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Title: Candle-gazing Meditation
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(Date Posted:01/13/2009 02:12 AM)
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Candle-gazing Meditation

Sit on the ground, and hold your candle in your hands. This is your flame. You created it. It burns as your symbol in the universe. Look at the flame. As you breathe, the flame moves with you. It plays and frolics as you watch it.

As you look at the flame, you can see that it is actually made of the colors of the rainbow. Subtle shades of red glow at the very tip of the flame. Your passion, your physical body are being left behind, as a faint reminder of who you are.

The orange that follows spans a short time on the flame. Your anchor on this earth, also reminds you that there is a life on this plane.

Then, the yellow, the most prevalent, the most powerful part of the flame draws your attention. It burns as your creativity, yearning to burst free and shower you with its inspirations.

Your eyes follow down and see the tiny segment of green, your center, your growth. This is where the bountiful harvest of your life lies.

Feel the growth and abundance everywhere in the universe before you fall into the blue at the base of the flame. The blue, the higher emotion of your secret self burns brightly if only you look at it. Below it, barely perceptible, is the violet of your spirit.

This is the same spirit that resides within you, but it is barely perceptible day to day. You must catch it unawares to know it. As you watch your flame/spirit, Let the violet flame enlarge and envelop the blue, green, yellow, orange and red of the fire. Let your spirit enlarge to fill you in the same way. As you inhale, feel your spirit fill you.

Let it permeate your fingers, palms, arms, shoulders, head, neck, chest, pelvis, thigs, calves, feet, and toes. Let it have control, however briefly, over the flesh form you have chosen for this lifetime.

Breathe the flame. As you breathe, let your spirit speak with you. Let it give you its innermost confidence. Breathe your spirit. After a while, I'll come back to you.

As you breathe your spirit, allow it to slowly begin to recede from every secret part of you. Begin to feel the sensations that have not been so present in your body. Relax into the form you have known for so long. As you watch the flame, see the violet begin to recede from the other colors in the candle. It will leave a little of itself behind in every color as will your spirit leave a little of itself behind in every part of you. Feel it leave the red, the orange, the yellow, and the green. As it recedes from the blue, feel it mix with the blue and flow downward to reform as the base of the flame and the base of your being.

You have met what guides you in your innermost dreams. It will visit you again.

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RE:Candle-gazing Meditation
(Date Posted:01/13/2009 02:13 AM)

Candle Gazing

Candle gazing is a gentle and loving form of meditation. Combined with your favorite incense, Moon cycle, music or stones, Candle Gazing can be an important technique for grounding, channeling or just to relax and Be At Peace. In a quiet, darkened room, light your candle or candles of choice. Breathe deeply, ground and center, and gaze quietly at your candle flame. Let yourself feel warmed by the Light. Let the candles peaceful radiance fill you completely. As thoughts surface in your mind and Heart, experience them as if they came from within you, radiating outward. Do not let the flame split into a double image-keep your eyes and attention focused but relaxed. Remain doing this for at least five to ten minutes and for longer with practice.

Relax, Open Your Heart and Feel the Love.

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