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(Date Posted:11/30/2015 11:17 PM)
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The December 25th Full Moon is call "Cold Moon" by Native Americans because at this time of year the nights are long, the days short, so less sunlight means more cold days.


December, from decem, Latin for ten.
The earliest Latin calander was a 10 month one, beginning with March, thus, September was the 7th month, October the 8th and so forth.  July was  originally called Quintilis-5th, August was called Sextilis-6th.
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(Date Posted:12/01/2015 12:04 AM)

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(Date Posted:12/01/2015 10:58 AM)

Hello!  Welcome to December!

We're still in the deep freeze.  Snow yesterday was enough to have them come and shovel, and then the wind kicked up and it was like a blizzard of dry snow blowing off of the roofs and lawns.  I was sure the walks would need to be shoveled again, but they were ok.     We may get up to a balmy 39 degrees today ~ actually above freezing!

Your new December skin and your December Thread Page are wonderful!    I put animated snow on the TnT skin too, but it's not nearly as spectacular as yours!   I love it!   Thank you for doing that for us and making our 'home' so welcoming!  

I love it ~~ and you!

Border by faye


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“Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less." -Rick Warren

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(Date Posted:12/01/2015 11:01 PM)

Ho Ho Ho
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Weider household.  Today Chris helped us to take down out regular curtains and put up the snowman shears and the red valances.
I did not get the tree finished since I did not get to bed till close to 5am and ended up sleeping till 11am.  But I did get more items put back into the living room. Put the drawers back in and got my other small table back in.  We found the Curio blue and white snowmen *darn.  Also the outdoor lights and the garlands and lights for around the doors.  A little more each day!!

I am so so sorry about your Aunt Betty.  She sounds like an amazing woman.  I do remember you talking about her, I remember about her wanting to go skydiving.  I do not understand why no one called and told you that she died? I am sure she knew you loved her.  It is something we all do and then beat ourselves up when it is too late.  I always think I will call or write today and forget to do it.  I do this over and over again.  Then I always think I am not a good friend or relative.  It is sad how some ER doctors just look for an easy explanation and send you home.  I blame one in our ER for the loss of my vision in my right eye.  After I left radiation treatment on a Friday I got a horrible headache.  It would not go away so I went to walk in clinic on Sat.  They said they did not know and maybe it was related to my Cancer so gave me a prescription for a pain med.  It continued so called CA doctor who said it is nothing to do with my CA and if it continued to go to the ER on Sunday.  So I did, it was horrible pain and the med was making me so sleepy.  I think they did a CT scan...not sure, maybe just an x-ray then told me I had a Sinus infection and put me on antibiotics.  It continued and mom called and cancelled my radiation on Mon and Tues.  She tried on Wed and they said I really needed to come in, so I did.  They had me see one of the radiation doctors who told me I had an infection and sent me to see my eye doctor.  He told me it was shingles.  It went 5 days undiagnosed.  There were other mistakes made.  Wish my eye doctor had sent me sooner to the eye institute in Milwaukee as I think they could have saved my eye.  By the time I went there they were just fighting to save the eye.  God Bless and Keep your Aunt and give you comfort.  Sorry for throwing my story in there.

I am sorry to hear that Laine will not be coming.  But as you said it may be a blessing in disguise.  Has Mike set up arrangements for the repair of his tooth?  I hate to think he will not be able to enjoy all the great Holiday foods.  One thing I did read about and did when I had that abscessed tooth was to rinse my mouth with apple cider vinegar.  I had to water it down as I could not handle it straight, lol.  It helped the pain and helped clean up the infection.  Another time when the area started to hurt I did the vinegar and away it went.  It's worth a try.  

Cyber sale on Norwex, Woo Hoo!!

The boys were working for free.  And even though they did not really do what we had hoped for, their antics and comments and laughter made the day excellent.  Mom said she had so much fun even though she was disappointed in not finding the red and white ornaments.

Oh my, Shogun is up to his old antics, he must be looking for something to do since Chrystie is not there to chase.  I think he thinks those shiny flat surfaces are for playing foosball on.  We will blame this one on Mike.  Cannot be blaming my beautiful boy now can I?  LOL!

As far as Barb....Operating System is Windows 7 or 10 or Vista or whatever.  Google and Internet Explorer are Browsers, lol.  So what Operating System is Barb using?  I want to try and investigate the issue for her.

Mom and I have been overdoing it.  I recover faster and I wish I could make her stop trying to do so much.  Monday she was "jittery" and never told me.  She told Joanne while they were at TOPS.  But today she was fine.  I think she overdid it all weekend.  Now, hopefully she will rest more.

So that's it.  I need to make us tags out of the skin header and the page header.  But need to read my email now.  
Love and hugs for my big sister.

PS...Thanks for the compliments on my endeavors this month.  I was pleased with the results.  Also was ecstatic to find the icons and hover shading working again.  Both the headers were all made from on scrap kit.  I used no tubes, only what was in the kit.
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(Date Posted:12/02/2015 9:08 AM)

Good morning.  

