as well as they would like to. They are keepers of the peace and would only attack someone if provoked and in selfdefense only.

Yellow Dragon - These dragons of the east typically live in deserts, mountains, or plains. They are very helpful when they need to be. However, they can be quite boastful and fickle at times.

Red Dragons - These southern fire dragons are very wise and courageous leaders, but there is a dark side to them. They are jealous and egotistical, sometimes to the point of hate. While not all of them are like this, it is quite common. They also represent fear, and war. They also represent passion, both good and foul.

Blue Dragons - Blues are dragons of the west. While those that live in the desert are enemies of the broze, many of these dragons live near water or on high mountain tops. They are dragons of compassion, peace, forgiveness, love, intuition, and calmness. On the negative side, they are at times lazy and can have a lack of emotional control.

There are many other colors of dragons, but this is all that I have enough information on to post on this site. These description relate to a general basis only and don't reflect each of them as individuals.

Dragon Types

Air - Air Dragons are the third rarest of the four types of Elemental Dragons. Members of this breed belong to a race of Draconic beings. At times join forces with the dragons of fire and volcanoes, seas and other waters, mountains and forests, and chaos. Sometimes there is conflict of elemental powers, producing great atmospheric and environmental disturbances, but mostly the elementals work in harmony.
Pros: Air dragons are never selfish, always putting other first. They are loyal to friends and very caring. Air dragons are never judgemental before getting to know someone and are very open minded and sincere. They are often quite beautiful in appearance.
Cons: Air Dragons are very shy but and often keep their thoughts to themselves. They are gullible and sometimes quite slow.

Earth Dragons - Earth Dragons are very placid and wise, snakelike creatures. While these dragons are very judgemental, this can be helpful if you want to learn something about yourself. While in an earth dragons circle of judgement, the dragon will judge you or anyone who wishes to be judged. In this way they assist dragons of justice. As infants, earth dragons are often sent to act as guardians of the humans. Like humans, their parents never abandon them completely and encourage them to lead their own lives. They are also the most common of all the elemental dragons.
Pros: Mentally, they are very powerful and down to earth.
Cons: They think they are supreme to others, and can be quite cynical and rude.

Fire Dragons - Although Fire Dragons are not evil, they have short fuses and can be quite fierce when angered. They are impatient of beginners in the field of dragon magick and won't participate at all unless they feal the person is of equal power. However, if you can prove yourself worthy then fire dragons are very loyal friends dispite their arrogance. Fire dragons keep to themselves and don't usually circle with others and only lives with mates for they are quite cruel even to their own species. They are very competitive and territorial and hates any being that has a chance of overpowering it. They are the bullies of the dragon world but when they have a cause, they stick to it with an iron code.
Pros: They are experts in the field of combat and are the most physically powerful of the elemental dragons. They are honest and courageous.
Cons: They are very proud and think very low of others.

Water Dragons - These serpent-like creatures are helpful when it comes to emotions, whether its calming them or tearing down a barrier a stubborn human has put up. They represent calmness under all circumstance and keep events moving in a fluid manner. They can help us break free of our psychic vampires that control our emotions as well. These dragons have actually been sited in the physical world by many. One such famous dragon is the lock-ness monster. Although there are a select few that see others such as black dragons, air dragons and even a few fire dragons, water dragons are the most well documented of having taken residents in this plane of reality.
Pros: They are often the most beautiful and most magickally advanced.
Cons: They are VERY stubborn and at times snobby.

Chaos Dragons - While their title may create an image of evil and hate, these dragons represent something very different. While it is true they represent chaos, they represent chaos that is neccessary to resolve problems in which order and reasoning cannot. An example of this is when a nation overthrows a tyrant. They cannot reason with him, so chaos and force is neccessary. When working with them, they will go past your command and straight to the source of your problem so MAKE SURE YOU ARE PREPARED TO HARNESS THEIR POWER!

These dragons work with re-creation of lives, relationships, and careers; breaking of barriers; changing luck; vast changes in general; work on past lives; divination; the confining of enemies or anyone who will hinder you forward growth or movement.

These dragons are often omens of catastrophe so if you see one in the sky or in your mind, GET AWAY! Although they are beings of chaos and catastrophe, the are not evil. Their life force can assist the magician, as long as you are very cautious. In a way, these dragons can serve vengeance against fate. If you are on a constant string of negativity or someone is hindering you in any way, these are the ones to go to. But as with any form of magick, make sure you are prepared to face the consequences. They can even help you conquer your worst enemy of all, your lower self.

With every type of dragon, there is a different life style, virtue, and overall personality. While some dragons are negative and violent, the golden dragon lives by a code of honor and would never harm an innocent. He wouldn't even harm the wicked unless provoked. Dragons can help you in your life and in your studies. They can be muses, inspiration, friends, and even lovers. I recommend you research dragons and start your journey to uncover otherworldly beings

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