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Title: Communicating With The Candle
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(Date Posted:01/13/2009 06:37 AM)
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Communicating With the Candle

The candle itself can be equated to the human body or human potential. It is composed of the magickal elements of Earth, Air, and Water. Once energized and lit, Fire and Spirit are added: Al the elements necessary for Magick and life embodied in one compact unit.

The Symbology of the Candle


The energy you place into the candle is the unseen factor that creates change in accordance with your desires. That which gives shape and life to an action leading to an ultimate reaction. Will is symbolized by a properly energized and lit candle. Elemental Kingdom - a thought form created by the Magician.


The aura or halo around the flame represents divinity achieved, the life hereafter, the transmuted state of God- self. Elemental Kingdom- all on a spiritual level only.

The Body

The physical properties of the candle exclusive of the wicking. Whether you use a vegetable wax, a tallow or petroleum base, oil or bees wax, all the elements are brought to bear when the candle is lit. When unlit, all elements are present except Fire, Spirit and Will (if undedicated). Elemental Kingdom - as indicated - Earth-Air-Water.


The flame of the candle represents the seat of the soul. The spirit's transcendence and knowledge of its own divinity. Elemental Kingdom - salamanders. (Each tiny flame houses a living salamander.)


The wicking represents the human potential when unlit. Once lit, it becomes the vehicle by which transmutation is made possible. Symbolized by the rising of the Kundalini. Elemental Kingdom - gnomes when unlit, sylphs and salamanders when lit.

Candle Holder

The candle holder represents reality as we perceive it along with all that contains and sustains us here on Mother Earth. Elemental Kingdom - Earth/Gnomes.

The Language of Candles

     As you begin working with candles, you will discover that they have a unique language. The language is expressed by the dancing of the flame, the wafting of the smoke, and the snap and crackle of the burning wax. In order to successfully interpret how your magickal work is progressing, you will be communicating not only with your own subconscious, but with the Fire elementals as well.

     No two candles will ever react the same way when lit even when they are homemade and all things are known to be equal in their manufacture. Though undedicated, a candle has unique properties that individualize it form others of the same batch. When dedicated and lit, each candle displays its unique personality (shaped from your desires) that is communicated by the tiny Fire Element or Salamander housed within the flame. Communication with you will vary slightly from candle to candle depending on the task assigned it and how well you have aligned your intention.

     As your candle burns, free your mind and concentrate on the candle. Watch how the smoke rises and the flame dances and listen to the sound it makes. The smoke may rise to the East or waft to the South, the flame may flare or dwindle, and the sounds may be of a popping nature. Ask yourself how these actions relate to the Magick you are performing. The answers you perceive are often startling and revealing about the true nature of your desires.

     Do not be surprised if the unenlightened attribute the language of your candles to the myriad of "logical" explanations regarding drafts, chemical compositions, atmospheric conditions, etc. When the results are in and heads are scratched in dismay, just remember that "All of Magick Is a Seeming Array of Uncanny Coincidence to the Unenlightened."

The Flame

     You will soon realize that your candle flame will frequently wav, dip, and bob regardless of how carefully you shield it against drafts. This is called a dancing flame, one of the ways a candle communicates with you. The dance has meaning and. once understood, can help you determine how your Magick is progressing.

Strong Flame: this indicates that power and energy are going into your desires for manifestation. This is a very good sign. When a figure candle is used, a strong flame generally indicates that the person represented by the figure is winning or angry or is using authority over another. when two figure candles are present, the higher and stronger flame represents authority over another.

Weak Flame: This can show you that you are facing heavy opposition and must redo the Magick several times in order to overcome the power you are facing. The weak flame can also indicate, on a figure candle, that the subject is losing the battle, argument, etc., against another.

     The weak flame that goes out usually means that you have missed your target altogether. Start over and b more careful of the intentions you put out.

Jumping Flame: This is an attention getter. It can indicate raw emotions along with explosions of energy, depending on the candle used and its intended purpose.

     When two figure candles are being used, a jumping flame usually means that an energetic or heated discussion or argument is taking place.

Rainbow Flame: As indicated by the name, this flame is composed of various colors. They have the same meanings as those listed in the colors page listed in this site.

Flame pointing North: Something physical is manifesting. This can be of long duration.

Flame Pointing East: Something mental is manifesting. New Ideas, intuitions.

Flame Pointing South: Something is happening that is aggressive in nature, a steamy, hot situation.

Flame Pointing West: Something emotional manifesting. A good sign of success.

The Smoke

The following general rules apply when interpreting the direction your candle smoke takes:


     You will have to work for what you want. Success will not be easy or rapid. Perseverance is the key here. In the case of health, it can mean a condition can get worse. Look to other omens for more information.


     Success comes with thought and strategy. Carefully review the situation. Patience is the key here.


     Success comes rapidly with your request. In the case of health, your recovery is immanent.


     When the smoke wafts to the West, the issue is too emotional. Step back, You are too involved. Look at the situation from a detached point of view to clear the mind. Then, reanalyze the problem. Is there something you are overlooking?

The Talking Candle

     Candle chatter denotes communication on some level. That level will depend on the magick you are performing. Chatter is most common when using figure candles and can denote who is getting told what and by whom.

