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Title: Ten suggested do's and don'ts when dowsing
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(Date Posted:02/07/2009 00:31 AM)
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Ten suggested do's and don'ts when dowsing

1. Sensing: When sensing for information, do not attach yourself to it. For example, if you are watching a movie, you are free to react to it in many ways. Two examples night be: You could view it from a "feeling" standpoint and tune in with deep, strong emotions and really live the part, or you could see it as a scientist, objectively looking for information and taking notes. Both could get the same basic story, How you approach the seeking of information is your choice. This is especially important when working with unhealthy or noxious energies. The advantage of using a dowsing device is that you do not need to try to physically sense or become part of the energies.

2. To Protect Yourself. To avoid absorbing undesirable energies, simply program or direct your mind to have a detached sensing attitude. When seeking dowsing information, talk to your pendulum as if it were a person. This will direct the energies to the pendulum and not to you. This keeps your mind on the action of the pendulum and not on the energies.

3. The Question: The subconscious mind (or whatever it is) seems to be very literal in its interpretation of your questions and apparently makes no assumptions. For example if you ask: "Does my car need gas?' The answer is YES (your car uses air which is a gas) You assumed it knows you were talking about the amount of gasoline in the gas tank, but that was not what your asked. I suspect that many apparent wrong answers really were correct to the literal interpretation of the question. Make the question a definite request for information existing somewhere, and not for an opinion of the past, present or future. If you do to be compared to an agreed upon reference. (As compared to ... ) An example of an incomplete question: "Do you have enough money?" The answer will be random cause I did not specify what it is for or when. If instead I asked: "Do you have enough money, in your pocket right now, for a $1 ice cream cone?" You could then give a very definite and accurate answer. Carefully plan your questions.

4. Life's Lessons and Restricted Areas: not to interfere with anyone's 'Lessons in Life" or possibly their "Karma" or other unknown areas, that are best left alone. Always ask your Dowsing System May I, Can I, If the answer is NO, then tactful voidance is advisable.

5. Privacy: If we are tuning into the subconscious, then we have access to a lot of information. Never (except under very special circumstances) dowse a person without their personal request. It's like looking at their personal diary without their permission. Some persons know how to shield themselves, but most do not. Always respect personal privacy.

6. Apparent Universal Law: Be aware that there seems to be a universal law of cause and effect, or what you plant, you will reap, or Karma, or what you send out will somehow return to you, etc. (1) Always dowse for the best good of others. (2) Never try to use this gift for evil or selfish gain. (3) It's OK to dowse for your or others needs. (4) Always remember it's a gift to cherish and give.

7. Diagnosing: Do Not diagnose or give medical advice of any kind!! Always advise anyone to seek appropriate medical advice if they think they have a problem. Caution - See* bottom of this page.

8. Sharing with Others: Gradually and discreetly share with those who want to know. But be unknown to those it might frighten or offend.

9. Open Mind: Always keep your mind open to new ideas and look for ways to improve. Be a life-long student, it will being much excitement and joy to you and your friends. If I may, please let me interject just a touch of philosophy: Don't let your personal feelings interfere with your looking and listening. Just remember that one of the main reasons you believe and feel the way you do is because of the time (epoch, period, era) of your birth, and its geographic and ethnic location. This is further influenced by your particular experiences, educational and religious background. Don't let your beliefs block examining new ideas. Also, remember that a person's judgment is no better than their information.

10. Keep it Simple: Try to keep all aspects of your dowsing as simple as you can. Be sure to practice and enjoy your dowsing.

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