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Title: HI eVerYoNe...hI..iT's mE RadioFaggotBiker I juSt woNt resPonD tO naMe calLInG
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From: Niger

(Date Posted:06/07/2012 06:09:52 PM)
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HI's me R/B I just wont respond to name calling
I shut off people who call me fag, meth, stupid, rearend, POS, asswipe and anyother thing you cant say in a kindergarten class with little kids watching, and anyone who pitches me shit about my typing cause I worked for a living in industry and the industrial arts. So hey gimme a break!  I never had a computer in front of me personnaly til 2004, so I think I have caught up pretty well, and now I am learning Linux//Ubuntu 7.10 w/a Firefox webrowser..
get off my ass agent and rip..jebbus dudes..I'm 52 and gimme a fucking break k thx



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From: Niger

Re:HI eVerYoNe...hI..iT's mE RadioFaggotBiker I juSt woNt resPonD tO naMe calLInG
(Date Posted:06/13/2012 10:28:25 PM)

I see you and the staff have made your decision.
eARL has been following me around the BB for weeks and none of you have done anything.  Just do me the biggest favor you can for me call it a birthday gift.  Ban me now and get it over with, don't even give me the option to come back, you all have won.  This BB is just like the rest, a failure for honest people that don't use drugs.
JUST FUCKING GO AHEAD AND DO IT!I thought I found a place to have some fun and express myself and met some folks who want the same.  I did meet some nice people here.  I was wrong about thinking it would be different on here.  JUST DO IT!  I leave you with my best wishes for the future.  now do your fucking job.............

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