We still have a few decorating touches to add.  Hopefully we'll get that done today.  It is warming up ~ going to be in the 40s.  Heat wave!

We are once again invited to the big neighborhood Christmas party and we don't intend to go ~ and we have no excuse except that we don't want to go.  So there. ;-)    

I am going to Roxanne's Ornament Exchange on Friday. That sounds like a fun get together with a smaller group ~ only 19 women, I think.  Mike REALLY doesn't want to go to the big Christmas party, though he would if I insisted.  This way I can represent us with a smaller group of just women and not seem anti-social, or at least not TOO anti-social, and we can still do what We want to do.  

Oooh, another beautiful border for me to steal. 

Did you get your Advent Calendar?  I've already decorated the Christmas tree in the town square and built a stained glass window!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

How neat that Chris is helping you get your decorations up!  

Ummm. Up until 5 AM?  Get thee to bed at a reasonable hour, please!    Sorry about the blue & white snowmen and the lack of red and white ornaments, but I'll bet everything is lovely anyway.  I do wish you could put some of YOUR lovely things out.   It's really early, so you'll get it all done and have lots of time to enjoy it all.

Betty was my cousin, not my aunt.  All of my aunts and uncles are gone, and I think I have one more cousin, a man who is just a few years older than I whom I'm not in touch with.   While I hate this phrase beyond distraction, "I was the baby" among the cousins.   Now, I'm the grown up.   I don't want to be the grown up.   I don't do "grown up" well!  The next batch of cousins are my cousin's kids, and their kids.   

We did a little bit of shopping yesterday and I got a lovely card for John and wrote him a letter to include in it.  Mike read it and said it was really nice.  I hope so.  It's hard.

I HATE that we have to trust the Doctors who are distracted or disinterested and then we live with the consequences.  The idea that you didn't have to lose vision in your eye makes me furious!   

Mike's major dental appointment was scheduled for December 1st, and they called and changed it to the 10th, which would have been the day before Laine was to come.   I went ballistic and told Mike I was going to call and make them move it up.  He has one crown that is completely off and the other teeth are broken beneath the crowns.  I'm scared to death that uncovered tooth will break and cause him terrible pain.  He isn't worried, and I guess he knows better than I about it.  He didn't want me to call (fearing that I would be "assertive" with them, I think ~ lol) so he said HE would do it.  When he did, they had taken the week off.   I was going to call yesterday if he didn't, but he really wants to leave it until the 10th.  I think he's nutz, but it's his mouth, so (believe it or not) I'm shutting up about it.

Since the boys worked for free and for love, and they made your mom and you happy, I won't get on their cases either.  lol

Yes ~ I join you in blaming Mike for Shogun's breaking the dishes.  I can't even imagine what he was thinking of leaving them out on the Island divider!   Fortunately I think we can get replacements for them because they are part of the set.

No, I don't know what Operating system Barb has, though I did ask her about the Operating System and the browser she was using early on.  So far, that's all she has told me, so that's all I know.

See you later 'Gator.


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“Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less." -Rick Warren

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(Date Posted:12/02/2015 10:00 AM)

Tagbot information I shared with Barb.   We'll see if that triggers anything with her.

System Requirements

  • Desktop PC Running Windows.
  • Note: Vista, Win7, Win8 users must install to desktop, not to Program Files.
  • For older Windows (Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, etc) the system file MsVbVm60.DLL must be on your computer. Locate it from the start menu .... 
    Start>Find>Files or folders 
    Named: MsVbVm60.DLL 
    Look in: Drive C: or all hard drives. 
    If the program does not run or if you have not found theClick to download driverMicrosoft System Files on your PC, you may download them here. These files will be placed in your WinNT\System32 (or Windows\System) directory if they do not already exist there.
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“Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less." -Rick Warren

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(Date Posted:12/02/2015 8:07 PM)

Oops, sorry, I knew she was your cousin.  Just my stupid mind having another brain fart!!!  Maybe some day it will stop being so gassy, lol.  While you were out, did you pick up an ornament for the exchange?  That party is more appealing to me than the big one.  I have never liked crowds.  I feel more alone in a crowd than if I was really alone.  I am not a good mingler.  
I sure hope they can take care of Mike's teeth enough on the 10th or shortly after so that he can enjoy the holidays.

