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Title: Dressing Candles
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(Date Posted:01/24/2009 22:48 PM)
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Dressing Candles
Use plain olive oil / saffron oil / or corn oil is good too.
Oils must be consecrated to the God/Goddess or the all before use.
(inscription the same)
To draw something to you. Rub the oil on the candle in a downward  motion from top to the middle , then from the bottom to the middle.
To repel from you, start in the middle and go outwards, to the ends.
Dab remaining oil on the 3rd eye, in the middle or the breastbone.
Words of power - I cleanse & consecrate this taper (candle) in the name of the God/Goddess ( or the All). May it burn in strength, in the service of Light.
State purpose of the candle.
Never blow out the candle when used in Magick. always snuff it out.
Never use the same candle in another spell ( unless it is the same spell)
Always use a different candle for each purpose. 
 You may also use specific oils for the use of what you need.
In the case of a candle that is encased in a glass container, you may use a few drops of the oil,  on top of the candle, before lighting.
Start at bottom and continue straight up.

Anointing Candles

You can use virgin olive oil with essential oils added to dress candles for
any purpose. Some people add a pinch of salt for its purifying and
life-giving properties.

Before beginning, pour a small quantity of the oil into a clear glass or
ceramic dish and gently swirl it nine times clockwise with a ceramic or glass
spoon, visualizing light pouring into it and endowing it with healing and
magickal energies.

Use a previously unlit candle, as this will not have absorbed any energies
apart from those with which you will endow it. Rub the oil into the candle
in an upwards motion, starting in the middle of the candle. Rub only in that
direction, concentrating on the purpose of your ritual. You need use only a
small quantity of oil as the action is symbolic. See the qualities of your
oil entering the candle. Then, starting in the middle again, rub the candle
downwards, concentrating on your goal. A few practitioners will rub from
base to top for attracting magick and from top to bottom for banishing
magick. In such cases they usually use a white candle for attracting
energies and black for banishing.

By physically touching the candle with the oil, you are charging the candle
with your personal vibrations, so that when it is lit, it becomes an
extension of your mental power and life energy. If the candle represents
another person who is present, ask them to anoint their own candle.

If you light a candle on successive days, you should re-anoint it each time
if the ritual is a formal one, visualizing the completion of your goal.

**Author unknown to me**

Candle Annointing
Annoint your candle with the oil that you have chosen. This is done by placing a little of the oil on your fingertips. Grasp the candle at its midpoint with your left index finger and thumb, and use your right index finger and thumb to stroke oil on the candle from the midpoint up to the top of the candle. Next, grasp the candle at its midpoint with your right index finger and thumb, and use your left index finger and thumb to stroke oil on the candle from the midpoint down to the bottom of the candle. Continue in this fashion until the entire candle has been annointed.
All-purpose Candle Annointing Oil
1 cup rose petals
1 cup violets
1 cup water
1 cup olive oil
1 tablespoon clove oil
2 teaspoons powdered cinnamon
1 tablespoon powdered myrrh
1/4 cup wild fennel seeds
For more recipes See Oils
Charging a candle with your personal energy
While ritually annointing your candle, visualize a pure white beam of light coming up from Mother Earth, entering your body through the soles of your feet and another beam of white light coming down from the Universe and entering your body through the top of your head. Envision the energy of these beams of light flowing throughout your body and mingling together, finally concentrating in your hands, causing them to feel warm and to tingle. Now continue to stroke your candle until you feel the energy from your hands transfer to the candle. Your candle is now charged with your personal energy and magickal intent.

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RE:Dressing Candles
(Date Posted:01/24/2009 22:49 PM)


The Oil and Dressing Your Candle


     You'll need oil to anoint the candle. This is called "dressing" the candle and it's a very crucial part of every candle spell: you're "addressing" it so its message is delivered accurately. Sure, you can buy perfumed candles that are already scented: please, save them for relaxing in the tub. You can even buy candles that are already dressed, but since the point is to personalize the candle exclusively to you, what good does it do to have the candle dressed by someone else? Dressing your own candle assures that you are attuning that candle to your intentions, personalizing it, enlisting it as your ally.