Soft, infrequent Chatter: Indicates intimate conversation and, at times, pure thoughts.

Mild, Frequent Chatter: Someone in a position of authority is giving orders or directions.

Strong, Frequent Chatter: Denote Arguments, quarrels or loud disagreements.

     Remember, the language of the candle is important. The direction of the flame, the wafting of the smoke, and the audible chatter are all a from of communication for divination into past, current, and future events. Take notes and learn the language of the candle so you can better understand the workings of your magick.

     Whenever you are looking for omens in candle language, always use your common sense. Remember that each magickal act is different and reach candle is unique. Combine this awareness with your subconscious interpretations of the omens and you will find that your interpretations will vary from those of others under similar circumstances. experiment to find out what is right for you.

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RE:Communicating With The Candle
(Date Posted:01/13/2009 06:37 AM)

Understanding the Candle Flame


One of the very first things taught to the students of Flame Divination is that all of the candle must be understood, from the color and meaning of the candle to how the Wax melts.
The wax will actually take shapes of figures, animals, demons, letters,and angels ect ,
if the wax melts with holes on the top it mean's that opposition is around and the candle is burning its way through, if its little holes and one count them and keep watch over them it this tells you how many days or weeks it will take to be granted.
There is much one can say about how the wax melts, this will be noted later.

We look at the width and appearance of the flames, how the smoke burns, the shape or forms it takes, what the glass looks like during the ritual (if using glass enclosed candles) how the candles talk and the flames dance, yes Candles talk, they have a language and they Bring messages,
for example after you have light a candle (and this is for anyone), you often feel better and many times you will note as you light the candle, it emits a thick black smoke sometimes just a Black outline shows around the flame and smoke,

In Flame Divination this tell us that it is removing Negative energy from you, around you or sent to you.
Another example is White smoke that tells us that Prayers and Petitions are being Answered however depending on how white, for example a white and gray smoke tells us that the petition is being granted however with delays and perhaps even struggles.

Black and gray  (smoke) means someone blocks you or is trying to intercept the Prayers from its desired point and if white on the bottom this can mean the candle is fighting hard to get the petition to its desired destination and it had made it, however the whole candle and its actions must be watched and read until it is consumed.

Smoke leaning to the right toward you may means your prayers are being answered to the right and away from you means you need more understanding and patience, success will come.
A Strong flame Long, Short (wide) often tells us that the candle is working for our petition and sending it out and working quickly. A Flickering flame and or jumping flame
Often tells us that some type of warfare and interferences is strong here, strong prayer is needed.  A Low or Weak flame tells us that the petition will be granted however slow with much work is need. A candle that refuses to keep a flame or wont stay lit tells us several things

1. That the petition requested is not safe or the person is not ready to except full responsibility.

2. That there are blocks and opposition to the request.

3. That someone may be working against the petition.
If the smoke turns toward your left this means that there is oppositions and the petitioner may be becoming to emotional or has other intents that are not truthful to the request.

Flames that Crackle or Pop depending on the volume that is telling us that the Candle and the Flames voice is sending your Petitions and Prayers out and upward.
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RE:Communicating With The Candle
(Date Posted:01/13/2009 06:38 AM)

Finding Meaning In Flames
Candle Rituals

Most people unknowingly perform their first candle ritual at a very young age, on their first or second birthday they are able to make a sincere wish as they blow out the candles on their birthday cake. Since ancient times, candles have held a place in the ceremonies and rituals of innumerable cultures. Candlelight not only illuminates, but transforms the atmosphere. It can make a setting mysterious or meditative, invoke inward reflection, or mesmerize. The flickering flame of a candle can inspire focus, helping us concentrate on our hopes and dreams and snuffing out a candle can be a significant act. Because of this, the variety of candle rituals performed today are both the result of thousands of years of tradition as well as the innovation of many souls. It is just as appropriate to invent your own rituals as it is to borrow those used by others.

Candles, both those assigned special meaning and the simple white variety, can be used in rituals of healing, gathering, wishing, or any type of ritual your mind can conceive. The ritual may be easy or as complicated as you want. A good beginning point is choosing a candle of an appropriate color. Many people believe that white candles bring truth, green money, pink love, purple ambition, orange attraction, and red strength, but you may choose any color that you find meaningful. A simple wishing ritual is similar to the birthday ritual: light your candle and spend some time concentrating both on its flame and what you desire. Look into the flame and visualize the end result until you believe in its truth. Then gratefully and gently extinguish the flame. A longer ritual involves anointing the candle with oil and making seven notches in the wax. Place the candle in a sturdy holder and light it. Concentrate on a goal, a desire, or a truth as the candle burns down one notch. Do ! this every night until the candle has burned out. You can also invent new rituals for yourself with a little creativity.

Candle rituals have been used by cultures as diverse as the Egyptians, the Chinese, and the Celtic peoples for a variety of purposes. You may feel that in performing your candle ritual you are able to connect with the ancient, slow, and wise rhythms of the past or that you are carving a new path into the future. Either way, each candle you burn will fuel your inner fire and help you discover what is possible.

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