You can always tell the big party people that Mike had a toothache and that is why you did not come...that would not be a lie.
We are watching the lighting of the tree at Rockefeller Center program and the music has been awesome.  So varied and I have enjoyed it all.  Tomorrow is the DC lighting, I am sure that will be on TV too.  Suz put up the garlands over the doorway and the arch in the living room so we are looking more festive.  She also took pics of us for the Christmas card but I cannot get my computer to read the SD card.  Am thinking that might be something I deleted.  I keep seeing missing files on things but so far nothing that was crippling.  Did not even know what they referred to, lol.  I tried connecting my camera to my computer, but nothing came up there either.  Though I think it was charging.  Will have to try it on the desktop, though that computer is slow as molasses.  If that does not work I do not know what I will do.  Start over?  We watched the San Bernardino shooting news all afternoon.  Last we heard there were 12 dead and 12 wounded.  And the shooters escaped.  Dear Lord I hope they find them.  What could be the reasoning behind this.  At first we thought a disgruntled employee.  But the we were hearing about multiple shooters and wear military type clothing...though that could be just to throw everyone off.  I hope they catch the bastards.  I wondered if there might be any security camera's in the building.  I pray they get these monsters!  
Oh yes, thank you, thank you, thank you.  I did get it.  I love it.  I did not get to my email till after midnight.  So I got to do the stained glass window but not the tree. Going to have to check that out.  
I still need to make those tags, lol.  Not enough hours in the day.  Going to be in "bed" by 1 tonight.  Enough of these wee hours any more.  
Have a wonderful day my dear sister.

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(Date Posted:12/03/2015 9:19 AM)


Good Morning!

Heat wave!  We reached the 50s yesterday and it should stay in the 50s through Friday!  Summer!  lol

Once again I didn't get much done yesterday.  This is becoming a very bad habit.   Maybe today?  Maybe not. 

Tomorrow Morning Shauna comes AND Roxie is having her Ornament Exchange, so I don't imagine I'll be online until later.   You had asked about the Ornament exchange.  We are each to bring a wrapped ornament with no tag, and we will put it in a bowl (or something) and each person will draw an ornament from the bowl.  No one will know whose ornament they got or what kind of ornament they selected until they open the gift wrapped box.  I think that is the coolest idea.  When you don't know who you got your ornament from, it's as if it was given by the whole neighborhood somehow.   Her thought is that we won't always be together (4 neighbors have died since Mike and I moved here and two more have moved away.), but we'll have the memories of being part of the neighborhood, and two more have moved away.)   Roxie is the gal who has been behind all of the parties and gatherings to keep the neighbors together, and she is the reason we aren't like "normal" neighborhoods where you know a few neighbors, maybe, but not many.   She'll have  a Continental breakfast and mimosas and coffee, and as I said, not the entire neighborhood, but just a smaller group of women.. I'm looking forward to it.

It's sounds like it's really "beginning to look a lot like Christmas" at your house!  I'm afraid when I have everything up that I plan to put up, it will still look pretty"understated" (skimpy?  lol)   

Oh, I hope whatever lets you take, keep and share pictures can be restored!  I want to see pictures!   

We watched the San Bernardino shootings too.  Horrible.  It always hits me later ~ like a delayed reaction and I know just when it will come.  When I see the first person who is looking for his loved one.  In this case, a father whose daughter texted him about what was happening and that she was scared.  He tried to read her texts and his voice broke, and so did my tear reservoir.

As usual the Left and the Media rushed in to blame the Right.  Good Lord, do they ever get tired of that?  In response it makes me want to blame the Left for everything that is wrong in the world.  How helpful.  At least I recognize what motivates my reaction and at least try to stop it.   Perhaps we should all blame the actual shooters.  I dunno.  Just a thought (she says sarcastically).  Now we know that it was a Muslim couple ~ so we should blame all Muslims, right?   Or blame their equipment (guns, cars, cell phones?)   Actually I did see while it was going on and before WE knew who the shooters were that ISIS was tweeting cheers and congratulations for the shooting.  Perhaps those GoPro Cameras they were wearing were broadcasting back to ISIS.

 Sorry for the mini-rant, but I just get so sick of this idiocy, and for the apparent glee some people have when they can use a terrible tragedy like this to blame ME and others like me for daring to not to think in Lock Step with them about everything.  If we could only get rid of the First and Second Amendments, right?  (Snarl)  Enuf!  Back to thoughts of Christmas!

I'm so glad you like the Advent Calendar as much as I do and that it installed easily.  I made snow flakes last night!

Love your pretty border, as usual. ;-)

Border by ?orothy

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“Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less." -Rick Warren

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(Date Posted:12/03/2015 8:48 PM)

I think it is wonderful that Roxie promotes neighborhood togetherness.  It makes for a wonderful living experience.
Knowing your neighbors and socializing with them is the best
and knowing that you can depend on them.  They are all so considerate of you.  Checking to see if you need a ride.  She seems to make it so fun too.  I want a Mimosa.

I was able to get the pics to upload to the computer and will share a couple photos.  
Our Snowman panels and the red valances.  This is a work in progress, notice the step stool and window cleaner :)

This is the tree as the boys did it.  Today I did some rearranging and added more ornaments...against my moms wishes, lol.  Only a few!  Have not taken a new pic yet, not until the room is done.  See the bin sitting in front ot the tree.  I just took there pics while sitting in my recliner.

The picture we will be using for our Christmas Cards, lol.  That is moms best she says.  She was in a bad mood and I was afraid she would not even do it.