     What kind of oil? Ah, more decisions! Many metaphysical shops and botanicas (the wonderful herb shops located in Spanish speaking neighborhoods throughout the country) sell oils suitable for candle dressing. Some are attuned (through the herbs they contain) to certain colors, some have colorful descriptive names like "Come To Me" and "Fast Luck." Select these oils based on color and/or purpose, and pick a scent you find pleasing. A small vial will suffice for starters: you can gradually collect a variety of oils for different candle occasions.

     You can also make your own oils, using specific herbs, essential or perfume oils and small amounts of any mild-scented vegetable oil, such as grapeseed or almond. (See Oil Recipes)

     How to apply your oil to your candle is determined by your intention:

     Inviting Stroke: When your aim is to call something to you and bring it into your life, apply the oil first around the top of the candle (in a clockwise motion, looking down at the wick), the bottom (again, clockwise, with the candle upside down), and then center (that is, around the candle's "waist", clockwise as you hold the candle upright). Then rub more oil from the top in toward the candle's center and from the bottom up to the candle's center. As you do this, hold a clear mental image of drawing good things to you, pulling them in toward your own heart-center.

     Banishing Stroke: When your intention is to move stuff out of your life, reverse this process: apply oil in a counter-clockwise motion to top, bottom, and center, then rub out and away from the candle's center, keeping a clear picture of things departing as you do so.

     For Novenas (tall candles in glass): These burn for days and many people feel safer about leaving them unattended (still in a bathtub or sink, please). Obviously you must dress them in a different manner.

     To write directly on the candle, reach down with your tool and scratch the words into the wax around the wick.

     Then, apply your oil around the wick and on the glass around the bottom only, working clockwise to draw to you, counter-clockwise to send away. With novena candles, petitions can be fastened directly around the glass jar itself, so the light of the candle's flame will shine through the paper as the candle burns.

     While a number of books suggest always applying oil from the center out (what I consider the banishing stroke), I learned the inviting/banishing methods that I use many years ago and they've always felt right to me. Does that mean the books are wrong, I'm wrong, or that it really doesn't matter how it's done? No, it means that what ultimately makes these things "right" is one's own intention. Do what feels right for you and be consistent with your intention.

Fragrance Associations


White Rose, White Garden Lily, or Gardenia


Pine, Carnation, or Honeysuckle


Lily of the Valley, Lavender, or Bayberry


Magnolia, Sandalwood, or Sage


Primrose, Thyme, or Lilac


Water Violets, Black Orchid, or Hyacinth


Rosemary, Rue, or Cloves


Fragrances Ruled By The Moon











Water Lily



Fragrances Ruled By Mars

All Spice


Dragon's Blood


High John the Conqueror


Hot Peppers





Fragrances Ruled By Mercury






Lemon Grass

Lily of the Valley






Fragrances Ruled By Jupiter












Fragrances Ruled By Venus

Adam and Eve

African Violet









Fragrances Ruled By Saturn

Black Orchid



Morning Glory

Opium Poppy




Solomon's Seal

Water Violets


Fragrances Ruled By The Sun











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RE:Dressing Candles
(Date Posted:01/24/2009 22:50 PM)

How to `Dress` a candle for magical purposes

The dressing of candles with oils & herbs is believed to enhance their powers. You should ALWAYS annoint and "handle" your candles when used for magical purposes.

You will need:

Candle 'Taper & pillar' candles works best for this, but any candle can be used
Annointing oil *keep in mind your intent. Ex. Cinnamon oil for success
Herbs or flowers *These can be cut or powdered
Blue Candle
Candle holder

Find an appropiate color candle for your task. Clean candle even if it's brand new (use rose or lavender water for this and let dry) Place your tools on your altar, light the blue candle for power and strength. If you are going to carve any symbols or names into your candle, now is the time to do that. Take some oil and place it in the palms of you hands, starting at the middle of the candle, rub oil from middle to top for to "Banish" energy away from you and from middle to bottom to "Attract" energy to you. Clear your mind and keep your intent strong. Next take a piece of wax paper and sprinkle your herbal (or flower) mixture onto paper. You can use fresh or dried herbs & flowers Now take your "oiled" candle and roll onto herbs (flowers) until the candle is covered to your liking. Keep your intent in mind while doing this procdeure. Place oiled & herbed candle in your clean candle holder. You now have a "dressed' candle. This candle must be watch closely as the herbs can catch fire. WARNING NEVER LEAVE ANY LIGHT CANDLE UNATTENED! You can also use glass encased candles and dress the top only.

