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Title: Candle Spell to get Organized
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(Date Posted:01/24/2009 22:51 PM)
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A Spell to Get Organized


Tools needed:

  • *  Violet Candle (for progress and inspiration
  • *  Yellow Candle(self-assurance and glamoury)
  • *  Sandlewood essential oil
  • *  Celery seed
  • *  Crystal
  • *  Vanilla extract
  • *  Magnifying glass
  • *  Pencil and paper

First mix a pince of celery seed with the sandlewood essential oil and let the energies mingle a bit.  This Mixture will help promote deep concentration andsharp focus.

  Now, dress the candles with this mixture.  place the crystal between the two candles pointing toward yourself.  The Crystal will help intensify the spell and direct the energy directly at you.

Draw an eye on each candle.  Place a few drops of the vanilla extract on the candle top and work a little into the wick,  Pay attention to the aroma and inhale it deeply.

Light the candle and say :

"Quiet, mind...Now be still.

Focus on what I now will.

No scattering or thought dissension--

I order you to pay attention!"

Hold the magnifying glass in front of the eye on each candle, then bring it up to your third eye say :

"Bring clear focus to details

Enlarge and bring them into scale.

Attend each project one by one...

Grant clarity 'til work is done."

Make a "to=do" list in order of priority and place it under the crystal and in front of the candles and lean the magnifying glass atop the crystal and list.  Leave them there until the candle burns completely.  When the candle is out, take up the crystal and carry it with you as you start doing each thing on the list. 

See how smoothly each task becomes and how fast it is accomplished.



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