San Bernardino...I was so shocked to see that it was a husband and wife that did this.  I am thinking that the man was working for ISIS and I guess the woman too.  How could she do that?  How could she walk away from her 6 month old baby knowing she would probably not be back.  I cannot imagine it.  And all the bombs,and more they found at their home.  A co-worker said he was not the same after he came back from the last time he had gone to Saudi Arabia.  When he brought his fiance home.  That makes me think they may have been planning an attack from then on and his wife was a part of it from the start.  I wish they had not brought a child into the world.  Either she will be raised to think as they did or she will be stigmatized because of what her parents did.  So many families traumatized.  So many dead for no reason.  Do these people have no moral compass?  I just cannot deal with it.  How terrified they all must have been.  I cannot imagine it.  As far as the left and right blaming each other, it is time to work together for the good of the has been for a very long time.  I am so sick of it.

Hope you have a great time at your breakfast/ornament exchange and that you get an ornament that you love.
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From: USA

(Date Posted:12/04/2015 6:42 PM)

Partied Hardy ~ too Pooped to Post 

Weather was gorgeous.  I didn't wear a coat, and didn't need one.

Roxie and Jim's house is the same model as ours but it's a show place!  They have such exquisite decorations and serving pieces and do everything with such a flourish.   I wish I'd grabbed my camera when I first got there and taken pictures of the food and drink and everything instead of just visiting.  

Roxie is Italian ~ can you tell?
She served an assortment of Einstein Bagels with several different spreads (delicious) and two different kinds of pastries, fresh fruit compote and a breakfast 'hot dish' along with mimosas and a different kind of champagne mixed with a fruit drink and coffee.  Lovely

Letting you see some of the decorations, including the center of the table (tables, actually.)

Roxanne is in the front on the left.

After we ate, we moved into the Great Room.  Each gift had a sticker with a number on it, and we drew numbers from a bowl to see which ornament was ours.  No one knew who gave the ornament they got, which somehow made it even more special.

Angels everywhere.

I got a darling Snowman ornament.  In addition to the ornaments we exchanged, every year Roxie gives an ornament to everyone in the neighborhood, usually at the annual Christmas party.  This year she handed ours out at the Ornament Exchange and will deliver to those families who weren't here.   I got a beautiful gold reindeer.  She also had a drawing for an adorable teddy bear she got for on a cruise earlier this year for a donation to St Jude's Hospital.  (I didn't win.) 

Everyone walked down to our neighbor Karen's house, just up the street from me, to see her tree decorated with 1500 crystal lights ~ lovely ~ and then walked back to Roxie's to continue visiting.    The other Karen, who is still recovering from knee replacement drove Marie and me to Karen's and then drove us home ~ even though I'm only three houses down from there and could have walked.  I've been having enough trouble lately that I have to admit I'm glad she did
Roxie, Karen (whose house we were visiting) and Dee, who is usually up to her ears helping Roxie.  ;-)

I visited with some women I know and some I hadn't visited with before.  I am blessed to live in such a neighborhood,
and blessed with my wonderful Virtual Sisters as well.


                                                            Border By Barb
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“Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less." -Rick Warren

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From: USA

(Date Posted:12/04/2015 8:30 PM)

Your party looks and sounds wonderful.  Roxie's house is gorgeous but not what I would be comfortable living in.  But I do love it.  Wow to the beautiful Nativities she has.  Especially the one on the pedestal, the Angel with the Nativity in her wings.  I love it.  Too bad you did not get a pic of that tree with the 1500 crystal lights...that had to be something to see.  I was glad to hear that you got a ride back and forth.  I worried when you said you all walked.  I'll just bet between the party and Shauna you are more than exhausted.  Or did you miss Shauna completely?
I paid my bills today but that was about it.  Mom is going with Diane to my Aunt Sandy's in IL for the weekend.  They leave tomorrow morning and will return Sun evening.  I am
hoping the puzzles I ordered for her for Christmas come tomorrow so I can get that big box in my room and she will not know it.  Last year she saw it come.  I am supposed to be going to Fauska's on Sunday but got up today with a runny nose and sneezing...I am praying that it is not a cold as that will trigger that damn cough.  Listened to more on San Bernardino.  I missed the news conference that was on today with the lawyers for the family of the mass murderers.  Saw lots of angry comments on facebook.  I wish I had seen it.
Well, that's it for me.  Thanks for sharing the pics.  I really enjoyed seeing them.

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(Date Posted:12/05/2015 11:14 AM)


 Good Morning.  

I have so much I should be doing, but right now we're planning to take the day off.  I think Mike is in good shape to do it.  I am not, but I think I'll do it all the same.  Well . . . maybe I'll do a FEW things.   We'll see.

Going back to before my Ornament Exchange post ~ I love the pictures you posted!   You've talked about the curtains, and it was great to actually see them.  What a delightful Christmas tradition ~ they're lovely!  

The tree is beautiful ~ and I'm glad you added more ornaments.  As a famous Philosopher once said "A tree with a hole not filled loses it's soul".  

