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Title: Welcome to August
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RE:Welcome to August
(Date Posted:08/31/2014 9:16 AM)


Can you believe it's the last day of August? I know Summer isn't really over, but just the word "September" seems like Fall.  I guess it's the memories of Back To School.   I need to finish our September "skin".

We celebrated Mike's birthday yesterday in the very low key fashion we had planned, but it was still nice.  The only "excitement" was taking a little drive.  Later in the afternoon, we shared a glass of that outrageously expensive Scotch we bought each other for our anniversary and opened presents in the Library.

After our lovely meal of Chinese leftovers, we had Birthday Cake (Boston Cream Pie).   I hope he made a good wish.

I also got an update from Barbara this morning, and I posted that in her thread.  She writes so well and shares such great pictures, but I hafta tell you, it really makes us appreciate what we have here.  My broken nail or stripped flowers don't seem like quite such a big deal when I read Barb's updates.

Today will be low key also.  We had talked about going out for brunch, but Mike decided he didn't want to.  That's ok with me.  Maybe I'll put my hair color in.  


The Flaming Volcano ~~ It seems like every restaurant uses he same bowl.  I haven't a clue what is actually in the drink, though I think I knew at one time.  In the center there is a hollow which they fill with alcohol and ignite ~ the 'volcano'.   Definitely a drink for two!  You can't see the flame in the picture, but it's there.

I will pass your Happy Birthday wishes on to Mike.  Thank you.


I'm just curious.  Why doesn't your mom want her AC on, no matter how hot it gets?   Anyway, I'm glad you had had yours on so you could sleep, and that you got and kept the house cooled off.

Sesame Chicken is always hot but I ask for it mild.  This Orange chicken had the little red pepper next to it's name on the menu.   We usually don't get two chicken dishes, but you can't be hampered by "rules", can you?  

Like you, I have a ton of freebies or very cheap books stored on my Kindle, but unlike you I read VERY slowly.  I read a few pages or a chapter and then go on to do something else.  I spend WAY too much time online.  Anyway, I don't know if I'll ever get to the freebies, but they are there waiting for me if I do.    I buy the books I used to buy in paperback unless they are overpriced and I do buy the Inspector Gamache books.

The first one in the series is cheap, and I'm going to buy it for you, just because I like the series so much, and I like you so much, and I really can't make lovely gifts like you do for me.   I'll send it later this morning.  You may not like it as much as I do, and that's ok.  At least you'll know what I'm talking about.   She's won just about every award an author can win for her writing, but that doesn't always mean that I will love the books.  In this case, I do.

And so it goes.    One hast hurrah for Summer ~~~

Border by Dorothy

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“Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less." -Rick Warren

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