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Title: Candle Decorating 101
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(Date Posted:01/13/2009 06:16 AM)
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Candle Decorating 101

Today, most people regard candles as an emergency provision, stored for times when power outages occur. Churches still burn candles for ceremonies and rituals and many individuals buy candles to grace the dinning room table. But in the past few years, the practice of burning candles simply for the pleasure of the light they emit and the relaxing mood they create has increased dramatically. Home decorating magazines reflect and nourish this trend by regularly featuring articles that show the beautiful ways candles can accessorize every room in the house.


I. Engraved Candles

1. Materials
A. 1 candle of any size or shape
B. Any house hold item that will carve
C. Towel

2. Instructions
Place candle on towel and hold the candle firmly. Using the cutting tool, take firm, even strokes with the tool, cutting away from your body. Turn the candle as you cut until the desired design is completed.

II. Painted Candles

1. Materials
A. 1 candle of any size or shape
B. Any non water based water paint
C. Brushes
D. Small dish
E. Newspaper

2. Instructions
Place the candle on the newspaper and hold or secure the candle with a candleholder. Place your paint on a small dish. Using your brushes you can paint any design on the candle including stencils. When done let the candle dry overnight. You may want to check to see if the candle is dry before you handle it.

III. Beaded Candles

1. Materials
A. 1 candle of any size or shape
B. Small or large beads any color
C. Small hammer (any makeshift idem will do)
D. Towel

2. Instructions
Place the candle on the towel and hold firmly. Place a bead on the candle and press down so the bead is in place. Now take the hammer and gently tap it so it becomes imbedded in the wax. Repeat this as necessary to complete your design.

VI. Flower Rolled Candles
1. Materials
A. 1 candle of any size or shape
B. Bottle of your favorite dried herb
C. Glue
D. Wax paper
E. Candleholder

2. Instructions
Place the flowers on the wax paper. Holding the candle give a good coat of clear drying glue. Carefully roll the candle through the herb you choose. Then place the candle in the holder. If there are any uncovered spots simply fill them in while the glue is still wet. This candle is very delicate and must be handled with care.

Candle making is fun and rewarding. As with any craft, practice does matter, the more candles you make, the better your results will be. But candle making is essentially easy. Children, under the supervision of an adult, can make some candles. Whatever the attraction, I hope you will enjoy decorating your own candles and hope to inspire you to try new things.

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