I love, Love, LOVE your Christmas Card picture!  It's absolutely purrrfect, and how it will delight everyone who receives it!   You clever girl!

 I've watched so much of the events in San Bernardino, too.  Work place violence, indeed!   And what does Eric Holder's replacement have to say?  Who does she want to prosecute?  Anyone who speaks ill of Muslims.  I certainly agree it would be as wrong to condemn all Muslims, even though the PC Crowd condemn all Christians or all Conservatives (I don't understand why blanket condemnation of an entire group is ok when THEY do it), but I do think there might be more immediate issues for Loretta Lynch to be concerned with. 
It would be impossible for any rational person not to recognize this as Terrorism, and anyone who doesn't realize that the Terrorist are already among us and that we are all vulnerable must have his head buried in the sand.   One of the major concerns I saw reported?  That they showed her face without her Burka. It was disrespectful.   Lord love a duck!  I can't begin to tell you how little respect I have for either of them!  Contempt, maybe.  Disgust and anger certainly, but Respect?   I don't think so.

I knew that as soon as I began to hear the stories of those killed and injured I'd be lost, and I was right.  Breaks your heart.

Roxie and Jim's home is a show place, for sure.  It's the same model as ours, but we look like we just moved in with nothing that doesn't weigh 60 lbs left on any surface.  lol   They have such wonderful decorative AND serving pieces, you can't imagine, but she is the most 'down to earth' and open person.  The beautiful nativity on the pedestal?  She told everyone that she got it at Hobby Lobby on sale.  The Christmas tree?   She won it at a church raffle.  Some of her serving pieces?  From the Dollar Store.  You have to love her.

Our house really is just right for us, as theirs is for them.  Each house, even with the same floor plan is so different.  I fear ours, with some of the furniture dating back to Disco, and any really Nice pieces we have packed away in a box somewhere in the basement would fall far short of the others and I'd probably be embarrassed to entertain.   Don't bother to tell me how silly that is, and what false pride it shows.  I know!   I wasn't always like this.  I think maybe it's because we do so little socially with others anymore.  Maybe.  Anyway, the idea of inviting folks over makes me more than a little nervous.  

The Ornament exchange really was lovely.  Many of the neighbors have become close friends, but all are welcoming to me even if I am the Balsam Street Hermit.  (laugh).  I visited more with two of the new widows today, lovely women both.  I can only imagine what they are going through, but they both wear a brave smile.  I just wanted to hug them.  Well, actually I did, when I left.  One woman has 5 step children and I can't remember how many grand children in California and Oregon.  I asked her if she was spending this first Christmas with them and she told me she had planned to go to Oregon but cancelled.  She wasn't sure how she would feel but she was sure she didn't want to bottle up her feelings for the sake of the grand kids for two weeks, so she's staying home alone.  I know she has friends so she can call people to be with if she wants to.  She wants the freedom to say no to invitations, and I get that, though I may see if she might want to come over for a glass of wine or something before Christmas.  The other new widows have family here in town, but I would like to get to know them better.  We sort of clicked.   I owe so many other people invitations but I just don't enjoy being social anymore.   I know we can't do a real party, but maybe two or three folks.      We'll see.     Some of the neighbors have been getting together for maybe 7 years and have become real friends, and others are still 'new'.  I'm not new, but we don't go to everything, and we rarely have anyone over so we don't have the kind of closeness some of them do.  I suspect you'll understand when I tell you that is pretty much ok with us.  We really like many, maybe all, of our neighbors, but we aren't "social" anymore.  Also, in a big crowd and with the high ceilings I sometimes have trouble hearing and understanding all that is being said unless I'm right next to someone, so I think I miss a lot of the conversations going on around me.   Coupled with not being able to stand for hours and visit, I'm sometimes a bit isolated.  I know you understand that.    Mike feels the same, so we will send our regrets for the big Christmas party, even though I know it would be fun, and I'd love to see Joan's house.   Her husband also died this year.  So much sadness, and such awesome women.  

I also found out who left the little skeleton on our mailbox at Halloween ~ the Karen who gave me a ride and Claudia.  They have done this before, and I always think it's Roxie and Dee because that's the kind of thing they do.  I sent Roxie a note and she said "It wasn't me!", but she did give me a clue.   Apparently not everyone was 'gifted' so I felt privileged and I let them know how much we liked and appreciated it.   I want to stay in the loop if they do it again ~ LOL.

Your mom is a completely social being!  Good for her ~ and maybe good for you if you can get some things delivered and wrapped while she is away.  Believe me I know how hard it is to "surprise" the person you are living with when you aren't able to hop in the car yourself.

Oh, I hope you aren't getting a cold.  Take something and knock it before it 'gets' you!

Have  I mentioned how glad I am to have you in my life, Little Sis?   Well, I am!

