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Title: Draconic Tool Consecration
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(Date Posted:02/20/2009 00:40 AM)
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Draconic Tool Consecration

If you are going to use magickal tools they must only be used in your magickal workings and should be consecrated first to dedicate them to dragon magick. This is a ritual for tool consecration written in a wiccan style and designed for use at an altar. This does not mean you have to be wiccan to use it and you can adapt it as you wish to suit your needs.

On your altar place the following items, a bowl of salt or earth in the north, incense in the east, a white candle in the south, and a bowl of water in the west. These represent the four directions and the four elements. Don’t forget either matches or a lighter to light the incense and candle with.

Cast your magick circle as normal, calling the elemental dragons, the watchtowers, angels or whatever you would normally. When you are done take a few deep breaths and begin by lighting the incense and the candle.

Take the first item you wish to consecrate and, holding it in front of yourself, say: “Great dragons be with me now. I bring (name of tool) before you to be dedicated into your service.”

Pass the item through the incense smoke three times whilst saying: “By the dragons of air, I call you purified. You are now dedicated to purity.”

Pass it through the flame of the candle (or as close as you can without setting fire to it!) three times whilst saying: “By the dragons of fire, I call you purified. You are now dedicated to desire.”

Sprinkle a few drops of water upon the item and say:
“By the dragons of water, I call you purified. You are now dedicated to emotion.”

Touch the item to the salt or soil and say:
“By the dragons of earth, I call you purified. You are now dedicated to stability.”

If you are consecrating more than one item put the first to one side and repeat the above until all items have been purified and dedicated. When all items have been done place them all before you and say: “Great and mighty dragons, I thank you for your blessings. May you depart in peace and love.”

Close your circle as you would normally and tidy up. Remember that these tools should only be used for magickal workings and if they are used for anything else they will need to be consecrated again

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