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Title: Things to Remember During Candle Magick
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(Date Posted:01/13/2009 06:28 AM)
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Things to Remember During Candle Magick

  • Let the candle burn itself out if at all possible, unless you are doing a multi-day spell. If you have to extingush it for ay reason, focus on closing the energy down for the day, not on eliminating it. Then. as soon as you can, burn the rest of the candle.
  • If you are worried about leaving a candle burning, Do what many witches do: Start the spell in circle, then wen you have to stop, put the candle in the bathtub in a head-resistant dish that rests a few inches above the porcelain of the tub. Make sure that all towels, shower curtains, and other flammable bath parapjernalia are well out of reach. Then close the door so animals and children can't wander in and get hurt.
  • There are varying opinions on to how to extinguish the candles on an alter. One theory is that by blowing it out you're blowing away energy. Buy a candle snuffer. They are safe, effective, and you're not really using much of your own energy to put out the flame.
  • Refer to your rune charts, color charts, and timing charts to coordinate your spell.
  • Wash candle holders between spells.
  • You can make your own candles, if so inclined, and add oils and herbs directly to them during their creation.
  • If you are working out of phase with the moon, pour a little Moon Water (either new or full) into the bottom of a stainless steel pan and place the candle holder in the center of the holder. This will surroung the candle with the energy of the proper moon phase for your spell. You can float spell powders and herbs on top of the water.
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