                                                                        Border by Barb

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“Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less." -Rick Warren

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From: USA

(Date Posted:12/05/2015 11:53 PM)

I have gotten a few things done today.  Sadly the puzzles did not come so mom will see them come on Monday.  It will be a huge box so she will know.  Oh well.  I wish I had done more today but it is what it is.  I enjoyed watching what I wanted to watch and eating when I wanted to eat and what I wanted to eat. I will try to get a little more done tomorrow.  
That picture of the tree is before I added more ornaments.  I still need to add a couple more.  I did finally get all my stuff that was taken out of the living room for carpet cleaning sorted and put back in living room or in my bedroom.  I also broke down all the boxes we have been getting with deliveries of Christmas presents.  
I am glad you are reaching out to the widows.  This has to be an especially hard time for them. I think asking the one over for a glass of wine is a good idea.  Just a simple act of kindness with no strings attached.  It could be a nice distraction for her.  Were these all older men that died?  Roxie looks and sounds like someone I would like.  She looks fun and I love how she pulls everyone together.
I do not think that every Muslim is a terrorist.  Just like not every German was a Nazi.  But at the same time you just cannot help but be wary.  Who would have suspected a nice young couple with a new baby.  You just do not know.  But to have that kinds of weapons and all the bombs in their home that they had been planning for something for a long time.  I am just happy that they were able to track them down.  But their killing will probably lead to retaliation somewhere else.  I do not even like to think about it.  
I totally know what you are talking about, when it comes to being a big parties or even entertaining people in your home.  We have Carol and Gloria over monthly because we are not able to go out.  But I never have my friends over anymore.  We always go to Fauska's.  I do not have all the different drinks they all drink or snacks and I feel our house is not clean enough.  I am not up to waiting on guests.  Though my friends would wait on themselves. But it is hard with mom here, since she would not want to watch what we would want to.  I am a hermit too!  Mom is not!  
I love little mystery surprises left unexpectedly.  I once had that happen to me in a big way.  It was this time of year and it was while I was in Cancer treatment.  We found a stocking in the front entryway.  We do not know how it got there but it had my name on it.  It was about the 12 days of Christmas.  I cannot remember the gifts now.  I kept trying to think who would leave it.  Fauska's insist it was not them.  I started trying to hear is someone was in the entryway so try and catch them.  A couple times there was no gift.  I was so disappointed on those days.  Finally one day I saw Nerissa running away from the house.  She has parked down the street so I would not see the car...this was like 12 years ago.  I did not let on that I knew.  I think I finally told them about a month after that I knew it was them and how much it had meant to me.  It is a fun thing.  I get so few surprises.  I even buy my own Christmas presents for mom.  I told her a long time ago not to buy me any clothes without my okaying them.  That was after the Christmas she gave me brown stretch pants and light aqua sweater.  They were horrendous.  My circle of friends no longer exchange gifts.  It got to be so hard to figure out what to get and we decided we had more fun with the white elephant.  I would like to see us stop with Carol and Gloria too, but for now it is fine.  If and when I am on my own it will have to stop.  I have put too much on my credit card this year.  It makes me mad.  But I barely make it from paycheck to paycheck.  I am such a sucker for Christmas.
 I think I may have the start of a cold or sinus issue.  Headaches all day and nasal passages burn.  I am just taking it easy and babying it.  I am blessed to have you in my life my dear sister.  I love you.

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(Date Posted:12/06/2015 11:20 AM)


I did inadvertently take much of yesterday off, but not to relax and enjoy.   I was trying to get the Ornament Exchange pictures into an album to share with the ladies who attended, and it (and everything else I did) fought me all day.  Grumble!  

Then in the evening I got a call from my great-nephew, Aaron (Vince's dad), telling me they are expecting a little brother or sister for Vince, probably in June!   

I may have told you that their wonderful Doberman, Coby, died a while back, and now they are thinking of getting a Whippet puppy.   I told them our neighbor Claudia has three Whippets and it's so much fun to see those miniature Greyhounds prancing up the street when they are out for their walk.   I teased that they would probably end up with three too, and Christina indicated that wasn't out of the realm of possibility.  Aaron looked panicked.  A two year old, a new baby and THREE Whippets!   LOL   Anyway, exciting news.    I didn't tell them that Catherine and Robert had let that slip about the baby when they visited us.  Ha!   

 I don't know much about Mona or Linda or Joan, the three new widows who still live in our neighborhood.  The fourth moved to Santa Fe.    I can see the pain behind the brave smiles and I want to make it better.  Of course I can't and I won't try, but I do hurt for them.

I'm also beginning to worry about our newer next door neighbor Alice.   Jake always brings our trash and recycle cans up to the garage for us, but I never see Alice anymore, and they didn't put up their lovely Christmas decorations this year.   I really need to extend beyond my comfort range and invite people in.   Of course if I do, it's not just MY comfort range I have to consider.

The neighborhood ranges in age from early 50s to I think Mark's mom who lives with them is in her 90s.   Claudia's mom lived with them too, and she was in her 90s and passed away earlier this year.  This isn't a "Senior's Community" per say, but because we have the tiny yards and all the work done for us, older folks tend to gravitate here.  I'd guess the four who died this year were in their 70s, though I'm not sure.  I think Joan's husband was in his early 80s.   Roxie is in her early 50s and her husband Jim is 70.   It's a second marriage for both of them, and a truly successful one.  They are really close.