How to Dress a Candle
By Lady Majyk

     Before beginning any spell casting please be sure that you understand the 3-Fold-Law.

      Imagine this, you're  all set up for your candle spell, the circle has been cast, you  have your altar  ready, the candles set out, the incense going,  music plays lightly in the  background. The lights are off and  moonlight is streaming through the open  window. The power is electric and flowing though the air. You are 'charged' and  ready to do  your candle spell. You reach for your candle and read the  instructions  that are lying out on the altar.  The instructions say; "Dress your candle with oil." ...You stop! The mood begins to falter, you loose  your  concentration on the spell. All that keeps racing through your mind is, "What is...'Dress your candle'... and how do I do it????"

I  have been asked that question by many a practitioner of the arts.  So here's a handout I give to students who don't know how. Hope it clears up everything.

Often, spells call for the spellworker to "dress the candle".  No, they don't mean for you to grab a bunch of Barbie clothes and  start working out a good outfit for your spell tapers.


      Once you have chosen a candle for the spell you intend on casting, you will need to take time to "dress" it.
   "Dressing" a candle is fairly simple task, and should be done to EVERY candle you will ever use.  The reason for dressing a candle are two fold.  ONE is to remove any existing energies that may be in/on the candle.  TWO, to place the images,  energies and qualities within/on the candle.  That way you ensure a higher percentage of success with your spellcasting.
Before dressing your candle, you will need to obtain some oil for this specific  purpose. There are many types of blended and essential oils you could use, be sure you pick one that best represents what you want, in reference to the spell you will cast.  If you are unsure  of what oil to get that best represents your spell.   I recommend  something like Goddess Rising Oil or Blue  Roses...(Patchoulli or Sandlewood are also good choices and ones you should always have on hand.)
All of these can be used in all forms of positive magicks.  Dressing the candle is a process that imbues the candle with your own personal energy, and that of the spell, in order to add more "oomph" to what you're doing.
Several  correspondences are:
Love: rose, ylang-ylang
Money: patchouli,  cinnamon 
Protection: myrrh, frankincense [yes, they do come  in oils]
Healing:  clary sage, neroli  ( I would look at your intent and which essential oils correspond with it and use accordingly...)
The next step is to take some oil and dab it on your finger, then go clockwise around  your candle to make a complete ring of oil  on it. During this think of God/dess  energies pouring from you  into the candle. "See" in your minds eye, the oil  flowing from you into the candle. Know that what you seek in your spell will  come true, that you will accept nothing less. Once you have done  this then pull  some of the oil upwards toward the wick, once again  in a clockwise manner, until  you encircle the candle again. Continue  to empower the candle by "seeing & knowing" the energies are  flowing through you to the candle. Feel the power grow  within  the candle as every stroke adds the knowledge that your candle is  now  being filled, more and more, with your wishes and intent.
The  last step in dressing a candle is to pull the oil down from the  center to  the bottom of the candle clockwise once again. If you are like me, you may feel  the need to add more oil at this time  cause there doesn't feel like there's enough left on the candle,  just add more. But be sure that you place the oil  around the center  first, like at the beginning, and then draw it down in the  same  clockwise circle. Be sure to concentrate, once more, on what you want the outcome of your spell to be. Remember to send as many positive energies into the candle as you can muster up. The  key to success with any candle spell is to VISUALIZE & CONCENTRATE!!!Now once you have visualized, concentrated,  and instilled  into the candle all the qualities you can. Once  you have visualized the outcome  of your spell and know that it  will be the way you want it to, then you are  ready to begin your  spell casting. Your candle is dressed and ready to go.
One  last note, many people have asked me if you can use a candle you  have  dressed for another spell if its not burnt all the way down.  There are no hard and fast rules here ... you can IF you cleanse the candle very well and re-dress it for the next spell. Yet, be  warned, your success rate may be lower as it has already been used  before and those energies may remain and send the spell off-focus a bit. I highly recommend that if you are doing a spell, use new candles for that spell.  It allows for a higher success rate and the candle is much easier to impress your wishes and intent upon when its fresh and not used.
(But, then thats my opinion, You do what works best for you. After all, it's your one else's.) 


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