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Title: Simple Candle Magic to Banish Pain
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(Date Posted:01/13/2009 06:30 AM)
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Simple Candle Magic to Banish Pain     By Twilight Bard
    there is no doubt that while life can bring incredible joy it can also bring incredible pain.  Sometimes we suffer a personal tragedy or loss that wounds us to the core of our being.  The state of the world in which we live - the daily violence and injustices we read about in the newspapers-can overwhelm us with grief and leave us in despair.  In this state, it can be difficult just to function.
    When you are suffering from emotional pain, sometimes the simplest rituals can be the most powerful.  Although the candle magic spell below is void of grand speeches or fancy rituals and utilizes the most basic tools, I've found it a potent way to banish pain when it gets to be too much. 
    To perform this spell, you will need three things.  The first is a black taper candle in a holder.  The color black is often associated with negative energy, but in this spell works specifically because it absorbs energy. 
    The second component is a cup of lavender tea.  Lavender has long been revered for its healing and purifying properties.  To make this simple tea, add two tablespoons of dried lavender buds to a cup of boiling water.  Let it steep for about fifteen minutes, then strain.  You can drink it straight, or add honey and lemon.
    The final tool is a service candle.  The color and type does not matter.  The time to light the black candle in this spell is at a highly charged, emotional moment.  It is much easier to light it from a service candle than with matches or lighters.
    If you are part of a group or family that is going through a rough time together, you can perform this spell as a group.  Everyone should have their own black candle and serving of tea.  The service candle can be used by all.  This spell is best done during a waning Moon.  However, if you find yourself at a particularly desperate time, you needn't wait ten days for the right Moon phase to come.
    When you are ready to perform this spell, take your candles and your tea to a private place where you feel comfortable.  Sit, stand, or kneel-whichever you prefer-and place your candles and tea before you on a table, altar, or the ground.  Light the service taper.
    Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and relax a moment to prepare yourself.  You are going to begin raising emotional energy unlike any you have probably raised before in rituals: You are going to raise negative energy.  The more negative energy you are able to raise, the more you will be able to release in this spell.  The more you hold back, the more you will retain.
    Go deep inside yourself and focus on the pain.  Let it bubble to the surface.  Think about all of the things that have caused you hurt, deep hurt.  Dwell on these things as much as you can.  Don't hold back one iota.  Feel the pain and all of the emotions that may accompany it.  Feel fury, frustration, despair, anguish.  Let it grow.  You may feel yourself begin to tremble or stiffen.  You may begin to wail, or tears may flow freely.  Go with it.  It may take five minutes or thirty, but don't try to rush it.  Let it build until it reaches a crescendo.
    When you feel you have unleased all of the excess, intolerable pain from within, grab the black candle.  Mentally pour all of that negativity into the candle.  Allow it to run through your body like a stream of water, down your arms, out of your hands, and into the wax.  If you can, visualize this energy as black flak, fiery sparks, or whatever image makes sense to you.  See and feel it pouring from yourself and into the candle.  The black color of the candle will soak up the energy like a sponge.  Empty yourself of every last vestige of it.  You may feel the black candle pulsing or radiating with your pain.
    Light the black candle on the service candle.  Know that the flame will purify the energy as it releases it.  Know that the flame will purify the energy as it releases it.  Know that the smoke will rise, carrying the energy into the universe where it will disperse and be transformed. 
    Take a moment not to catch your breath.  If you need to cry, feel free.  Tears cleanse the spirit and have a grounding effect.
    When you are ready, take the cup of lavender tea.  Ask the God and Goddess to infuse it with love and healing energies.  Drink it down to replace what you have purged from yourself.  Feel the positive herb energy traveling down your throat and seeping through your entire body.
    You may wish to meditate now, this time clearing your mind and relaxing.  Deeply breathe in positive energy from the universe and let it fill you, replacing the pain you have just released.  When you are done, put the black candle in a safe place and allow it to burn itself out.
    It is likely that after this spell you will feel drained.  You have raised some powerful energy and purged yourself of a great deal of it.  Ground yourself further by eating or by taking a nap.
    Later or the next day, bury the remains of the black candle and cleanse the candle holder that held it.  If you performed the ritual indoors, you may wish to burn sage or sandalwood to clear out any lingering negativity.
    Notice the aftereffects of the spell over the next few days and weeks.  You may not feel deliriously happy immediately, but you should notice a maked improvement in your state of mind.  A newfound serenity will help you cope and, slowly but surely, bring you back to your old self.
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