I'm sorry your mom's puzzles didn't come yesterday.  It would be nice if there were a way for Chris or Scott to "intercept" the box and sneak it away before she sees it.  Then you could go over there and wrap the individual puzzles and fool her.   I know that would be tricky, but maybe . . . 

I think it's kind of neat that you didn't "work" yesterday but actually watched what you wanted to watch and ate what and when you wanted to eat.  Sort of a "Lou Ann Day".   We need those from time to time!   You (and hopefully I!) will get back to work today.   It sounds like you did get a fair amount done.

I put up some pictures of our Morning room with the furniture rearranged and the Christmas decorations up and the outside of the house decorated in another thread here.   I need to get a picture of our mantle with the bears and such on it, and I think that's going to be "it" for us.

I agree.  We don't have any Muslim neighbors, but I would hate to find myself looking at them with suspicion if a couple moved into the neighborhood ~~ but on the other hand, how can you not?  Most of the "homegrown" terrorists have been seemingly 'just folks'.  I remember the one guy from here who was arrested for terror plots ~ can not remember his name ~ and when he was picked up he said how much he loved America.   I believed him and thought it must be a mistake.  It was not.  I really fear we have only just begun to have to live in fear.   I think we need to put the fear of God and Uncle Sam into these people so even if they want to kill us, they don't feel they can with impunity.  Those who want to be martyrs and get their 72 little girls (or boys?), the filthy pedophiles, I don't know how we can deter them, except maybe to blow them up before they can blow us up.   Horrid way to live!     
The really frightening thing is that a neighbor thought something strange was going on but was afraid to report it for fear of being called a racist or bigot.  The PC crowd has us all cowed, and that could be the death of us.   

I know what you mean about not being able to do Christmas surprises, and it does kind of diminish the fun.  Mike and I are always together and I don't drive anymore.  I can, I just don't.   Truly, Thank God for Amazon and the other on line places or Mike's Christmas would be truly pitiful.   I used to love shopping, but now the thought of standing and walking in the stores just gives me chills.    Mike orders too, but he is a Super Shopper.  He has been receiving packages for two weeks and I'm sure they are gifts for me.  Once again this year he has "A Theme" and he seems particularly delighted with it.  You can tell he is just bursting to tell me about it, but we both love to open surprises on Christmas so he won't.   He just snickers ~ and gloats.  lol.  

I on the other hand, have never been so bereft of ideas!   I got a couple of little grill related things for him and a new shaver, but I was completely without any other ideas.  Next year he will turn 70, and I want to save special things for that birthday,  and maybe to give him during the year.   I remember he celebrated my 60th birthday all year long.  That was the only birthday I've ever had that was hard for me.  "I'm going to be s-s-s-s-s . . "   I just couldn't say the word.  LOL   Just sounded like a snake or a leaky radiator.  HA!   By the time the birthday was here, I was able to celebrate my big 6-0!      Mike hasn't had any problems so far with the passing years, probably because I blaze the trail before him.  He is always going to be younger so he never feels old.  lol

Anyway, thanks to the Super Shopper, I am going to give him something very nice after all.    He wanted a bigger TV for our bedroom that is supposed to be really good, great pic, etc.   Left to my own devices I would NEVER want a bigger TV in the bedroom, but I was desperate for ideas and Christmas is about 'want' and not 'need' and gifts are about the person you are giving them to and not what you would want, right?    Soooo, while it is crass to talk about the price of things, I will tell you that I got him a fancy 43 inch (I think ~ ha!) Sony TV, 2015 model with very high ratings.  It retails for $1300 (!), but was on sale for half price and we could apply our American Express Rewards to further reduce the price, so I got him a $1300 TV plus a $75 five year warranty for $400.   Not exactly a surprise ~ there was no way I could do that ~ but he is not allowed to open it until maybe just before Christmas.  :-D   

I have in the past given mystery gifts too, and absolutely loved doing it.  I remember sending flowers to my friend Mary's dad when he was very ill and I signed the card from all of her kids (she had 7!).  She never knew who did it and her dad thought it was from his grandkids.   I've done a few other things like that over the years and I know I got more pleasure from it than the person who received it.   
There is no way I could give little things to the folks in the neighborhoods.  Can you picture me trying to walk door to door ~ or mailbox to mailbox?  LOL   I will just have to give others the fun of gifting us ~ and totally enjoy their little gifts!

I'm impossible to buy clothes for too.  My Aunt Jean used to absolutely insist on buying me clothes when she was alive.  They were usually lovely ~~ and two sizes too small.  Worse than not getting something because when I tried to exchange them I could never find the same cute outfits in my size.   She always insisted on buying Mike pajamas too ~ no matter how often I told her he doesn't wear them.   lol

Do NOT get a cold or sinus infection!   Can you take Zicam or something like that to head it off or shorten it's duration?   I know you are on other meds that might not let you.   Anyway, Just say NO!

Much love, Sweet Sister.

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“Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less." -Rick Warren

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(Date Posted:12/07/2015 12:41 AM)

Horrible sinus headache today.  Some coughing but nose stopped running so that's a plus.  I did not do much of anything today because of the headache.  
Congrats on the coming of another great great niece or nephew.
Is that how you refer to them?  Is Vince a great great nephew?  It all gets so confusing....or is it great nephew once removed? lol.  Whippets are beautiful dogs, so are greyhounds.  They always look so graceful and regal to me.  I do remember their other dog and it's passing.  It is a good time for another dog, so that they can have it trained before the new baby comes along. Do not want to have to deal with both.
Is Alice the neighbor that wanted to decorate your tree last year?  Or something like that.  I remember they were new.  Have you asked her husband?
When are you going to make Mike's cookies for him?  The one he gave you the new cookie sheets for :)  The man has a method to his madness. That sly silver fox!
Wow, 70's seems too young to die.  From the picture I would have guessed Roxie as younger than that.  I can see why the type of neighborhood you live in would attract an older crowd.  It is sad that along with that comes lots of health issues and ultimately more deaths. 
I am hoping that mom will be out of the room when the puzzles come, then I could knock and ask Chris to take them into her place till mom leaves for TOPS then I can move them into my room.  I will just wrap the whole box.  I think there are 7 puzzles so not going to wrap each and everyone of them.  I also got her some mukluk slippers to keep her feet warm.
Mike does like to torture you when it comes to your gifts. At least Christmas is not that far away.  I hope you get some inspiration for his gifts.  For his birthday I still think that an iwatch is the perfect gift for a gadget guy!!  I will be 60 next year.  I think it is a hard one because 60 is senior citizen.  I do not like the idea of it either.  I think it jumps me into a higher price insurance level too.  I have term life so need to die before I turn 80, otherwise there will be no money to pay for my cremation.  With my health issues, I really do not expect to last that long anyway.  So all should be ok there.  I am physically older before my time anyway.
OK, I will do as you say and just say NO to being ILL!!  I will get up tomorrow and be fine!!  I WILL!!!
I finally made a tag, lol.

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(Date Posted:12/07/2015 10:22 AM)


Welcome to another brand new week.

I actually got a bit done yesterday ~ not enough, but a bit.  

I got our Christmas card list updated and submitted an order to have 

some picture Christmas cards made.  You inspired me!  

First time we've done that, and of course 

after I woke up this morning I laid there and realized that I had 

done everything wrong! LOL ~ so typical.  When I talked 

about it with Mike, he said he liked it the way

we did it, so I'm just going to try to forget about it and not 

worry.  At least until the cards arrive and i see that they

are all wrong.  ha!  The good weather is still holding.  

I didn't realize until I looked at your Welcome Page that 

today is Pearl Harbor Day!

I'm sorry you are dealing with sinus issues.  The last two days,

 I was too.  My nose ran non-stop and I kept sneezing. 

 Horrible.  Finally yesterday I took a Claritin which helped a lot, 

and this morning I seem to be ok.  Weird.

Yes, I call them my Great-greats.  Should it be great-grand?  I never know.  

That big old Doby Colby was so sweet with teeny-tiny Vince when he was 

a newborn, it just delighted me to watch the two of them together.  

Big old Colby with his head up beside tiny Vince.  I never met him,

 but I was crazy about that dog.

You have such a good memory!  I can barely remember who I am, and you 

remember Alice, next door!   Yes, she is the one who asked to decorate 

our tree last year.  Then they put up absolutely lovely decorations 

on their house, but they don't have them up this year.  She's Japanese 

like Barb, and I really liked her from the few times we visited.  

I did ask Jake about her and he said something to the effect that she

gets depressed (but he didn't use that word) and has for years.   

I'm so intimidated about entertaining anymore ~ I used to love it.  

Don't know what happened to me on the way from there to here, 

but I am going to try to get myself to invite them over for a drink or 

something.  I really would like to visit and get to know them better.

Ha!  You know Mike well!   I seem to be getting things done 

(don't say that too loud!), so maybe . . . just maybe . . . 

I might bake a cookie or two.  It would be the first time since 

we moved here, I blush to say!

Don't worry about the Big-6-0.  I'll help you jump that hurdle.  

I always made fun of people who went into depression about reaching 

a certain age ~~  until "60" loomed in front of me.  LOL    

When I turned 50, all my office mates were decorating their

cubes in black crepe paper and black balloons, but I would have none 

of that! Balloons, huh?  Okey-dokey.  I celebrated my 50th in a 

Hot Air Balloon over the Napa Valley!   So there!   

But when I got to 60 . . . I was too funny.

BTW, I have decided to live to be 107.  

That seems like a nice number, don't you think?

Thank you for my darling new Puppy!   Now ~~~ Be Healed!

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“Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less." -Rick Warren

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